Ist Europa Verloren?

Z-Man discusses.

Current course and speed leads to extinction.

Change course?

Or full speed ahead?

15 responses to “Ist Europa Verloren?

  1. I still think that the US is in worse shape, demographically, than Europe.

    • Wait I hope those 40 million Hispanics aren’t engaged in “acts of love” making babies here in FUSA. Oh wait……

  2. And let us again point out that Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are flush with cash, since they can virtually pump it directly out of the ground. Yet they have accepted how many of their coreligionist refugees again?

    Europe’s suicidal virtue is hard to watch.

  3. Average European’ fertility is 1.55.

    That is for every 100 people (50 couples) you can expect 75 children to be born.

    Next generation provides 48 children.

    Next generation provides 31 children.

    IF European’ muslims heed the words of Erdogan, and breed an average of 5 children per couple, you get figures of 250, 625 and 1562.

    So, when your 100 Europeans are producing 31 great-grandkids, your 100 muslims are producing 1562 great-grandkids. (unless I got my sums wrong)

    In short, 50 times as many great-children born to muslims, after just 3 generations.

    One more iteration gives figures of 20 and a splendid 3905. … nearly 200 times as many babies born to muslims.

    • POd American

      Just going to add a little variability (stochastic modeling) to your predictions. I think if you do a trend analysis on jihadi bombers combined with their total resultant casualties that you might arrive at a somewhat “reduced increase” (sounds like an oxymoron to me) in population. It would be a fun math problem to work in my spare time; however, I’m sure that we pay some government agency to do this (FOIA). This is just me being a “dick” today.

  4. All the fancy assed formulas in the world don’t mean shit, when in comes to the bare knuckled truth. Europe WILL be Verloren at a measurable point that will be fairly easy to see, and will not require an advanced degree at smarty pants Big Deal College to interpret. When you see the fucking moslems running with everyday sharia law, no outcry about mosques and these buttholes clogging the streets five times a day, when they stop murdering people in the streets and everywhere else, and just show up on tv extrapolating how things work under moslem rule, when the cops are almost all moslems, and tv, radio, theater, dance halls, bars, liquor stores, tabacs, more or less shut down, it’s a done moslem deal. The more a place looks like a moslem city/country, the more it actually is a moslem city/country. The Europeans will let it happen, and quietly. They haven’t got what it takes to keep the scum out, so they’ll never have what it takes to make them leave. $4.50 and a Masters Degree in Pussywhipped, will get you a cup of coffee, at StuckupBucks. Oh, one more thing. When you hear that the moslems are NOT the most represented group in city/country jails, but remain a significant part of the population, the falafal has hit the fan.

    • Well, you are right.

      The future belongs to the people who show up for it. And, Europe is going to change hands, over the next decade or two.

      AFAICS, that change of ownership is now irreversible, absent some Almighty miracle.

      I have no idea what can be done about it.

  5. Jimmy the Saint

    “Ist Europa Verloren?”

    Fertig! Verfallen! Verlumpt! Verblunget! Verkackt! Wir fahren, auf England…
    – Zombie Lili Von Shtupp

  6. The Europeans will let it happen, and quietly. They haven’t got what it takes to keep the scum out, so they’ll never have what it takes to make them leave.

    For all of the smack talk realize all of the west has the same problem. There are those who would stand up but they all know that the western governments would promptly treat them as the criminal invader. The Invading hordes have the protection of the governments ( obviously illegitimate at that point).
    I don’t care how big you brass set of balls is, one man or even a small handful of men will not stand against the government until events have turned such that the time is right, and none of know when that time will be.
    The question is will those handful of men stand up at the right time and only time will tell if that is the case.
    The US invasion by the Mexican and South American hordes is well under way ( 20+ million) and has the full protection of the US government despite the occasional side show. Until the herd if forced to wake due to economic collapse, a handful of awake individuals is little more than canon fodder for the government.

    • One thousand Christopher Dorners.Game changer.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “There are those who would stand up but they all know that the western governments would promptly treat them as the criminal invader.”

      It’s not just the government. They don’t trust their neighbors, etc. not to rat them out *to* the government.

    • Democracy … it saps your Will.

      You go from “autonomous human being”, to “beholden to the Collective”.

      It really is mind-poison.

  7. I seem to remember a quote in one of Buchanan’s books – he may have been quoting another – that was something to the effect of, “If ten men are willing to die for a principle, and twenty are willing to vote for it, the ten will give the law to the twenty.”

    Something like 50% of the French military and police support the FN. You’d probably see substantial numbers of German armed forces going for AfD, Greeks for Golden Dawn, etc. Hungary and Poland aren’t putting up with it. And all across Europe, groups of dedicated young activists are training:

    It remains to be seen if enough of Europe will have the spine to save itself, but it’s definitely waking up.