A Participant’s View

Via PHS.

In the final analysis, all we are is cultural transmission mechanisms.

Or failures in doing so.

8 responses to “A Participant’s View

  1. I donated twice already, how’s about some of you hot shot fuckers belly up to the bar and kick a few bucks in so’s the next generation gets something besides the bill? Some of y’all prolly shit $25 worth of undigested pizza out your third point of contact every month, so, Ja? tfA-t, you don’t have to donate anything, I realize you have more important things to spend your money on. Like mirrors. Oh, I fell down, walking through an airport last weekend (I’m crippled AND clumsy) and a Rabbi helped me to my feet. Thought you’d like to know. Yes, I checked, and I still had my wallet when he was gone.

    • T-FAT was one of the first to donate and did not chastise anyone else !
      thought you should know !!! many of us hot shot fuckers have given and whether you like it or not we are still hot shot fuckers……………
      so fuck you, you whinny little bitch…………………………………………………

    • Jack Spratt

      This comment made me snort my caffeinated beverage. Bravo.

    • The bigger question is:

      Why do dirt people keep whoring and spawning chirrun when they are poor?

      The whites are gonna be extinct or enslaved forever soon anyways because of their collective stupidity. Just keep supporting your local cops and just-us system and everyone will remain happy and safe. Sheesh

      I believe I’ll sit back and watch teh dumbest people on earth self-immolate.
      There’s a certain sense of gratification in being right.

  2. A little off topic, but somebody named Ray in an earlier post said a lot of things about Mike V, being all about getting money and some such shit, and being a poseur or something. And then he said Mike got banned at Knob Creek. Huh? For what, specifically? Please name the time, date, circumstances, and especially why he was “banned”. I was there in 2009, specifically to meet Mike. I donated to whatever he was up to, on a regular basis, because I believed in him, and I also knew he was a mortal man. I gave him $80.00 to with as he liked, ( he bought some ammo pouches and magazines, for his local bunch of guys back in Alabama.) I bought some magazines myself, and mailed them to myself rather than risk TSA on the way home. Anyway, I just wanted to meet him, and I saw him do nothing inappropriate, and yes, he was a curmudgeon. Even asked me why some one like me (after I was vetted) would want to hang around with an old gimpy legged ex-commie like him, in his usual good natured way. I replied that I saw him putting himself in the cross hairs a lot, so at least he was crazy, and brave enough to do it. Took his picture with me, him and Len Savage. So, Ray, seeing as you got an ax to grind about Mike, how’s about the actual facts on what you say happened at Knob Creek? And I don’t care to hear a lot of hooey about the K bitch, that fucker needs to get a life, and STFU. Anyone else that has actual knowledge of this stuff, chime in.

  3. POd American

    Razr is not working. I’ll also give a second time.