The Cult Of GoodThink

A guest post at JJ’s place.

We’re screwed.

There’s gonna be a fight.

Let’s win.

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  1. POd American

    Excellent article. Hope that the unwashed masses get this message, and more importantly…understand it.

    As a wise “someone” once said, “I can read it to you, but I can’t comprehend it for you.”

  2. The object of political correctness is to make the obvious unsayable.

    Meanwhile, don’t accept any limitations to free speech … not even the old chestnut about the “shouting fire in a cinema”. It’s meaningless; because there is only ONE authority which can make your limbs move, and that is you.

    If you are a man who will stampede on the strength of a few words … well, that’s on you, not the words.

  3. Forgot to say why it’s important to be extremist in your views of “free speech”. It’s akin to gun control. Once they’ve got you to accept that it can be limited, then it’s easy to begin extending those limits to other “plausible cases”.

    In the same way, once they’ve got you to accept that “some people should be denied the means of self-defence” … well, they’ve got you to accept the core gun-grabbers’ argument … that, “they” or you have some “right” to deny guns to other men. Accept that, and you’ve lost the ability to make any sound defence of the thing that you call the RKBA.

  4. Relevant update FWIW. Apparently I’ve been lumped in with the Russian agents, which is highly ironic considering my heritage. My people haven’t had the greatest relationship with the Russians, French, English…or the Roman Empire. The stupid…it burns.

  5. Whoouuuups! Craig says the Jews Did It, re 9/11? How the Jews persuaded 19 moslem murderers to pull it off, defies hand held logic, common sense, and suspension of disbelief, all rolled into one. Yeah, I know, STILL, it coulda, woulda, shoulda, been the Jews, Ja? We’ll just clip off the part about how they all got their whore and drinking money from connections to the Saudi Embassy, and Al-Qaeda-hardly-hidden-links from there, and how they mostly all sought training to fly a plane, but not take off, or land one. Caught on camera? The Jews. Known to be moslems, and recruited by terrorist groups, trained, oriented, funded, and motivated by same? The Jews. Surprisingly, the video of a rabbi giving his blessing to them just before departure at Logan and Reagan International, has been lost. Probably the Jews, again. I mean, like they control all the media, fer Christsakes. The only thing missing from Craigs bile is bits of gallstones, marked SS. The reason I went off on Jesse James last time is because he permits this kind of bullshit ( his blog, his rules, and as always, he’s free to run things the way he sees fit, and I agree with that) on an other wise excellent freedom blog. If this is some ones aim, why not just go out and start murdering the Jews now, and get it over with? There are plenty of dumb asses who will follow this rubbish to its’ inevitable conclusion, just like last time. Ah, I forgot. The garden has to be carefully prepared, and the masses carefully prepared for the garden. When the massacres start, there is so much confusion, so many contradictions, along with fear, anxiety, hate, and the unknown, Jews being exterminated is just a side show, and what does any one care about a few stupid old Jews, after all? Just like last time. This out-in-the-open-bullshit is just as calculated as what was in German newspapers, 1930-1945, only this time, it’s written in English. Some of it is EXACTLY what was in those German newspapers. Now, please excuse me, I have ten years of reading to catch up on, and later I’m examining my non-existent high school diploma, and college degree. Funny, now that I think of it, a guy got to be Chancellor of Germany, and he was in the same fix. And we were both corporals, in a losing war.

    • Positing that a foreign government worked in conjunction with our own to run exactly what the FBI/ATF/et. al. have done the last two decades or more in regards to ‘catching’ (here take all this stuff and go buy a switch, voila we caught a terrorist) terrorist plots =/= ‘kill all the Joooooos.’ Simply because I think the Israelis live under a state every bit as devious and oppressive as our own doesn’t mean I hate them any more than I hate all Americans because our government lies, steals and murders people by the bushel here and overseas. I don’t know who did 9/11 or what role the Mossad played in it. I’d suggest you read the original sources I included and make up your own mind. I doubt the FBI/Rutherford PD are closet Nazis, but I find it curious that there would be what appears to be a Mossad team in and around the towers at that point. I printed it because his points have merit and there is black and white source material to support his assertions. Nobody gets a pass from me, whatever their historical tragedies and place on the victim totem pole. You are absolutely free to write a refutation (with appropriate source material) and I will gladly print it if you think Craig is so mistaken.

