NYT: Hillary Clinton Says She’s ‘Ready to Come Out of the Woods’


Probably ran out of gin.

I hope she’s feeling better.

23 responses to “NYT: Hillary Clinton Says She’s ‘Ready to Come Out of the Woods’

  1. As is the case with all sociopaths she is oblivious to the reality of how others view her. A sociopath is essentially a creature with a human face.

  2. anonperson

    Running out of gin is a serious issue. No matter how hard I work to stock up, someone always seems to drink it all. I can’t figure it out.

    Maybe it’s the Russians.

  3. So she finally sobered up? Wonder what her next excuse is going to be?

  4. Human papillomavirus.(HPV). The human wart that will not go away. Chemicals,freezing and burning yield no tangible results. Bushpig Hildabeast ,like a phoenix,only more magnificent,rises from the ashes of the discounted democrat party remnants.Chucky Schumer will relenquish his relevance to the spawn of Satan,Hillary Clinton. The show remains the same. Only the players change.

    • Warts never go away by themselves.
      You have to surgically remove them and then reduce them to CO2 and water vapor by application of intense heat.
      Unfortunately, the people entrusted to remove the warts from society, e.g. James Comey, Loretta Lynch, et al, are themselves warts.

      The more criminal behavior that you tolerate, the more you’re going to get.

  5. They finally prove they exist.

  6. She is “Ready to come out of the woods “?

    Proof Bigfoot does exsist….


    So, she spoke to an “overflow crowd” at a banquet put on by the Society of Irish Women. The last time I checked, most Irish women(and men) were part of the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, when I grew up in CA, our pastor and assistant pastors at Saint John De La Salle Catholic Church were all Irish.
    Now, the Roman Church declares abortion as a Mortal Sin. And, seeing as how all of these Irish women have invited this pro partial-birth abortionist witch to dine with them and to greet her with acclaim, what, pray tell, is going on? I would say that a lot of those ladies there have spit in the face of their religious beliefs and need to hie to the confessional. Or, they are just the typical new-age Vatican II cafeteria Catholics. Anathema sit.
    2Tim3: 1-9.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Dem politicians have been openly proclaiming support for abortion *as Catholics*. The Church has been pretty damned silent on the the whole thing, rather than bell-book-and-candling the lot of them.

  8. Please, no more links to the NY Times. It makes me sick to even see it. I need a trigger warning.

  9. Reanimated with (green lizard) Rockefeller blood?

  10. Jimmy the Saint

    Given the longstanding musings about her love of clam jousting, maybe she’s just coming around to openly embracing flannel and work boots.

  11. She is like fat around the hips: you starve, you exercise, you pray-and still the damned stuff won’t go away. HRC- the thing reappears when least expected.

  12. She likely just finished rehab….

  13. Lightninbolt

    At the meeting with the Irish, I noticed, after the comment “coming out of the woods”,….the “one-eyed” illuminati witch wink…right! What about Benghazi?! Old Trey Gowdy did a great “dog and pony show” hearing on it…a slap on the wrist. Folks, these so-called
    “hearings” are a joke…waste of time and taxpayer dollars.