Teach Your Children Well

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  1. Grey Ghost

    She gets the mother of the year award.
    Grey Ghost

  2. If you listen close you can hear the stampede of Men of breeding stock stampeding to the shitter to rub one out.

  3. shit can those ugly fucking boots. spit.

    • Ok, you hate “Murica”, what most of our traditions represent, and probably 99% of us, except probably Klein. You expect a big die off, that somehow will not include you; because you are “wealthy” and the warlord of your own island in Kanuckistan.
      We get all that. Repeatedly, on and on, ad nauseum.
      We “get” you and your “message”; little fella. So can you think up something new?
      This is why so many of us keep contributing as best we can. You retired too soon, we get that. You spend your days cruising conspiracy websites, until sunset; when your attention turns to gay albino midget porn.
      Sometimes, dude; you’re almost relevant. Sometimes. The rest of the time, you’re a blowhard and the biggest asshole here. And then when we ask almost nicely that you knock it off, you post a veiled threat – that you’d NEVER squeak out in person.
      Please tfag, find something constructive to do. Or just post what’s relevant.
      By the way, got that small problem in Ottawa dealt with yet?

    • Bizarre affection for the symbols of Federalisation. See also: Union Jack. I’d sooner display a slave collar, myself.

      Anyways. Seems to me that the mechanics of firearm’ use are pretty simple. Kudos to the lady, for teaching her child.

      Much more important, and rarely addressed, are the questions of “why and when it is appropriate”. These are the essential questions that this blog struggles with, day after day.

    • b est part of you ran down both of your fathers asses.

  4. This is for you Wendy.


    Have you done a 25 Yard Zero?
    Works pretty decent for minute of man up to 300 yards if you have no access to a longer zero range.

    • Thanks for the link to the picture. Nice lady. 🙂 I am assuming some guy is very lucky! The AR-15, pistol and soft body armor beats pink hat and promises of protection, that is for sure!
      I am a big fan of the 25 yard zero http://www.arma-dynamics.com/red-dot-zero-targets.html as it is quick and effective at any shooting range that allows rifle shooting and have done so with my ARs. Next step is to move out to 50 then 100 yards now that the weather is better…
      (Well, as soon as I get over the flu which has been keeping my trapped in my room these past several days. http://www.arma-dynamics.com/red-dot-zero-targets.html
      One thing I have learned that is useful before even going to the range is to look through the barrel at something about 25 yards away and then check if looking through the sights we are looking at near the same spot. I get uppers (and lowers shipped to my local FFL) from Palmetto State Armory and for me adjusting a stiff front sight post up or down is a lot more stress free done at home than at the range.

      • Wendy? OMG! I hope you stopped leaning rearwards when shooting your CCP (was it a Ruger?) BTW that’s not an AR the lady is firing it’s an early SAW (or clone) that can still use an AR mag inserted into the LH side of the receiver, it is nominally a belt fed 5.56

  5. tfA-t, you are supposed to looking at the womans butt, not the kid’s boots. Seems like you have the wou have the wrong priorities. Anyway, if it’s that much of a problem, click on this link and stare at the picture for ten seconds or so and it will erase the ugly boots image in your mind and reset your vision. https://previews.123rf.com/images/acidgrey/acidgrey1203/acidgrey120300079/12621178-Blond-girl-on-high-heels-taking-a-shot-with-machine-gun-Stock-Photo.jpg You’re welcome. 🙂

  6. “Bring up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

    Good goin’, Mom, good goin’.

  7. Love it! But…
    1) The mag nearest the exhaust port is about to fall out.
    2) Whereinhell is her PPE?
    3) those boots… Eh.

    • Good points about the mom’s lack of Personal Protective Equipment
      (eyesight and hearing protection). I’m thinking that while she herself is probably a serious shooter, that it was a staged photo with her son. Although I believe that even a staged photo shoot with no actual shooting taking place should always exibit proper gun safety procedures and equipment, not everyone cares about this stuff to the same degree we might. I personally think it best not to over analylize these things and to just enjoy the picture for what it is and the message it presents.
      Also, why is everyone hating on the the kid’s boots? They look to be good quality and in good shape, and much more suitable for the range and outdoors than normal kid’s shoes would be. Would you all prefer to see this kind of mother and child bonding experience instead? http://a57.foxnews.com/images.foxnews.com/content/fox-news/us/2011/04/11/jcrew-ad-showing-boy-pink-nail-polish-sparks-debate-gender-identity/_jcr_content/par/featured-media/media-0.img.jpg/876/493/1422629076246.jpg?ve=1&tl=1
      I think people need to stick up a bit more for other people who are on our side even if their personal fashion tastes don’t exactly match ours. The people on the other side have their own sense of acceptable fashion, and they defitely do want to limit yours.

  8. T-fats on a roll. You should do stand up!

  9. @LFMayor |- To be fair to tfA-t and in the interests of full disclosure to everyone here maybe I should mention that I am trans* and not a natal female. Think Caitlyn Jenner without the fame, the money, the boob job and the expensive clothes. Well, at least I have a better driving record. I am probably a lot more familiar than most here with alternative lifestyles, progressive politics, and how people on the other side think and I sometimes weigh in on that where I think I can contribute.

    As to my comments to tfA-t I was simply pointing out that he should be trying to enjoy the positive things about the picture rather than finding fault with what the kid was wearing. That’s not a good way to go through life every day. Every day above ground not sick or in pain or in prison is a good day. You just gotta find the good stuff in the day to concentrate on and ignore the imperfect stuff.

    There are worse things than a mom who buys her kid American flag boots. I myself will go with the neighbor with the kid who has the American flag boots over the neighbor with the kid who paints his toenails pink every time. And not it’s even because I think that a boy wearing pink toenail polish is a bad thing. It’s because I know those kind of parents would have a panic attack and call family services on you if they saw your kid wearing camo hunting clothing. All kinds of diversity for them but call the cops on you for child endangerment for anything supporting the Ameriacn flag, Christianity, the US Miltary or shooting sports or hunting.

    Know that the assholes on the other side want to dictate to you what is acceptable behavior and are more than willing to use the police authority of the state to punish you. (Why I am no longer a political “progressive”). http://www.theblaze.com/news/2013/03/19/dad-this-picture-of-my-son-holding-a-gun-triggered-a-visit-from-nj-police-family-services/

    We really need to be more supportive of people on our side because even if you don’t agree with everything someone does, someone with a live and let live attitude is much preferable to deal with than someone who is a fault-finder with a social justice chip on their shoulder.

    Finally, I doubt tfAt is gay. If he was gay, by definition he would have friends up the ass. Whereas I doubt tfA-t has any friends at all. 🙂

    • Wendy,

      “To be fair to tfA-t…”

      There is no use in trying to be “fair” to a schmuck who neither understands, accepts, appreciates or reciprocates the same.

  10. The Usual Suspect

    TFATtttttteeeeeee your run on this here theatre is about done.
    Are you gonna come back as SkInEEEE the rich Somali in
    Kanukistan who loves de boys?

  11. T-fats, work has not yet begun. I’m truly surprised you don’t see it, get it. A method to his madness. FYI, never met the man, argued daily with him, then I,realized what’s up.

    I’m not protecting him,,he dosent need protection. He is a messenger. Study what he says, and why he says it. Timing. Etc etc. he may just turn out to be some of your NE members best friend in a pinch.

    The man has a heart of gold, and frankly he really does care.

    Nuff of this.

    Fuck you Tfat!