SLL: Start Dealing, Mr. President

Money quote:

…If Trump engages in skirmishes over the Deep State’s surveillance of him, but carries water for its disastrous policies, including its surveillance of the American people, then his election was a waste of time. He can recognize the evolving multipolar world and negotiate, compromise, and deal, or he can try to maintain the US’s fading dominance…

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45 responses to “SLL: Start Dealing, Mr. President

  1. Fuck the scumbag trump.
    Fuck his whore wife and daughter.
    Fuck the traitors that he surrounded himself with.
    They’re all scumbags.


    • That would be Mister President Trump to you.

      • you brainwashed shitstain.

        poor people like yourself need someone to look up to.


        he’s the president of the us corporation and it’s employees- not me.

        god your dumb.

        • POd American

          Actually, it’s “you are or you’re” dumb. Could be a typo, we all make them.

      • And get a haircut…. sissy boy

    • Your a real sweetie. Ya ever have any nice days?

    • Sissy boy……

    • Of course we are hearing the chorus Same As It Ever Was you ignorant fuck.
      What did you expect from the statist-quo, white doves and cupids, while you chase your tail like a crazed dog on crank?

      “It must be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to plan, more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to manage than a new system. For the initiator has the enmity of all who would profit by the preservation of the old institution and merely lukewarm defenders in those who gain by the new ones”.
      – from Niccolo Machiavelli

      • Exactly!
        Following the “total assault” advice in this SLL article will result in Trump being JFKed. “How” the Deep State is disassembled is possibly beyond anyone’s capacity, including Trump. And I’m hearing No Comments on how “smoothly the trains would be running’ under a Reign of Frau Hilarity.
        The brainwashing of the American people exceeds that of the people of N. Korea, because here in the USSA far less brute force is required.
        The demonizing of the Russians is so over the top, and the target is President Trump, to legitimatize a NWO Coup. But again “How” to take out “The Enemy Within” when it is an octopus with it’s tentacles around and penetrated Every Vital Organ of the country.
        I do not advocate doing nothing, but where and how to start seems to be underway…..
        “Success” is of course not guaranteed, and the populace seems oblivious to the “revelations”. The “default” position of the Feral Gov. is on Trump/Russian Colusion, ignoring all the Clintonista/Obamy collusions.
        I stand ready; but For What???? This “War” has just begun, and many are doubting President Trump already. Even George Washington had the same problems too.

    • So much anger. It consumes you.

  2. Publius X Maul

    T-FAT was right.

    • Publius X Maul

      Like Hitler.

      • What’s the T-Fats of the world going to do when it isn’t just 1 guy like Trump, but thousands, even millions who get on with MAGA, and it starts snowballing?
        There’s all sorts of acts of secession and revolution across the west.
        Secession that begins in the hearts and minds of people.
        Trump isn’t an end in itself, the Trump effect is a beginning of winning.
        There’s a world of dirt people had enough of the elites chickenshit.
        I’m one of them, I ain’t alone.

        • you’re a joke.

          i can’t wait for trump the weasel to be taken down by TPTB.
          poor donnyboy, they were spying on me and my slut. BFD.
          did he ever say it is wrong and un American to spy on anyone? fuck NO he didn’t. he likes spying on folks as long as it’s not him being spied upon. what a POS. I have 0 fucks to give for that world class TURD or anyone who supports him. how stupid do you have to be to not to see the irony and hypocrisy of his orange faced cheap suit wearing ass?

          like PT Barnum said: there’s a sucker born every minute. and you mt fraud are a complete sucker.

          dirt people are non-achievers from the get-go.
          why do you think their called dirt people?
          they amount to nothing but menial laborers in some crap shop to buy beer n drugs at night while they watch sports! i noticed many dirtscumballs may drive a newer car, but follow them home to their shit shack and the real story is told. no better than the niggers in Detroit.
          oh, plenty of scummy dirt in prison also.

          how many dirtfucks even own a decent pair of shoes? losers.

  3. Gore’s operative words: “…his election was a waste of time”. Why? Because the (((bankers))) own him. Same as all the others. Actually, Trump is the most (((owned))) Prez ever, and the results will be as per.

  4. Notarealperson

    I gotta love the guys who think the president can wave a magic wand and make their dreams come true.

    The fact is Trump has very few allies on capitol hill and about 1/2 of the GOP and the Democrats that would impeach him in a heartbeat if he overtly moved against the Deep State.

    That really limits his options.

    Expect the military to back him? No way, Mattis and McMasters are both hard core political puppets and Neo-Cons who think going to war with Russia is a valid option. They’d be happy to put Trump in chains.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yup. Best case scenario, he’s Joe Bauers – the guy who gets the ball rolling.

  5. If the military budget is one trillion … and if there are 120 million Federal taxpayers … then, the average annual contribution is $8,333. Clearly, an outrageously large amount to deduct from your paypacket. And, equally clearly, totally unsustainable.

    All this, assuming that those taxpayers are not working for the State; in which case they are consumers of taxation (at least, in large part).

    I did a similar simple (simplistic?) calculation for the Brits, a few years’ back.

