Bovard: Trump Budget Busts Boondoggles, But…

And it’s a big “but”.

Even without a return to historical interest rate norms.

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10 responses to “Bovard: Trump Budget Busts Boondoggles, But…

  1. Federal spending is not already out of control????

  2. Until the global, central-banking apparatus is nuked from orbit, nothing changes.

        • “Cocooned within the reverb chamber of Progressive orthodoxy, the Left stands aghast at the grubby dissenters of utopia occupying Middle America: those counter-revolutionaries spiking the vision by hacking away at the augured City of Man. Having long ago initiated cultural civil war, the Clintonistas marvel not so much that they are engaged in battle, but that they, having full access to the wealth and agitprop of the status quo, were taken down on their own terms by squalid faceless creatures whose trailer park convictions should have been drowned in the waters of superior reason. But like Moses in the bulrushes, Providence intervenes and liberty often escapes, bringing with it unseen consequences.”

  3. “..first time since Reagan”

    St Ronnie the Fraudulent campaigned against the bloated carter budget, then added his own bloat on top.

    and yet there are still legions of believers in the fraud.

    Doomed to repeat.

  4. dog, meet pony. None of this will actually happen, unless the Republiscams entirely liquidate the Legislative filibuster like the Dems did to the Judicial (ex. SC): this only requires 51 Senate votes; they have 52 + Pence. The suspense is almost too much to bear.

  5. John S. Russell

    The amount of “pork” to be incorporated into Rinocare and the budget bill to secure passage will fatten a yuge bask of alligators.

  6. Have to agree, Ol Ronnie, was a true tax and spend conservative! I still liked him, served in his military. Much different then the carter clan.