      Let’s not fall into the same trap as many people do in the gun argument by resorting to hyperbole. You and I both know that Craig was not calling for a Holocaust 2.0. Getting rightfully upset about foreign government interference (regardless of what nation that is), seems to be fairly rational…particularly if there were possible agents on the ground during 9/11. Substitute Israelis for Russians, Chinese or any other nationality and no one has a problem. This guilting of people for disagreeing with Israel’s foreign policy and how they treat their populace is much the same as the argument for importing the entire Third World into Europe and the US. If you admit they can do wrong you’re a Nazi. It’s not the case. Like I said, if you find his assertions wrong then do the work, and present facts that back your assertions up. While you’re doing your due diligence, consider Operation Red Falcon and the fact that a single person almost started a war. It’s entirely possible that an operation got far out of hand on 9/11 and turned into more than just a ‘gotcha’ op for a TLA. Saying the Israeli’s may have been involved is casting aspersions on the government of Israel, not every Jew in the universe. It’s an important distinction. I thought we already dealt with the insults slung previously, why do you keep bringing it up?

    • @ Sean Long post demonstrating only that you are totally ignorant of all the info dredged up since 9 11. Do some research and drop the cop-out of blaming the messengers. Every race /nationality has a sad story. Just because the Jews got Hitler’s attention doesn’t mean we ignore facts. That’s a tactic of the left – silence the critic by name-calling and/or association with the odious.
      This whole thing of Israeli operatives in NJ was all over local news here in NYC. Their government is just as evil and vicious as any other.

      • 9/11, the required globalist “New Pearl Harbor”, was conceptualized by the Bush43 regime (((neo-conz))) and operationalized by Saudi – not Israeli – intel, who interfaced with the actual hijackers. Zion-in-Palestine was definitely in the know – that’s why the pre-positioned film crew on the Jersey side – but not actively involved.

      • these guys are so invested in their false understanding of history and the official horse manure that was presented as fact, they can’t see how wrong-headed they are, anymore than a crack addict can see his faults.
        until the truth about 911 is brought to light nothing can or will change.


        when you build on sand, your foundation is weak and ready to cave-in at any moment. for the fools who think you can forget about the past and somehow build on the present is pure arrogance at best. there will never be a future until the past is unveiled for what it is- a fucking lie.

        it seems to me it’s the old fuckers who are the problem and they mus be violently shoved out of they way to make a path for new blood and reality based thought and solutions.

  6. We own it, every letter every sentence, every paragraph. Good article, leading nowhere. Aren’t we already their. This exercise of seeking knowledge daily is the quest for solutions or partial solutions.

    Some rules are not bad, fundamentally.

    Watching the Judge Gorsuch hearings. This guy rocks. This is what a judge should do and be. Any man in a position of authority who starts with a fixed oppinion and is able to work thru, or around it to find truth is solid, may he never find jadedness in his new roll, may he follow the constitution to its core.

    I gotta believe in something in this fucked up system. The article above does justice to our hourly changing world.

    I’ll admit I’m one lost man right now, trying to find the good in what we know as the system. I’m not having much luck.

    • Dirk:

      Find what’s good in yourself.

      Figure out if and how it can be replicated, especially the lost but willing souls.

      Keep teaching your people how to stay alive.

      I had a terrible thought pop into my head today:

      What if there simply is no way whatsoever to keep any government under control beyond the local (i.e., direct action range) sphere?

      I am still processing the consequences of that statement being true….

      • Grenadier1

        Back to City States?
        You may be on to something.
        Like Ancient Greece, they only come together in times of external crisis.

        • or DC
          or London
          or Vatican City

        • Jimmy the Saint

          And war with each other incessantly when there isn’t one…..

        • Well every form of government down through the ages so far tried has been an unmitigated disaster at some point. Every one. Some not so bad as others.

          I think Bill Buppert is right about it, time to try something entirely new.
          The Articles of Confederation was working pretty well, thats what the purpose of meeting in Philidelphia was for, to iron out some issues the states had with their compact. Not to create that instrument of administrative tyranny called the USC.
          Sure seems the small nation state has a lot going for it as it was structured in the late 1700’s.

          This is quoted from excellent THE HISTORY OF THE SECOND AMENDMENT

          It’s instructional to say the least:

          “…The Antifederalists relied extensively on the works of Baron de (p.1033)Montesquieu to support the proposition that the geographic size of an area strongly influenced its form of government.[190] Montesquieu had written democracy could survive only in a small-sized state, small enough to permit the actual participation of the people in government and small enough so that each citizen understands that promoting the public good directly promotes the individual.[191] A middle-sized territory, as Montesquieu terms it, would inevitably become a monarchy; to an extensive territory, a despotic form of government was best adapted. In large republics, the public good is sacrificed to a multiplicity of views and the citizens do not perceive the nexus between promoting the public good and their individual welfare.
          According to Montesquieu, a middle-sized territory would tend to become a monarchy because ambitious persons who do not perceive the public good as beneficial to them seek grandeur by imposing their will on others. One person eventually prevails and assumes the role as prince. The monarchy then exists through a system of honor established by giving perks and titles. If the territory is too large, one person cannot command sufficient allegiance on honor of enough of the populace to control the territory. Ruling a large territory requires more than a system of titles and perks. Order can be maintained only by immediate, passive obedience to the rules; passive obedience can be achieved only by an instilling fear. The multiplicity of views, the dissents, are stifled by fear. According to Montesquieu, rule by fear, despotism, was a logical incident of the government of a large territory. Montesquieu’s theory continued that while a small republic could internally maintain its republican character, it would be destroyed by foreign forces.[192] The dilemma could be resolved only by a confederate republic, a form of government in which small states become individual members of an association which is able to provide security for the whole body.[193]
          The Antifederalists used Montesquieu’s well-known works to argue for a less powerful central government and more autonomy for the individual states, a government which would more closely resemble the Articles of Confederation model and Montesquieu’s confederate republic rather than that proposed by the Constitution. Antifederalist publications confirm that preserving the autonomy of the states was a means to the end of protecting the people’s rights, not an end (p.1034)in itself. In arguing against the new Constitution, the Pennsylvania Minority framed the question–“Is it probable that the dissolution of the state governments, and the establishment of one consolidated empire would be eligible in its nature, and satisfactory to the people in its administration?”[194]
          The answer– “I think not, as … so extensive a territory could not be governed, connected and preserved, but by the supremacy of despotic power.”[195]
          The reason– Being “satiated with the blessings of liberty” after “asserting their inalienable rights against foreign despots at the expense of so much blood and treasure,” the people will spurn the shackles prepared for them under the new Constitution and confirm their liberties.[196]
          Although the complaint was the dissolution of state governments, the problem was viewed as a loss of the people’s rights.

        • Exactly what I’ve been advocating to bad people are still to comfortable…

  7. Its the red pill, blue pill inflection point. Once you have taken the red pill the ability of the blue pill to affect you disappears. The barrier as such is that the blue pill is ‘free’ (free to use, servitude guaranteed) while the red pill must be earned.

    • except those who believe they are awake are still in a slumber.

      to be truly awake, you must free your mind of everything you ever learned or knew as the truth- something many will never achieve.

      take 911 for instance….

