I Hope She Persists

Via Twitter.

19 responses to “I Hope She Persists

  1. Some Guy in WA

    I have something that is going to persist.

  2. More Winning!

  3. She poses like a Pro, hiding that huge asset

  4. let’s melt down that niglet and make more bullets.

    • kidnap it, the ransom will pay for lots of buellits

      • Awesome idea. But I wouldn’t ransom it. Just melt it down and make the bullets – and twitterize the process so everybody can see. Show the little statue being broken into pieces – show the pieces being thrown into the melting pot – then poured into the molds – and then show them being loaded – and finally being shot thru a nice killy black rifle. Extra points if the target is a target dummy wearing a pink pussy hat.

  5. Wow – the president of Kekistan is much prettier than I thought. Kudos to the awesome pose!

  6. sure gonna be a lot of disappointed kool-aid drinkers when that POFS flag and the POFS country it represents is ground into dust for all eternity.

    I await with great anticipation. 🙂

  7. Treason Hunter


  8. Who knew 4th gen warfare could be so hot!

  9. Detroit III

    I hope she procreates.

    Pretry and smart.