Chuck Berry Has No Particular Place To Go

RIP, from Sippican Cottage.


12 responses to “Chuck Berry Has No Particular Place To Go

  1. Virgil Kane

    If today’s black “artists” had half his talent it might be worth a shit.

  2. William Munny

    RIP you glorious man

  3. That was hard news indeed. The list of songs spawned from riffs he laid down, elegant in their simplicity, is legion (and mandatory licks to have in the back pocket if you were going to pass one of his off to an audience).

    RIP, where the intonation is always perfect and your 3rd string doesn’t go sharp on ya.

  4. Hail, Hail, Rock & Roll.

    And him at the tender age of 90.

  5. Chuck was the man,he had it all.Today we have POS scoop doggy do and other blabbering no talent morons that peddle crap as music.

  6. What is interesting is that as I have cruised the big I about Berry its a constant ‘influence’ theme. Influence hell! The man *was* Rock ‘n Roll. Everything from the double lick on the guitar to the duck walk on stage set the tone for RnR in the 50’s and early 60’s.

    I wonder if the angels are tired of playing Johnny B. Goode yet?

  7. Nadine, Maybelline, Promised Land, etc. It was a good sound.

  8. Ya gotta admit, the man could play the guitar, just like he was ringing a bell. I applied for a job once, at his restaurant, the Southern Air, in Wentzville Mo., back in the sixties. It kept getting shut down. First it would be sanitation. Then it would be this, then that. What finally brought it to ruin was the peepholes drilled so women could be watched in the ladies restroom, and filmed as well. Seemed to have been going on for about forty years. Chuck himself said he didn’t know about it, and I’m inclined to agree, as he was owner, but absent almost all the time. Only saw him once, buying tires at a place nearby, for his car, I expect. Anyway, he was cleared of the charges against him regarding the peepholes, but the Missouri Highway Patrol was not, and they were also caught doing the same thing at their own patrol headquarters, Troop H , I believe. Seems they picked up the peeping habit from frequenting the Southern Air, and just couldn’t let it go. None of them lost their jobs, and no body went to jail. Chuck Berry did not receive a lot of honor and glory from the town he came from, but the people who knew him personally there thought highly of him, and at least treated him well.

  9. Chuck Berry is the true king of rock and roll. Elvis? Pftt, Elvis couldn’t hold CB’s guitar.

  10. When I was a musician some of my absolute favorite tunes to play and sing were JBG and ROB. God, I adored the sets when we did those.

    Johnny Winter and Mountain (remember that monster Leslie West? Who could possibly forget that live version of ROB?) absolutely *KILLED* it covering his tunes. And who could forget Stevie Ray Vaughn doing the same? Screw the British Invasion. We had our own greats.

    There’s a video on uTube with Chuck trying to get that drug-addled moron Keith Richards to simply come in on the correct beat on an extremely basic and simple blues lick that any child would know. After 2-3 minutes of trying you can see the looks of disgust and hear the impatience in his voice growing. CB did not suffer fools gladly.

    There are American blacks and then there are niggers. He was undoubtedly the former.

    He was an American original. We won’t ever see the likes of him again.

  11. Memphis Tennesee