To Helmet, Or Not To Helmet

Further thoughts, based on the discussion here.


One response to “To Helmet, Or Not To Helmet

  1. Grenadier1

    For those of you wondering about the pictured helmet.
    Least expensive ballistic version of the one pictured I can find is the one here.

    I have recently purchased a NOD and it needs a perch to make it perform as intended. So I have been researching this very thing.
    This mount
    on a non-ballistic version of that brain bucket makes a good combo.

    Add the ear pro (without the com mic if you value your wallet the Com-Tac II is EXPENSIVE) if you like. I can see a significant value in the electronic ear pro on the helmet as it keeps the shooting noise down. Coms is neither here nor there for me. You can get the ear pro with an Aux input that will allow you to run the speaker from your handy talkie to the ear-pro and then run an external PTT mike. Thats the same basic functionality at a much lower cost than the Com-Tac II that is pictured. The pictured set up uses these to attach to the ARC rails on the helmet

    Those adaptors are for this set

    But if you are so inclined to want the ones pictured

    Just keep in mind they use a .mil connector that will not fit your Baeofang.