    If you divide the Military budget by the number of active personnel, equipped and supported … you find that EACH soldier/sailor/airman, costs an average of £248,000 per annum. (308,000 dollars US)

    • POd American

      Damn, you’re on a math binge today. Cost of 308K per serviceman is still less than contractors, if you figure in benefits and retirement. Just saying!

  6. Nothing in the article is new. In fact it’s been long known that the US world hegemony plans have been on crash trajectory & azimuth for some time. We just don’t know when the actual ‘Burn In’ is going to transpire. The US Empire & it’s World Hegemony was always a Epic Fail & we already know our country is morallly & ethically bankrupt. To think that you can use a failing system to fix that system without JUSTICE is beyond reason. Certainly nobody I want to spend any time with having a meaningful discussion of the how it’s going to transpire. Until you reign in justice for the crimes that already transpired & continue to transpire the beatdowns will continue. Winning Hearts & Minds ? Not hardly. Rome’s fate was similar in many aspects & I suspect the same outcome is enivitable. I think the ME is red hot & ready to blow w/ the usual suspects ready to set it off. IsRAHELL (Rothschild’s created Terrorist State) will most likely set it off. The US is setting up columns or safe zones in Syria while simultaneously setting up shop for long term occupation. What could possibly go wrong w/ Russia is a no brainer.
    Enjoy the World Kabuki Theatre show & fraud. ‘Once the Ballon goes up’ it won’t be stopping for a while.

  7. “Fuck his whore wife and daughter.”… That is a sign of weak character.

    • Yes. That, and an asshole in general.

    • you all demonstrate how gullible th

      • you all demonstrate how gullible the murkins are.
        trump has always married whores. it’s all he can attract. he’s a carnival barker-who happens to be a billionaire.
        he’s still a shyster and he has a dwindling support base. it will serve him well to be brought down by the deep state. a fitting end to a life-long dirtbag scoundrel. how appropriate he has the support of the lowlifes and dirtballs from cornfuckistan. should be a hoot when MS-13 skins you white trash fuckers alive as they defile and then execute your little ones. you’re all so worried about the blacks that you completely missed the fact that the Hispanics are going to take-over the US.

        HA HA HA

  8. Well, to at least to try to have a constructive exchange of information here… Regarding the present masthead: Term of the month: “Confidence target”. Is it referring to a target such as this?

    I don’t even know how to use a target like that. All I know is a 1″ square at 100 yds = 1 minute of angle and a 4″ square at 100 yards = 4 minutes of angle, and the red (or green) dot is 4 minutes of angle anyway, which is “good enough for government work” as they say.

    Not everyone lives in the great plain states or out west in the desert. I live in a suburban area within an hour’s drive of Detroit. (Fated to be part of tfA-t’s predicted mass die-off, no doubt). I would like to have a set up that is practical and workable for my needs in any reasonably foreseeable situation, without excessive overkill. I figure 4 moa accuracy at 100 yds (using a 4 moa red/gree dot scope) should do it for me. Am I missing something?

  9. Unless Trump can free himself from the PNAC ME Zio-Neo Con’s agenda which I don’t see it happening. Especially when you consider all his Kharzarian Mafia – FED Res, Wall Street – Goldman Sachs et al business associates – friends. The die has already been struck & cast.

    The West’s sights are now clearly set on Iran


    I was a little disappointed that The Donald did not bitch-slap Angie Merkel on live TV. But then, I do not know what kind of “art of the deal”, if any, was made behind closed doors. Maybe he is waiting until his SCOTUS nominee is confirmed. But, that could blow up in his face. Look back at Ike and Earl Warren. Disaster.
    In any event, I am going to give him a few more months to consolidate things. He does have tremendous power via EO’s to gut the Deep State bureaucracy IF HE SO CHOOSES. I will just have to wait and see.

  11. terribletroy

    Does this mean that Tfa doesnt like Trump?

  12. As long as the guy avoids wrestling the alligators in the swamp he can drain it.
    Looks like President Trump has a two front strategy. One a fake strategy for the Fake media. He is throwing big ticket mind fucks, like a bone to the hyena’s of the media, to leave them in a frenzy over the things that drive them into derangement, and while their all busy ripping that shit up, his effective strategy, he is removing blocks of the foundation of the dam that holds the water in the swamp.
    By whittling away at the dam piece by piece the dam eventually fails and the swamp drains.

    Everyone is bitching about him increasing the .mil budget.
    Got to think outside the narratives.
    He is also eliminating various incestious connections the last 4 regimes have created to the globalists. That is a big threat to a another regime that is international. They aren’t going to sit by and let it happen.
    Regardless of it warts and problems, it’s better to have a big stick .mil for a while and let those motherfuckers know they better behave.

    Anyone with a lick of common sense should be seeing the great potential in a lot of the statist quo collapsing due to it’s supporting crony-capitolist/political underpinnings elimination. When it starts failing lot of shit will happen we never seen before.

    • Forge, right on. Trump is playing three dimensional chess, with one demensional minds. The guys been their like 60/70 days. He’s got the DEMs, and the Reps barking up all kinds of trees.

