Lawfare: Training Range Edition

Allen B. West: The Left’s Assault On The 2nd Amendment Just Got Personal

BLUF: Lefties bring dubious lawsuit, range customer records (include all students and anyone who has inquired as to programs, etc.) become discoverable.

I remember more than a decade ago having this argument with an organization that wanted to allow shooting event sign-ups in advance via the organization’s website.

I was shouted down as to this risk.


In front of dubious judges.

Part of full-spectrum conflict.

Do you understand yet?

53 responses to “Lawfare: Training Range Edition

  1. i have my own ranges.

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    I’m a little baffled by those latino names, being in WV and all…………

  3. Rev. Stewie

    They need to be law abiding and submit to the lass of the land. They’ll finance their own cattle cars once that time comes as well.

  4. Organizations that get you ‘put on a list,’ kindly provided by said organizations, that also are only too happy to kick out anyone who doesn’t pretend this is the case.

    “I was shouted down as to this risk.”
    I bet it sounded a lot like cheerleading, too.

  5. More like of mob of unthinking, insensate mouths (and typing fingers).

  6. Grey Ghost

    Well, Alan, you talk a good game… but you know what, the LEFT NEVER stops. IF you think yelling from the rafters about “legalizing” silencers is going to win you your lawsuit… think again. The majority of the legal bench in this country sides entirely with the LEFT even if they don’t have a legal basis for their “action”. Yes, Alan, there is a solution… as someone once said, “First we kill ALL the lawyers…” and that would include the scum sucking Judges.

    Grey Ghost

  7. We don’t need no steenkin’ “laws”
    It is like the new old saying goes: If I have 12 guns, and the supreme court outlaws 11 of them, how many guns do I have?

  8. >Judge Grey Silver
    >Claimants Ben and Diane Goldstein

    I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine the coinciding elements in these (((names))).

  9. SemperFi, 0321

    We have that same exact problem in WY too. 🙂

  10. SemperFi, 0321

    (((latino))) sarcasm evades you?

  11. The Left won’t be happy until we are simply shooting their butts into the hereafter. That is all there is to it. Personally, the only list that I like is a grocery list.

  12. Recall petition if he is an elected judge.
    That is the political solution.
    Violence against the judge, lawyers or plaintiffs makes the list into a list of potential suspects.

    The left loves Martyrs.
    Very few Leftists want to be a Martyr themselves but have no qualms about setting some patsy up to become one.

  13. ALCON,

    The NRA has the resources to mount an impeachment against the county judge who, in violation of the law, allowed the civil action.

    Of course, the NRA, GOA and other firearms organizations do not have deep pockets. Lawsuits and civil actions cost money. Too much money. But, it is time we all start opposing the attacks of the left.

    Perhaps, just perhaps….an impeachment or recall action against the county judge Silver, could be initiated. Takes work and organizing. Not some jackass like me commenting about doing such.

    Good luck to Mr. West. He’ll need it.

  14. Gotta ban holstered pistols on the firing line also …. (AAR in Worland motel room, spring of ’06.)

  15. has one Diane H Goldstein on Nettle Lane in Winchester, VA, just across the border, a few thousand feet from the training center. Phone number is currently listed, too. Frederick Co., VA auditor’s page shows it’s in the name of a Bennett Goldstein who owns several other properties on the same street.

    If I want to give everyone a fair shake, it looks like the house was built in 1977, and I can’t find a record of sale, meaning it very well may have been kept in the family all this time. If I wanted a peaceful, quiet country home to retire, and someone moved in next door and started shooting guns off all day, I could see being irritated.

    That said, it sure as hell doesn’t justify demanding all the info that they are, so screw ’em.

  16. We should all conduct our affairs as if in open public forums. There is no rule of law now.

  17. Anonymous,

    Well bitch, this reader did exercise my research skills. The scumbag judge Silver III, is not Jewish as your fucking echoes imply.

    You and your trouble-making and lying ilk deserve at minimum, an ass-kicking.

  18. tFAG,

    You ain’t got shit.

    BTW….how’s that fat-ass wife of yours doing ? She just another fuckin’ whore. Just like Mrs. Trump, eh ? Guess Mr. Trump isn’t the only one who has the market on marrying whores.

  19. ah west virginia.

  20. lastmanstanding


  21. yeah because the master race lives in them thar hills…

  22. Randolph Scott

    Right answer to the problem, removal of the cancer. I recommend .308 pills applied liberally to the liberals.

  23. Absolutely, ‘cuz….reasons


  24. Stockholm Syndrome

  25. Made you your own special troll for your avatar. You should use it with pride, something us West by God Virginian’s understand.
    It’s always a badge of honor to be despised by the despicable.

  26. you’re not despised.

    you are laughed at.

    and i wouldn’t visit your inbred site if it were the last on the net.

    damn you hillbillies are dumb.

    now go and fuck your sister.

  27. Yes “aah West Virginia”, Almost Heaven.
    Too bad you are unable to understand West Virginian’s, they are people who will hardly notice if TSHTF happens. You could learn a lot.
    Too bad your hate and bigotry is just like the state actors you rant about and are unglued over.
    Too bad you help them spread hate each time you open your mouth.
    It is instructional watching you t-fA-t, (or is it Detroit?), your hate has consumed you, your derangement is no different than the
    Neo-Bolsheviks useful dupes working for the deep state.

