TL Davis: “Lies Of Omission” Update

The latest before this weekend.


Here’s Claire Wolfe’s take.

From the crew’s POV, we completed principal photography late last night. Many, many thanks to our participants and supporters thus far.

Post-production continuing.

Good thing, too:

NYT: Left-Leaning Documentary World Seeks Right-Wing Perspective

Key graf:

“…But if you’re talking about marginalized groups, there’s no question the white working class should count among them,” he said. “So if there’s a filmmaker with integrity who comes from a red-state world and a red-state perspective and who wants to tell a different kind of story, I want to find that person and make a movie with them…”


Very interesting – both in content and in timing.

We’ll see about that.

But in any event:

If you or someone you know wants to help bring this film to audiences everywhere, contact us at our donation site or here at

Thanks in advance, and thanks again to all who have contributed thus far.

37 responses to “TL Davis: “Lies Of Omission” Update

  1. Jimmy the Saint

    ““So if there’s a filmmaker with integrity who comes from a red-state world and a red-state perspective and who wants to tell a different kind of story, I want to find that person and make a movie with them…””

    “Let one hundred flowers bloom” warning may apply.

  2. Shinmen Takezo

    I don’t quite know what the point of this movie/documentary would be!?

    Some one please tell me–give me a clue for Christ’s sake.

    We could all total donations of a million hondos and make the best documentary/talking-head piece of conservative propaganda… and still it would only be preaching to a conservative choir (as usual).

    Trying to reach a I-Phone-headed, numb-skulled, dumed-down millenail (on any conservative subject) is like talking particle physics to a German Shepherd–it’s a waste of time and money.

    Even if you were to set-up a milenail in a laboratory such as in the following scene, it would so little or no good. Nothing would sink in, let alone be considered at all…

    I am a former professional screenwriter–and every (as in all) conservative propaganda pieces that have come out in the last two decades have stricly played to a very narrow, conservative audience–with little or negligable bleed-over into the leftist thick skull types. Nothing seems to work on them, especially by having old WWII geezers reminicing about “how they fought for freedom” and moaning how the newest generation has pissed it all away.

    I can see where this documentary is going–and again it will play to standing ovations, only to an older conservative choir who will all pat themsevles on the back, go home and do nothing but keep supporting jack-nuts like John McCain and Senator Sodomite aka Lindsey Graham.

    The milenial generation is interested in nothing past their I-phones, I-pads, Rave parties, Burning Man and smoking dope.

    Wrap your fat skulls around these facts please.

    They will absolutely not wake up and rubs the crumbs out of their eyes until they regain consciousnous face down in the gutter, in their own vomit without a penny or a stitch of clothes on their backs–and even then it would be a dicey propsition, because they would again blame someone else for their predicament.

    If you Youtube up any of the videos produced by Mark Dice–you will come to the same conslusion I have in the last eight years. I have been searching for some formula outside of the same-old, same-old bible thumping, rah-rah, sis-boom-bah conservativej flag-waving, yim-yammer to penetrate the thick skulls of these leftist fuk-twats, but am still stuck looking at a blank page.

    I think that only when several of young, popular influential milenial media types (???) start spouting conservaitve ideas and ideals, and these concepts are availalable on outlets that are watched and consumed by milenials–would things begin to change (fat chance of this BTW).

    So go ahead and donate money for this film to be made and completed.

    It will do nothing other than have the US flag waving in the background and make some baby-boomers (like myself) get all teary-eyed and nostalgic.

    Good luck with it.

    • T.L. Davis

      Mr. Takezo
      I appreciate your support, but I really wish you would give us a chance, before you declare the effort a failure. We are NOT making the film you describe. Out of deference to your experience and knowledge I will be happy to list you as a recipient of the roughcut when it is done, but please save your scathing review until after that.


      • Shinmen Takezo

        Here’s what you do with all your video once you are finished shooting…

        Go to some film school (suggestion: Art Center College Of Design, which is the best in the country BTW).

        Find some kid around the age of 22 in their advertising program to edit all your footage into the concept you want, using editing techniques that young people want to watch–and most importantly…. listen to what this person/s have to say.

        If you have nothing more than old geezers from WWII moaning and pissing about freedoms lost–you’re fucked! Just ditch what you have and start over. No one in your targeted age group want to spent time with smelly-old great-grand-pa/ma rambling and mumbling, especially with shitty un-professionally recorded sound.

        FYI–I clicked on your teaser, watched it all, and wound up having my guts hurting because as I said–you’re just preaching to the choir again. It’s nothing new. Even Dinesh DeSouza’s latest movie was preaching to the choir all over again–and it was fucking great.

        If you cannot take professional, hard-hitting, constructive critique–then this is not the game you can win at BTW.

        And please don’t send me a rough cut–send me a freaking script before you start shooting (doubt if you have one). If you are going to raise conservative capital–you should have a dynamite and unique concept to base it off of other than the usual flag waving tripe.

