Vault 7’s Corroborating Witness

Must-watch, from another insider.

H/t MDT.

10 responses to “Vault 7’s Corroborating Witness

  1. his comments at 8:30 are the key
    a devolved, stupid, gullible peasantry
    say hello to the NEA, TVidiots and social media

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  3. Check this out – 1 hr from a Christian view but this guy actually went to this conference , which is basically Bilderberg of tech. – – ‘global brain’. These freaks are nuts.
    We’ll need bolt-cutters.

  4. Sorry ,this is the better account of what he heard –

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Watched TWT. Thank you & h/t to MDT as well.

    I remember when DARPA (aka Poindexter) floated that TIA thing. I recall having to remind people why that name was familiar. I also remember clearly, even within a .mil network & info security outfit, the general concensus of “these people are out of their freakin’ tree – we’re not doin’ that.”

  7. Grey Ghost

    The first time I heard William Binney was in an interview by AJ in 2008, I almost could not believe what I was hearing back then. Not so much the tin foil hat anymore. The key though is the constant notation at the bottom right of the video “Tragedy and Hope” that is a direct plug for the book of the same name by Carroll Quigley, the ultimate insider and whistleblower of the world power structure and the financial control used to dominate the political system of each country of the world. Long screed but worth it.

    Grey Ghost

  8. Any one watched a YouTube video, Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick?