GoV: A Night Out With The Dancing Boys

Cultural enrichment and celebration of ancient ways.

I’m sure these good people abandon such archaic practices once they refugee to the West.

And resettle in your community.

18 responses to “GoV: A Night Out With The Dancing Boys

  1. Let me know how the Snowflakes hold up to MoMo at their rear and Hassan at their forefront. These people like to talk all “worldly” but, it is always somebody else that they want to experience the world’s imported weasels. Oh some guys in SanFran will welcome the attention, but I’m thinking Bold Bertha and her Lesbo Friends in Minneapolis might be a tad unhappy. As far the “dancing boys”, well I think all pedophiles should be killed. You cannot rehabilitate cockroaches. It is just another reason that Muslims should be dead. I hear Zudhi Jasser isn’t doing so well on his Muslim Reform efforts.

    • Right there with you, sir. There are even several forms of useful lists available

      On that note, if things ever do get sporty enough, be sure to seize your local public defenders records. Most of that clientele are repeat offenders and by nature overly and multi faceted types of problematic. Just another little something to consider

      We can use paper trails, too.

  2. I get the need to harden the heart. When this shit comes to FUSA (and in Twin Falls it already has), examples will have to be made to discourage this sort of thing. I’m talking about going full Apache on their asses.

  3. Sick fucks but hellish fighters. I could never figure that combination out.

    I say not in my country, send them all home or to judgement.

  4. Rumor has it goats are fair game as well.

    I think it’s very Baaaaad.

    Perhaps this is why CONgress critters like boys so much as well. They want to be liked by their Muzzie masters? They want to fit in so to speak.

    They should all swing from a tree like a chimpanzee,
    at the end of a rope without hope.


  5. Ah, but in the “host country,” it gets called what again, “sexual emergency,” or some similar rot, and all’s forgiven, right?

  6. “Nevertheless, the custom is widespread — perhaps near universal — in the Middle East and Muslim areas of South Asia. The typical arrangement, in which a grown man takes a pre-pubescent catamite, is not considered a violation of sharia law.”

    Citations needed on that. From what I understand, it’s a Pashtun thing, and definitely not sharia-approved. Taliban, ISIS, et al are scum, but they throw people off of buildings for this stuff. It was US “allies” who were the kiddie diddlers:

    • I say the only “factor” in his sons death was the seriously stupid choice of volunteering for service to mordor.

      he got what he wanted so there should be no tears shed for sgt stupid.

      • How many kids you have again?

        Too bad Dr Spock is gone, a book with him and our GreAtest Truck Wash Mangate about subjects they have no practical experience in would be like writing the Magna fukkin Carta all over again.
        You’re an incredible torch in the darkness Tfat. Almost as luminous as President Trump. Almost as wealthy, too!


  7. Ann Barnhardt coverd this and why one can’t allow moslems in any Western country in this video:

    islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil

    ‘team mo’ and its enablers and supporters are total filth!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and its enablers/supporters MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  8. The Usual Suspect

    FATeeeeeee were you some Islamic pederasts play toy ?
    Was he a Policeman too ???????

  9. Grenadier1

    I think if we start construction on the Death Star NOW we should have it completed in time to wipe all this shit out for the 4th turning..

    • Lol shit man we don’t have anyone that even wants to work together let alone tackle something of that size…

  10. Tom – I can’t cite speciffically, but IIRC dicking critters is OK but you can’t eat them afterward. Seems like chickens would waste less meat than goats but check with your mullah first.