        Should you want to contact me–register at Uncle Bob’s Forums and send me a PM there through that system.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        To add to what I said below… you should go to Youtube and search up all of “StormCloudsGathering” videos. Study his techniques, images and editing. This guy is “the” cutting edge.

        Re-watching your teaser above–you have to re-loop all of your sound recordings–incredibly bad FYI. Completely unprofessional. This is something I would immediately click off BTW.

        The people shown in the teaser (deceased Mike V, Bracken, etc.) mean nothing to the younger generation (but they mean something to a small III% group–not even wider conservatism as a whole).so whatever they yammer is lost in you current concept.


      WORD. And I do mean WORD. The time for talking and reasoning is OVER. Get used to the fact that the great unwashed does not give a rat’s ass about the concepts of liberty, true free-market economics, self-sufficiency, or even hard work. Most Amerikan Sheeple have been dumbed down to the point where such concepts are not even comprehensible. And, it’s not just the Millenials.
      Keep up your preps, your intell, your networking with like-minded people, and pray. There is nothing left to talk about. The concepts are dead at this point and will not be resurrected until(hopefully) the culling and winnowing is done. Bleib ubrig.

    • Quote of the week, Thank you!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      As one who has spent decades trying to get friends and family to read books and watch movies/videos (V for Vendetta went right over most peoples heads, dumb boring movie!), only to discover many of them threw my materials away,
      I hold no hope for the future of trying to educate these dumbmasses. They have no interest for anything except their own empty headed entertainment, however shallow that may be. And most will die as ignorant as they lived.
      Good luck with your fundraising, and hope it gets some attention, but from whom I wouldn’t know. Nobody gives a fuck about anything anymore.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        I think the operative words in the above is: “nobody gives a fuck about anything anymore” is spot on. Thanks for boiling it all down.

  3. I think we have to be careful here,but not to the point where we are not vigilant to falsities,hidden,dismissed,politically unpalatable or otherwise.It is self-serving and dangerous to believe only the left is bad and the right is good.It should be obvious to anyone that this is false and not useful,instead opening those who plead their case to charges of prejudice,hate,etc.
    That does not say we kowtow to each and every politically correct/incorrect idea that the left argues.We should be able to recognize intent,history and impact and argue from that position.We need to understand the objections to race-based arguments and charges given histories of repression and oppression over time and place of various groups,eg.,Jews,Blacks,etc. We must be open to evidence-based arguments no matter where they lead,and that applies to both left and right.

  4. Never talk to the 5th column media. Never.
    Every alternative thought leader, writer, journalist, blog owner, and defier of the statist quo, what have you, that has been sucked into the tender maw of the legacy media has had their asses handed to them in the deliberate act of being used out of context, a villain or straw man to serve the agenda of the deep state apparatus and it’s regime.

    They hawk nothing but corporate media sponsored bull shit.

  5. Bill Whittle hit on the most obvious thing selling freedom, so common sense nobody noticed.

  6. indyjonesouthere

    Check with the filmmakers and producer that put together “The Principle” and the “Journey to the center of the Universe”.

  7. Publius-Huldah on Trump and the federal district court judges-“He should simply say the judges’ rulings are unconstitutional, and are therefore null and void, and order the new rules to be carried out. Let the press have a field day with it. Then once the national press is in an uproar over it for a week or two, he could give a nationally televised statement, laying out the clear and simple facts.

    He could cite Art. 2 Sec. 3, and refer to the founding fathers’ belief that the Constitution was written simply and clear enough, with The Federalist Papers as clarifying reference, that anyone who studies it can know its meaning and determine the constitutionality of laws, policies, etc.

    He could then cite his oath to uphold the Constitution, and declare that he meant what he said when he took the oath. He did not declare to uphold the rulings of judges whose decisions are clearly in error.

    The press, by creating an uproar over Trump’s dismissal of the judge’s ruling, would bring the issues of who has jurisdiction to hear cases on this issue, and judicial misconduct, to the national attention. And because of the uproar, any statement the President makes would have national attention. And being that his position would be correct and irrefutable by any honest person, many who look at the question would see Trump is correct to ignore the faulty decision.

    I may be more than a little naive to imagine things would go that smoothly. I am sure the press would hyperventilate over ‘the NERVE of the President to ‘presume’ to understand the Constitution better than a judge, and to say that a judge is wrong!’ — or statements to that effect.

    But the issue of judicial misconduct needs to be brought to the attention of the nation. And the President must not have his lawful conduct held hostage by partisan and unlawful judges.”
    *Article 3 Section 2 clearly says: “In all cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and THOSE IN WHICH A STATE SHALL BE PARTY, the supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction.”