      I’m watching Coomey and Rogers right now. Watching the two gentleman behind both, IS quiet interesting, a ” Tell” about what appears to be to close for comfort for FBI/NSA


      • Ya Man! It’s ass covering time too. The fuckers know bad shit could happen.
        Trump left Comey in his Director position for a reason.
        I keep thinking he is using Comey as a bird dog. Bet a lot Comey tried to resign and he got the offer you can’t refuse.
        It’s great theater.
        You could probably pop a paper bag in that chamber and see everyone who is in a pickle jump thru the roof.

        Looks like to me Trump is letting a whole mess of people hang themselves, feeding out the rope to do it. And Comey is great left in a role as a Look a Squirrel! stooge. Everyone knows he knows all the dirty secrets and dirt on the last regime. The guy is being used as a spoiler. Long as Comey is Director, lot of things will be kept from happening by his presence. He made that clear when he reneged on covering HRC’s ass just before the election.
        I doubt he is on Trumps side, but he is a political critter who knows what side his bread is buttered on.

        But you know what?
        It don’t matter, none of the crap above. We all have to get ready cause that is what prudent dirt people do. And the more of us who prepare and self determinate the better for all of us who do so. And the less and less all that crap matters to us.
        None of those fuckers are worth a bucket of warm spit when it comes to who and what we are as dirt people.

  13. The Usual Suspect

    Canadians like him have no respect, for anything,
    and consequently get no respect.

  14. lastmanstanding

    I believe this is what many of us were afraid of.

    I was willing to give djt the benefit of the doubt, then saw who he began installing in his cabinet and choice of advisors. Dunce Pubis? r u fkg kiddin me? Put a pink pussy hat on that jizz licker…and the rest.

    Rule #1 The corps (Mil industrial, Med Industrial, Tech Industrial) and To-big-to-fail banks have always won. World wide. This will continue until the earth or humanity shut it down.

    Rule #2 Refer to rule #1.

    We had a guest in our home over the weekend. Worked for in Afghanistan a while back for several years. Said waste was insane. One most notable was misc mil vehicular stuff. Acres of rows, brand new stuff, m-wraps made in UK paid for by US taxpayer to be given away to whomever.
    US alphabet groups having food flown in fresh everyday while the grunts got what the fuck ever.

    Another example…a friend is in heavy equipment biz. Goes to sales all over US. Went to one in SE last year. Miles. Yes, miles of mil painted dozers, loaders, pans, excavator, haul trucks, cranes, lifts,etc…mostly CAT…all early, mid 80’s ish. Something seemed strange to him…everything looked immaculate, well maintained…wow! Because it was brand new…only 30 years old new. No matter what type of iron he crawled into, the hour meter read, 3, 5, 6, 10. Probably just to load and move to the sale.

    Know what I think. Bought by Reagan, from CAT, with gub borrowed money, to get Americans back to work so they could ultimately be put on the hook for said stuff. Wouldn’t that be called a “bail-out” today? SOS. I could make a few more comments on this, but I’m going to stfu.

    Now CAT is in deep shit…again. Or is it? Who tf knows. They haven’t made any money in 5 years yet their stock price is nearing 100. They can’t even give a piece of iron away to increase the debt on their balance sheet. Debt is the new asset for most of these corps now.

    Sure looks like old djt is going to continue keeping them all alive.

    • trump is a special kind of swampthing. isn’t he?

      talk about no connection to the common man. yet, the idiots who support him think he’s one of them. JFC.

      he’s a fuckking BILLIONAIRE people.
      he’s laughing at you, just as he has his entire life.
      every one of his “wives” are just high paid hookers, and he’s comfortable with that. his daughter is a slut for the jews, and his administration is no better and in some cases worse than ohomos.

      the murkins are the dumbest people on earth.

      • And you little boy are a Sissy Boy! Lol!!!!
        Take off those BDU ‘s …. and put on something to serve at the Mess Hall boy

  15. CW 2017

    Author: It’s Not College Kids Creating Chaos To Resist Trump, ‘They’re Professionals’

  16. Us dirt people pulled the chain on the crapper last 9-8-16 on turd so big it is stuck in the bowl refusing to go down, it is spinning around leaving nasty marks.
    Drain The Swamp happens or the deep state doubles down such as JFK-ing Trump.
    Then the options look like this:
    (the is no voting our way out of this)
    (there never was any voting our way out of this)
    (we are gonna have to shoot our way out of this)

    What the big deal in any case?
    Would really be lost?
    Agenda 21?
    Cultural marxism?
    Statist Hegemony?
    Oligarch’s Tyranny?
    Lost for those in power?
    I’d think if the above, it would be a blessing to the dirt people and dancing in the streets.

  17. President Trump is not the solution to our problems, Trump and the Globalist Elite are the problem..

  18. I think everybody should just calm down and have some fruit. Wendy gets +10, for having something positive and useful to say. You guys(not you, CA) do know that if you can remain calm and steady when all about you are losing their heads………..Courage is the ability to think under pressure.