I’m Sure That There Was No National Security Interest Involved

Former fighter wing vice commander in South Carolina pleads guilty on child pornography causes

Sputnik coverage

AF Times

Just another day in 21st-century FUSA….

Before the war.

13 responses to “I’m Sure That There Was No National Security Interest Involved

  1. lon a follower

    Before the war? It would seem overcoming human nature is the war.

  2. if ‘things’ don’t turn around, the left in time will call jones a victim. sure, inclusiveness. just add ‘c’ to the end of Lgbtq. I’m as effed up as the first 6 letters and so include me in the gang. & give me a special bathroom. rights too. It’s my culture. racist. they’ll find a judge to help out. probably in DC or Hawaii. Probably from the 9th.

  3. The US gobmint, poLICE, and military are all corrupt the core and need to be disposed of with extreme prejudice.
    Your country is foul, rotten, and evil.

    • when America sneezes…Canada will get pneumonia

      • I look forward to complete financial,societal, and goobermint breakdown and death on a biblical scale. Then we’ll see who the survivors are and who the full of shit nancy’s are.

        It’s the only way to remove the rot that infests this evil world.

        • lastmanstanding

          Frankly, I agree 100%. My hope is that only those who understand and respect the earth make it.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • lastmanstanding

      I hope your right brother.

      Nothing would turn the left loving world inside out more than this…not to mention those in denial.

      • they’ll kill the orange god, his family, or unleash wwIII before anything of the sort. mt fraud is a idol worshiper. him and his 3 weekends at mvt did nothing but put a fed target on his back and give him a false sense of his woefully lacking skill set. followers are just useful idiots. predators OTOH are born to kill.

        fuck trump and every other parasitic wannabe dicktater. i do not desire nor need some tinpot fucking leader a 1000 miles away to rape my wealth and rule my life.

  4. Situations and events becoming clearer after seeing this
    video from Gowdy. This is how the perverted hide their
    “orgyroom rulings” and throw “children’s interests”
    afoul leaving them with “their future kind”:


    TS will HTF if this is followed up on and past/present victims,
    including fathers/mothers and extended families wrongly
    alienated whistleblow the heck out of the injustice and blow
    the perverts out of the water!!!

    Woe unto them – Hypocrites!!

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  5. Not discounting the fact this stuff happens, but I don’t assume any legitimacy or good intentions on the part of anyone in government anymore. I’m waiting for the day when you start seeing the stories about people who are too big to kill, but need to be taken care of ala Milo. The total surveillance and ability to manipulate your Internet connected devices is a two-way street. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the CIA, FBI, DHS and others have actively placed that stuff on people’s computers. It’s pretty well-documented that the federales are one of the largest traffickers of child pornography online, to supposedly catch the bad guys…heh.

    • For any thinking person, this is the consequence of what most thinking persons suspected, and what the wikileaks confirmed.

      Did this man get off to kiddie porn, or did he uncover a pay for play contact with a higher-up that was tied to something larger? Maybe a higher-up came on to him one night after rounds at the O Club and he wouldn’t let it drop. Maybe he cut off Lindsay Graham in traffic one day.


      ‘Cause the government fucks with our privacy and our sovereign rights and totally capable of doing something like this.

      Put me on a jury, please.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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