  8. I’ll just say thanks for the heads-up & status report – looking forward to it, I have my local audience, which is plenty enough to tend. Have seen other such efforts run into such post-prod stuff. Not unusual for people to wake up from their nap in the rehab center and suddenly decide their “image” is worth a bunch of cash but, sometimes, a whore is a whore. (That’s used in this case perjoratively. Far be it for me to lambast what a working girl might have to do to survive.)

  9. trump is pure filth and scum. anyone who supports him is filth and scum.
    i would gladly slay any trump supporter as i would any obama supporter.
    they’re all brainwashed SCUM. one evil replacing another evil is still evil.

    • so if you are part of the measly 37% of orange fraudistan you are quickly becoming less than zero.

      • Gallup told us Hillary was a sure win.
        We should should absolutely trust them now!
        And trust you too, while we’re at it.
        I told you not to believe everything you read on the internet, you dumbass little stunted hairy Dago. And how are you going to do all these killings, now that you’re a snowbilly?

        • you broke ass nobody.

          you’re so poor, go to fucking work.

          • Yeah, because this internet thing and computer thing that you’re being a drunken rambling idiot upon only got invented after some guys became rich, like, really rich and quit working suckers.

            They got almost as rich as President Trump.

            • you are especially stupid.

              no the internet was developed by DOD and DARPA

              you are obviously unskilled labor.


  10. Mike Vanderboegh was an ass hole. He was also a phony, a cheapskate welfare addict(he got every kind of federal welfare including EBT) He advocated free speech….For himself and no one else. He ran a begging shtick that saw him give uninvited “speeches” then “pass the hat” . In fact that and NEVER paying his bills(he never paid a single bill if he could get someone to pay it for him) is what got him kicked out and bared from the Knob Creek Shoot. AND REMEMBER THIS Before he and “Kerodin” fell out over who got the loot….They were partners. What “patriots” don’t need are any more “Kerodins” or Mike Vanderboegh’s ………OH! and I actually met the man TWICE at Knob Creek and considered him the biggest phony I ever met. Who was in the “Patriot movement” for the M.O.N.E.Y. and nothing more. If the feds had offered 30 silver……… and maybe they did.


      There may be something to what you are saying. It seemed strange that he was always crying poverty when he was sitting on a gold mine which was his novel, ABSOLVED. The man had literary talent. So, where is the book?

  11. As far as the left wing documentary thing goes; I’m suspicious that the left is looking for a way cause the right even more harm. Probably they want to know what it is that the right wants and needs so they can continue to soul crush. The left wants us dead. Period.

  12. Lt. Col. Wm. Kilgore

    I’ve agree the millineals are a lost cause. The mainstream/corporate media cannot be trusted. I wish the filmmakers good luck.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      If the millennials are a lost cause, then there’s no point in doing anything, as the future is already written.

      • They are not a lost cause, they are however very lost. Their minds have been pumped full of bullshit and false history.

        Do. Something.
        TL is actually doing Something. You may disagree with his TTP but he is at least moving the ball. It’s easy to snipe from a keyboard, try putting a real target in your cross hairs some time. Also, I want to be sure I tried EVERYTHING before we go to the bad part, my conscience will then be clear. The Marxist veil isn’t just dropped it’s on the ground and they are rubbing it in burn juice and setting it on fire.

        It’s much better than doing nothing. Freedom of association. I will be contributing today.

  13. Grey Ghost

    I once heard Dr. Ron Paul say that Liberty/Freedom is the hardest thing to sell to the American people, or words to that affect. It’s not an exact quote but you get the idea. I have never forgotten it because the longer that idea has been rolling around in my mind the more I realize it is true. No doubt I can prove 85%+ of American citizens are at least socialists and have no clue about real freedom/liberty or American history.

    T.L. Trying to influence Millennials with media (film) is a good and worthy tactic in order to try and break their socialist mindset. I wish you all the best and much success in this endeavor.

    Grey Ghost

    • I know how to break their mindset.

      Stop coddling them and plant my size 10 boot up their ass.

      • From all the way up there at your secluded island?

      • giggling at the warlord

        …size 10. I knew you were a little fella

        • more like you are a freak of nature…

          most murkins are.

          it’s all the shit food you have been raised on, you know, the hormone infused livestock and GMO crap you shove down your gullets non-stop.

          fucking slobs.

      • JerrytheGingerDwarf

        What are you, 5 ft tall? “Leprechauns go home!” St Paddys day was LAST week!

      • Good morning tfA-t,
        The video I posted of “A Man Called Horse” was a joke,
        with no ill intent towards you.
        Hope your wife is healing well and therapy is going well.
        Has she tried doing a poultice with equal parts of turmeric
        and ground black pepper mix salve? From what I and
        others have experienced, it helps alot in the healing
        and mending process.

        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • Same thoughts here. As far as Millennials catching on… well,
      maybe if/when, one at a time get screwed by “the system” they
      look to see how it could possibly happen to them, and begin
      the journey…
      The object, I think, is to help in building them up, instead of
      seeing them break down, as often that process does.

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”