    Just in case you have moment of good will in your miserly heart, here are the lyrics to John Denver’s Country Home.
    May they inspire you.

    Almost heaven, Sectional,
    Regional, Semi-State,
    Life is great there, greater than can be,
    Basketball all around, sweet as can be
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    I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me
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    Country roads, take me home
    To the place I belong,
    West virginia,
    Mountain mamma, take me home
    Country roads

    I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me
    Radio reminds me of my home far away
    Driving down the road I get a feeling
    That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

    Country roads, take me home
    To the place I belong,
    West Virginia,
    Mountain mamma, take me home
    Country roads
    Take me home, country roads
    Take me home, country roads

  28. That’s intermission at a backwoods Mud Drag right there, good time, guarantee it.
    Too bad you will never come to know what belonging to a happy tribe of people that have natural love and care for each other, and know how to have a good time as Brothers.

  29. blah blah blah

    hillbilly bullshit

    don’t you have a job?

  30. you fuck your sisters and cousins.


  31. “Not jewish” just like how Kurt Eichenwald wasn’t jewish but episcopalian… until he had someone arrested for sending mean tweets at him, then he revealed he was jewish so that a hate crime charge could be added. The judge in that case is named Bonnie Goldstein.

    Just a cohencidence, goy!

  32. Randolph Scott

    My math shows that you would have the same 12 you started with, or at least I would.

  33. The comments are about Silver III. Not some other hypothetic

    So pussy, other than putting parenthesis around a name, what do you want to do with all your hated Jews ?

    Haxo here again with another alter ego.

  34. Bowman,

    Everything today is an “open forum” courtesy Harry Truman and the NSA.

  35. 937,

    The attorney of record is from Kalifornia. So now, we are experiencing attacks on the values of other Amerikan regions by the Marxists of Kalifornia ?

    It is only a matter of time before we go to guns. It won’t be pretty. As you stated.

    As Bowman remarked….the rule of law is dead.

  36. The attorney shares a name with the plaintiff. Probably getting a good deal from their brother or cousin or some such. The plaintiffs are technically in a different county and in the next state, but only a few thousand feet away from the facility, just across the border. It’s not as if Diane Feinstein filed the suit herself. But, like I said, they’re overreaching, and probably deliberately, so I don’t feel a lot of sympathy.

  37. You do realize that cousin marriage is legal in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California while it is illegal in West Virginia.

  38. Your mind just can’t accept that tons of people are becoming aware of the (((?))), so you rationalize that one of the first people who brought it up before it was cool is creating multiple accounts.

  39. SemperFi, 0321

    Cohencidence too that most Americans are circumcised in the finest Jewish tradition. And never even knew it was being done to them either.

  40. just because the us military allows it’s members to fuck dogs doesn’t make it right any more than fucking your cousin.

    damn. the murkans are seriously retarded.

  41. There doesn’t seem to be much evidence either way, but silver is a common jewish surname and since they are a race, joining a church doesn’t mean much.
    I found this funny when I was seeing if there was a jewish community in martinsburg

  42. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  43. Or 13, because you went out and bought the parts to build another 80% AR. Plus lots more ammo, can’t have enough, then another dozen magazines, a niiiiiice ACOG.
    Then you helped your buddies build their 80% combat rifles, then they got lots of mags and boolits, then you all went out in the woods and played lets ambush and harass the armed badged leg breakers the judge who took away your 11 guns sent to arrest you because YOU ARE the Lawless one because all of a sudden, out of thin air, your property, something you own, is suddenly illegal.
    Now thats funny.
    I love America!

  44. Sounds like your envious there bud.

  45. Are you and your betrothed is the first question on your marriage license in WV. Everyone laughs.
    I work in the coal mines, late at night on hoot owl, when it gets all quiet, somebody will get on the radio and the sister – cousin fucking jokes and stories come out.
    The truth is funnier than the fiction.
    Up in some of these mountains and hollows families been living up here so long it’s almost impossible to not avoid a blood or law relative marriage, you have to go outside your AO.
    The reality is it’s very rare these days. i think it is more common where I’m originally from if anything.
    Tell you what, was raised up northern NH, most of my relatives are from Maine originally, they all moved to NH back in the 30’s-40’s over a big scan dell where my great grandmother was unknowingly married to a guy had two separate families. It was so scandalous she got a divorce with him even showing up in court, on the spot.
    The hillbillies here in WV don’t got nothing on the rednecks up in Maine. Hell, you live up above Newery, winter is awful long. It always gets a great laugh to tell those boys Maine sister-cousin incest jokes and stories.
    Most are incredulous to hear it.

  46. Shit! I’ve felt like that dude looks after some of that Possum Ridge Paralyzer in a mason jar.
    Where’d you get that pic? That dude looks familiar.

  47. My new job is giving you shit for being a poser.

  48. I don’t give a fuck who don’t like me. Looks like it matters to you.
    I’m a Yankee.
    You already visited it. I saw your IP.
    I don’t have a sister.
    You seem to know a lot about incest.

  49. NorthGunner

    Hmmm…maybe Alan West should read “Neither Predators Nor Prey”;
    it might teach him a few new things….

    Neither Predator Nor Prey

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  50. NorthGunner

    Hi SF,

    Sorry to hear that is going on up there too? Can you describe in
    more detail what’s happening in that regard in your AO please?

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III