The Whole POINT of the Internet of Things

For your associates who don’t understand yet.

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  1. You can log into your router (one hopes it is a professional one such as pfsense) and explicitly tell it what devices to allow to communicate on the internet – and no other. That way you don’t have to modify individual devices. Remember, all traffic goes through your router/firewall…

    • Grenadier1

      True but only for now.
      IoT will utilize wireless connectivity that you have no control over once its widespread.

    • Good advice.

      Except traffic can also go through your cell phone.

      Even if you don’t think it is.

      A microwave is a Faraday cage. Old microwaves make good cell phone holders.

      • Got me an AT&T pay as you go smart phone couple years back. No name, no address’s, no ID, paid cash for it and each month. Never used it for any emails, no using it posting on a website, no purchases with it, had my wife, 3 best friends, and co-work numbers on it.
        One day Bill Buppert over at ZeroGov asked to call me on my phone, I agreed, sent him my phone number by internet Email. We talked next day by cell phones. Within 3 days all sorts of creepy linkages started to appear between my wife’s phone, my PC, friends and their smart phones, links to comment avatar info you type in like on WRSA, and a bunch other sites, even ones I never posted comments on but lurk on, would appear when going on those sites. The thing is I had never used my phone to post comments or any kind of thing like that with my phone. It even would give me spelling prompts for websites I never went on with my phone, but had with my PC. I even started getting shit from Faceborg and shwitter, and I’ve never been on them, not once.
        So ya, no doubt for me they are mapping the electron matrix.
        Linkage is everything regardless how the web is used. Even the bots and spiders are developing their own language to deal with the enormity of data and linkage.
        But it’s got to be like drinking from a 20ft diameter aqueduct line not only gathering but processing all that data. How much is semi artificial intelligence software processing, and what is the human processing factor?

    • Grey Ghost

      Paul, that is a good way to semi secure your home network but believe me when I tell you NOT all data HAS to go through your router/firewall. Especially if you are a “designated target” and there are network wireless devices/interfaces of ANY sort on your home network or in your home. And now I’m really going to blow your mind and tell you that even if those wireless interfaces “appear” to be powered off or are actually powered off, they might not actually be powered off or they can be remotely powered on and CONTROLLED via side channel operations not through your fw/router.

      Grey Ghost

  2. Grenadier1

    Now ask yourself “Self, why is there SUCH a push for driverless cars?”
    Follow me here.
    Driverless cars WILL have accidents. They cannot properly function with live drivers in the same space. Live drivers know when to break posted speed limits and when to go out of order at 4 way stops, so on so forth. The egg heads building driverless cars are having significant problems when trying to program their vehicles to interact with live people driving around them. So there will be accidents. Now rather than figuring out ways to integrate the two types of vehicles the “logical” answer will be to either ban driver operated cars AND OR require driverless vehicles to be monitored and constantly controlled from nodes that monitor all other vehicles on the road as well. They will monitor and track ALL vehicles so that the driverless ones will know where they are and what they are doing and will not crash. When they are monitoring them and tracking them they will know where you are at all times.
    You have a profile that exists in those data patterns. That profile allows carefully tailored messaging (memes) to shape your responses and trigger your emotional state when you hear or see those messages. When they know where you are they can constantly shape your environment with messages that respond to your presence. For example your car’s windshield is the perfect canvas to display advertising or messaging as you travel past a specific advertising node. The node know who you are based off that profile and displays information specifically for you.
    In some ways it sounds like fun, but it is black magik at work.

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  4. don’t buy this tech crap in the first place. I don’t even have a phone anymore. Life proceeds about as usual. In fact, more enjoyably.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Totally agree. I have a cheap trac phone, stays home 95% of the time because I really truly hate them.
      My friends are the rudest bastards alive, they come visit and then sit around talking on their cell phones with someone else, or interrupt a face to face conversation to yack incessantly instead of calling back later. I just walk away now, no time for their stupid bullshit!

      • No kidding there SF!

        That kind of behavior by folks pisses me right off too!

        I saw that from a cousins boyfriend (a millennial) at my Grandmother’s 95th birthday, he sat there with his face all but pushed up into his ‘smart phone’ (one has to wonder which side of the screen was intelligent?).

