The Diplomad opines on “Trump lied about being wiretapped by Obama”.

Also: Napolitano on the brouhaha.

Maniacal sideshow to delegitimize the guy who beat them.

7 responses to “Spying

  1. Should be required reading:


  2. Lightninbolt

    Of course 0 did spy, while he was out “stumping” for Hitlery. We went, we spy, we find Nothing! Hence, the Russians did interfere with the election “story”. Insanity! Funnily enough, Julian Assange calls himself a “deplorable” now…lol.

  3. Job 1 – Close the borders. <–is this done? If not then why? It ain't because you don't have a popular mandate. I'm good with forcing the hand and although I don't much care for PDT I would support in EVERY way possible a bid to shut the fckin door hard!

    Job 2 – Get rid of the illegals, DEPORT them. <—Is this being done? If not then why?

    I don't give a flying fuck about Ryan Care or Spygate Trumpstar or any of that shit. You were elected to

    Shut the door.
    Deport the illegals.
    Drain the swamp.

    Notice I didn't bother with numero tres as that is one big chocha festival.