Sabo Sends

Via Twitter.

Note that the actual Swamp is far, far more degenerate than the image Sabo used.

8 responses to “Sabo Sends

  1. Blazing Apostle

    John McShame has never had a dick that big, or that hard. Unless Barrack was bent over in front of him, and he’d taken 400 mg of viagra…

  2. Lightninbolt

    Lolol!! Where’s 0 Zero at? Not that I would really want to see that though! Scary!

    • they’re all Republiscams. Remember, the Demoncrats are an actual, for-real political party that looks after the interests of its group-entitled voting and $$$-base: Jews, Blacks, Mestizos, Asiatics, Muslims, faggots, Judeo-feminists, etc. The Republiscams are a vestigial appendage whose assigned task is to keep Israel on the map, the Pentagram well-funded, and Whites voting at the (((System))) while the (((System))) destroys them.

  3. Ya just gotta love SABO!

    He’s fearless in the deep blue area of Hollywood and West L.A.

    Go to his site and support him like a slot of us did with Black Rifle Coffee Corp. He deserves every bit of help. Even a supportive email would help keep him emboldened.

  4. BTW, for those here that don’t know, West L.A. is faggot central in SoCal, like the Castro District is in S.F.

    Also, Breitbart’s HQ is in W. L.A.

  5. According to a friend of mine who spent time in the District as a Reagan appointee, “half of those working there are degenerates, Sodomites, and worse”.

  6. wealthy farmer

    Meanwhile, over in Barry’s bath house….
    I met McCain once in Phoenix: a LITTLE man, maybe 5’8″, white hair, cheek tumor (or whatever), insane black dilated pupils. Any ER doc would instantly assume he was ‘tripping balls’ on megadoses of LSD or some such similar strong hallucinogen……Cindy towers over John like some leathery old pterodactyl. Most of the time John wears elevator shoes a la Bootsy Collins of Funkadelic, the better to play the square jawed war hero….

  7. I believe that is what is known as “a bag of dicks.”