More On Webb Hubbell’s Little Girl

Schlichter: Who’s Going To Save The Dems? Chelsea!

Dynasties, my ass.


15 responses to “More On Webb Hubbell’s Little Girl

  1. My understanding is that her last book did not even sell out a first printing. Yep, run her Dims if you are still around….

  2. She’d still win.

  3. The question begs; just what office is she gonna run for. From the state house and senate, to the city council, to the US congress and the senate, every office she is could run for is inhabited by life long entrenched democrats. Her experience is a series of no show jobs at NBC and the Clinton foundation ( which is under criminal investigation). Her husband ran a hedge fund into the ground. The dems are done with the Clinton’s. The republicans would pay her entry fee for any office she chooses to run for, seeing an easy victory. The more we see of Chelsea, the worse it is for the dems, and they know it.

  4. I got a feeling, just a feeling, that Bill’s little girl is going to self-destruct. Second generation of charlatans and robbers tend to be SUCH a disappointment. Reason being, they can’t ignore the noise generated by the people who justifiably hate their parents, they get a little taste of it, and Rejectionarino. Lot’s of money to assuage all that, to be sure. But comes the dawn, and you look in the mirror, and sometimes, you gotta say, What The Fuck. She also knows the time is fast approaching that she won’t be able to achieve escape velocity anymore, and all of that bullshit will stick to her, permanently. The sins of the Father, and Mother, are visited upon the children of disobedience. She’ll have to look at her own children, and decide if she wants to leave all THAT, to them. Hitler has relatives living right now, in the USA. They haven’t done anything wrong that I’m aware of. They still, to this day, decline any kind of interviews, phone calls, etc.

  5. After Obama got elected it was determined that no one needs experience at anything. Fabricate your own record. Movie stars, peanut farmers, rapists, drug smugglers, whiskey smugglers. You’d think they were running to be the head of a crime family.

    • you left out real-estate developer/swindler.

      • What did you do in real life T Fat?

        • I owned and ran businesses.

          truck wash at rouge steel in Detroit
          mobile pressure washing in the northern burbs
          marine contracting on lake st clair
          residential restorations wind/fire/water
          commercial/industrial painting for the rich who owned businesses
          and I ended up racing class b offshores on the APBA circuit

          all successful ventures

  6. It’s like the endless sequels Hollywood churns out, seems the political parties took their ideas from there.
    Bush? Have another. Clinton? Have another. And another.

  7. I’ve often lamented that the forebears of the Klinton gang didn’t have easy access to abortion too.

  8. Whenever I see a picture of her I find myself focusing on her mouth.
    I don’t envision conversing, I envi………..never mind.

  9. GM Lavallee

    if hillary had only swallowed like monica

  10. Imagine the suffering her husband goes through; he gets up to that face every morning, sans make up! She is brain dead and butt ugly.

  11. Chelsea was a requirement to legitimize her parents political careers.
    Nothing more, but she’s much less…..