Get It Right, Whitey

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NYT: Are We Waising Waaaaacissss?

Van Jones – The Messy Truth With Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: “…As our…most beloved Muslim, what does it feel like 50-plus days into the Trump Administration?”

But see Ten Things I like About White Guys.

You white people are a problem that others intend to solve.

18 responses to “Get It Right, Whitey

  1. If babies were randomly allocated to families would racism end?

    Had to get to the second page of Gavin’s low-effort article before he implied jews were white. He’ll do better now that he’s back from his trip to israel. Frenching Milo and sticking something up his ass on camera just weren’t progressive enough for him.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    White people…yeah–I can live with that:

  3. Lightninbolt

    Putin has said that the political correctness, which is really “Satanism”, has nearly engulfed our western societies today…resulting in depravity and decline of “civil”…lization.

  4. Yes, those and most other minorities (Jews, asians) certainly do let their kids know early who the “enemy oppressors” are. The NYT thinks we whites should do likewise? I don’t think they mean that literally, or ‘equally’…

    By all means, let us do likewise!

  5. You may not want to think about race, but race is thinking about you…

    …for dinner.

    It’s that simple. Stay with your race, it is an integral part of your tribe.

  6. Yes, it’s true, Jews are NOT white.

  7. Weak parents.

  8. lastmanstanding

    Lew Alcindor…what a jizz…and vj, provoking it and slurping it up.

    Meanwhile, just continue on with your life, enjoy the day, plan ahead…these fuckers will never relent. Be patient and continue to check 6.

  9. file under “careful what you wish for”. if i was to have that conversation with my kid in elementary school, and then he made the mistake of mentioning that conversation to his classmates, exactly how many people would end up in the principles office, not counting the leo and local news crews? and remind me once again what percentage of the 1million abortions last year were black?

  10. it’s not just McInnis. The entire alt-Right is laboring under the delusion that they can arrive at a modus vivendi with the Jews, based on the Israel thing. Won’t work. It’s almost funny to watch VoxDay, the “expert” on SJW Convergence…watching the alt-Right get (((converged))) – just like Conservatism got (((converged))) back when..and affecting not to notice what’s going on.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    Not enough !



  13. What are you talking about? Alt-right is vociferously anti-jew, and the few exceptions like voxday catch flak for it. Some define alt-right as requiring a knowledge of the JQ, so by some definitions voxday isn’t alt-right. Even those who don’t publicly talk about the JQ are still aware of it, but for whatever reason they refuse to say so openly.

    You guys need to stop getting your alt-right info from the MSM, which for this purpose includes Breitbart.

    The alt-right take on Gavin:

    Some other sources for alt-right info: [check out the ‘radio’ tab for the latest “daily shoah” episodes]