A Brief Reminder From Pepe

Via Gab.

Kek knows.

17 responses to “A Brief Reminder From Pepe

      • Is that your 95 pound wife playing Bruce Hornsby’s “mandolin rain”?

        • oh fuck off.

          and your boy trump?

          a fucking 5 time draft dodger.

          you people are so dumb.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            So, the government is bad, the military is bad, but Trump is bad for not following the government and not joining the military (especially involuntarily)? Shouldn’t you view that as a positive characteristic for him?

  1. appalling and self-demeaning. Taking pleasure in another person’s death. Even (((Soros))). And don’t forget: there’s 4 sons and a daughter, all chips off the old block.

    • Some Guy in WA

      The kids all publicize their travel and event attendance on their Twitter/websites.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    Yepper. His bud, Davey Rockefeller, another NWO titan just cashed out yesterday. More food for the worms–yeah, all his billions really helped him out, eh?

    All I can say is what the Preacher at my church keeps tellin’ us:

    “Boys–there ain’t no luggage rack on them shiny black funeral hearses.”

    (local. local, if you please! those of like mind and strong hearts.)

    it’s all that counts, IMHO.

    • POd American

      I heard that he took it all with him!! It’s the old joke of the family writing a multi-billion dollar check and throwing in the box with the body.

    • They helped him live this long. Doctors are turning down smokers for basic operations, yet Rockefeller had just received his 6th heart transplant.

  3. They’ve already lined up their spawn to take the wheel along with GPS guiding them toward Babylon. From what I can see it’s a sport for them. Problematically many of the spawn are not as bright as their predecessors but with enough fiat that can be overcome.

    • I think that is 1 of our points of hope. A lot of the 2nd+ generation globalists aren’t nearly as smart as the 1st gen. Bill Kristol is nowhere near as smart as his dad, for example.

  4. POd American

    It just needs one more panel…one more copy of panel 2 that says “Real Soon”

  5. Grenadier1

    His word to Keks ears.

  6. wendystringer48088

    I pray that he gets just whatever he deserves in the afterlife.