“I Will Stop Legal And Illegal Immigration”


13 responses to ““I Will Stop Legal And Illegal Immigration”

  1. POd American

    I really like this gal, she must be from southern France because no one in “gay” Paris would initiate something like this.

  2. she’s just as full o shit as trump ‘the speedbump’.

    she’ll say anything to get votes, then just like the speedbump go back on every one of them. when are humans going to evolve into thinking animals?

  3. POd American

    Au contrare mom frer…Marine has been against the EU and the mooslaam invasion for her entire political life. Which is quite unlike Trump the flip flopper. Trump states two opposing opinions for each of his ideas.

    I’ll be happy to wait and see if, she gets in as a result of the upcoming elections, and if she keeps her word. So far, she has not has back-peddled her answers to questions depending on who asks them….she has been consistent.

  4. trump makes me want to puke, piss, and shit at he same time.

  5. God protect this brave woman.

  6. You’re pretty old, be patient and wait just a few years and you’ll be all set.

    Don’t worry, President Trump will make sure you have a decent health plan.

  7. trump should’ve kept to fucking contractors out of their pay. that’s what he’s good at. he’s no leader, and he’s no strategist. he’s just a shyster snake oil salesman and he’s in way over his orange head.
    i can’t wait to see him fail YUUUGEly

  8. Allez-Y Madame Le Pen, Allez! Le monde Trumpian vous soutiennes! Afrique pour les Africains, le Maghreb pour les Islamistes, et la France pour les gens Francaises! Nous nous combatrons ensemble avec la presidente prochaine pour tous nos liberties. Allons enfants de la patrie, le jour de gloire arrivée!

  9. I read you as wanting America to fail. Loser!

  10. Please move to mexiko and do all that.
    Then stay there.
    We’ll build a wall to keep you out of this country.

  11. Stockholm Syndrome

  12. Stockholm Syndrome

  13. and it already has failed. damn you’re dumb. you from west virginia?