        I told him in no uncertain terms that he was being rude and to shut it off while he was visiting.
        Of course who catches flack for ‘being rude’?…moi of course!

        Some ‘millennials’ that I’ve spoken to ‘get it’; he’s not one of them!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

      • i use a stainless steel mesh phone bag to cancel all reception when i’m not actually using it. get one.

    • You’re posting from the public computer at the library, right?

  5. That’s not true. The government loves us and simply wants us to be happy and safe. Can’t you understand that if you would simply submit, everything would finally be better? There’s no more pain in the camps, everything is easy.

  6. A smart phone, a Vizio that is now disconnected from cable, and an 11 yr. Honda is as far as I go. I don’t need the internet interacting with my refrig, my washer & dryer, or my car. I have been making grocery lists since age 11 and as with all things, you get better with practice. I have been doing the family laundry since age 15-after my father died. Yes, a few shirts changed colors in the learning curve, but otherwise, clothes have remained clean and fresh. I take the car in for regular service and the Vizio does just fine playing CDs. By the by, a neighbor was horrified that I dropped cable. “Not even local channels!!?? How will you know what is going on??” If it is THAT important, someone will tell me. Believe me. If North Korea bombs us, I’m sure that I will recognize the mushroom cloud.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. when the power goes out forever- who will care?
    i just pray it happens soon to rid the world of the unworthy of life. 🙂

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Careful, the double-Sig runes on your collar are showing.

    • If you don’t care and your life is so unworthy, don’t let us stop you.
      It will be one less defeatist.

  9. Treason Hunter

    Technology is gay.

    • The male plugs on my devices don’t plug into each other, but make all kinds of whoopee when plugged into the female sockets…

  10. NorthGunner

    Remember this if nothing else, data collection is NEVER innocent!
    The parasite class has always sought ‘new and innovative’ ways to
    attempt control, so what better way to achieve this by having the helots
    ‘self-enslave/self-snitch’ through ‘interactive media’ (‘faceplant’ indeed
    as well as who’s that ‘little bird’ chirping to, eh?). Of course the
    ideal for the parasite class is if they can get the helots to ‘love’ their slavery….

    Aaron Russo and Katherine Albrecht tried to warn folks about this years ago!

    Katherine Albrecht: Spychips

    Aaron Russo America Freedom To Fascism Pizza Order

    (I always thought it very odd that Aaron became very ill not long after
    he completed ‘Freedom to Fascism’ and then passed away suddenly;
    was he VF’ed or ‘Breitbarted’?)

    More recent reports from Katherine:

    Dr. Katherine Albrecht: The Totalitarian Nature of Surveillance (NSA, Google, Facebook)

    Katherine Albrecht: Your House Is Spying On You

    (yes I KNOW Alex Jones is a bombastic motor-mouth;
    bypass him as much as possible to hear what she has
    to say when she gets a word in)

    And the push for a great deal of what we’re seeing now started
    with IBM/Thomas Watson and Hitler’s government:

    IBM and the Holocaust by Edwin Black
    (just another reason so burn that annoying ‘census card’ when
    it shows up every 10 years!)

    Defy and stay out of the eyes of the parasites and their lackeys
    as much as possible!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  11. There are some requirements for this nightmare to become fully real and horrible. I wrote about them here. Some aren’t yet in force…but we’re getting closer.

  12. No matter what the PTB know that sacrificing critical infrastructure is numero uno & they’re death. Asymmetrical Carver Matrix X a gigaparsec.

  13. Fred Seymour, Jr.

    Your phone is listening and watching you. Your PC is listening and watching you. Your new TV is listening to you and watching you. Your vehicle is listening to you. All of the mentioned devices track you AND ALL TRACKING HISTORY, TEXTING, PHOTOS ARE STORED.
    Your voice recognition is documented and stored. Your finger print is stored. Your face recognition is stored. Your movements out in the real and cyber world are documented and stored.
    THINK ! ,…. Your mind can’t be read yet……. but they’re working on that.

  14. lon a follower

    Linked in much? Meet Peter Thiel, a Valued Trump supporter and advisor.