  8. In regard to Sean’s comments, it is apparent that he is not very well versed on history or who has had absolute control over our Federal corporation know as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA over the past century. For the serious questioner there is a myriad of information available from the alternate media. There’s a saying that “If you don’t get your news from the mainstream media you are un-informed. If you do get your information from the mainstream media you are mis-informed”.

    I don’t hate Jews, nor do I believe that Craig hates Jews as Sean seems to imply. I have friends, doctors, and other associates that are Jews. If I believed they were evil I would not associate with them. Most Jews are like everyone else who wants to go through life imparting as much good will as they are capable of.

    On the other hand, even though most Jews are good people, don’t for even a single breath, fail to recognize that there has been a back room conspiracy among JEWISH International bankers for centuries to establish a totalitarian one world government. These people [liberal use of the term] have murdered millions through their ‘banker wars’ and their disease and starvation projects aimed at poor 3rd world countries with a goal under Agenda 21 to reduce world populations to a more manageable amount.

    And since Sean likes to bandy about the Nazis murdering Jews en masse, lets take a quick peek at that issue. Six million Jews murdered by the Hitler regime as claimed by the Jewish bankers who benefit by creating a victim status for all Jews in the future so that it becomes a crime to accuse them of ever doing any wrong doing, appears to be the real purpose of that 6 million claim.

    It is always the victors of war who write the history of the war and always lays the the claim of atrocities on the other side—the losers. This brings forth the question: what determines who will win a bankers war? The answer is, whichever side promises the most control to the bankers after the war ends is the side that gets the most funding from the banksters. Thus, they control the outcome and who gets blamed for all the atrocities.

    A number of well written books have come out since WWII regarding the so-called holocaust that refute the veracity that accounting. Instead of any investigative actions taking place to determine whether these researchers might be presenting some truthfulness, they are branded as anti-semites spewing forth hatred against all Jews and several have been imprisoned for their works. This bespeaks volumes about the Jewish claims and their promoters. “Methinks thou protests too loudly” .

    If you read an article in the Alt. media you may learn something. If you read the comments about the article you may learn even more. When ever an article strikes a dangerous chord of truthfulness about who is behind a false flag attack or some other event damaging to the people, you will find comments by a troll or two refuting the basic claims of the article and it is usually done in the most base manner. These rebuttal comments are usually infused with name calling and other denigrating aspersions that tend to appeal to those of lower intelligence or education, or both. They rarely lay out any sources for their beliefs except the underlying theme of “Well, no I didn’t really do any investigating on my own, but ‘common sense’ tells me that can’t be true”. That thinking is about as worn and worthless as an old pair of tennis shoes in a dumpster.

    I have a plaque in my office that reads “You cannot make a horse thirsty”. This comes from that old tried and true saying “You can lead a man to knowledge, but you can’t make him think”.

  9. Why is the post above awaiting moderation? I am not familiar with your procedures. Please advise.

  10. craig dudley

    i’m always entertained by those who accuse me of anti-semitism. as a birth-right quaker i was raised to judge everyone by their actions and not who their mother was. hasbarats jump at the chance to accuse any who swerve from the course ordained by ‘our’ government and that of israel. so if i were to substitute iran, namibia or pakistan for israel in the article, all would be accepted as part of the foaming attack greeted with applause by those who find their bread buttered by the empire headed by the american government and israel. for some actual accurate info about the crimes of israel go to: and the crimes of the american government are easier to discover so no need to list sites for that.

  11. Reopen the ni ne el ev en investigation.
    Start with building 7, which wasn’t even in the official report.
    Call the over half dozen ‘highjackers’ who are alive and well
    and have them give testimony on what the ride was like
    going through the buildings. Ask them who stole their
    identities .
    The second most deadly U.S. air disaster happened
    near JFK. Look it up. Shortly after that, the ‘5 dansing
    is railys were released and went back ‘home’.

  12. Randolph Scott

    This crap never seems to go away. I honestly think 99% of the people have their minds made up to one way or another and that some don’t even care. God will take care of all of this sometime in the very near future.