I Hope She Persists

Via Twitter.

19 responses to “I Hope She Persists

  1. Some Guy in WA

    I have something that is going to persist.

  2. More Winning!

  3. …that kind of persistence is a manly virtue

  4. She poses like a Pro, hiding that huge asset

  5. let’s melt down that niglet and make more bullets.

  6. Virgil Kane

    If it lasts more than 4 horses, see a doctor.

  7. Virgil Kane

    hmmm… autocorrect. Don’t do horses.

  8. If it persists longer than four hours, call your doctor.

  9. kidnap it, the ransom will pay for lots of buellits

  10. Wow – the president of Kekistan is much prettier than I thought. Kudos to the awesome pose!

  11. sure gonna be a lot of disappointed kool-aid drinkers when that POFS flag and the POFS country it represents is ground into dust for all eternity.

    I await with great anticipation. 🙂

  12. Treason Hunter


  13. Put some topical cream on it, see a doctor if it isn’t gone in 2 days

  14. Who knew 4th gen warfare could be so hot!

  15. Some Guy in WA

    I’m old enough that such a call would be to brag, not to get treated

  16. Detroit III

    I hope she procreates.

    Pretry and smart.

  17. Your referring to the great flag of Kekistan? Or the flag of America?

  18. Awesome idea. But I wouldn’t ransom it. Just melt it down and make the bullets – and twitterize the process so everybody can see. Show the little statue being broken into pieces – show the pieces being thrown into the melting pot – then poured into the molds – and then show them being loaded – and finally being shot thru a nice killy black rifle. Extra points if the target is a target dummy wearing a pink pussy hat.