The Swamp Can Be Drained By Evaporation

From over the transom.

19 responses to “The Swamp Can Be Drained By Evaporation

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Ah, yes! Nothing like the smell of an early morning air-burst of a few mega-tons to rid Mordor of slime, sludge, encrusted algae, other low-life forms and parasites.

    Call it the needed “Atomic Deep State, Flea and Tick Dip.” Rids us of all parasites and bloodsuckers!

    …Davy had it right. Left Congress in anger and fought to the death….

  2. lon a follower

    “Vox day.” Just what we need, another writer,another salesman.
    Seems to me all sides use children to their discredit.

  3. lon a follower

    Nuclear weapons are of mankind, perhaps there is still something more powerfull to fear? Something created, something of nature. Something that we will never controll.

  4. This might be the solution we’ve been waiting for, I suggest we at least try it.

  5. If you nuked the swamp, would it be useful as glass?

    • POd American

      I get the humor in your question; but I would also pose a physics question…is the swamp more useful, helpful, or desirable in it’s destabilized non-glass state?

    • Glass comes from super-heated sand. DC would probably be ashes, then flooded into an actual swamp, just like it was before it was a city. An actual swamp would be useful for duck hunting and fishing, if nothing else.

  6. Definitely a solution – but wouldn’t it be more emotionally satisfying to just watch them get taken out one by one?

  7. It’s the only way to be sure.

    As said by Corporals in the know.

  8. the photo is from the first Trinity test …. fission weapon … no fusion

  9. Grenadier1

    “You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, we must be cautious.”

  10. All this hypothetical talk, when we all know nobody is going anywhere, There will be no swamp draining, no convictions, and certainly no accountability without first chit-chatting to Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz, and the rest of the
    no-power-do- nothing crowd… Congressional hearings have become a Joke…No where has the Acronym BFYTW fit better than watching congress question people. Anyone remember the epi-pen brew ha-ha? … Congress got the big FUCK YOU.. ” I’ll sell these fuckers at whatever price i want, and no amount of crying is going to change it.” And remember Hitlary in her ” cant see for shit” glasses?
    Testifying in front of Congress holds less weight than testifying in court. At least you can tell DC to go to hell, then get up and walk out… Hows that for swamp draining?..and using Nukes?… we cant even agree who the enemy is.. we have been on the Roman path for decades.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    Nice wig there TeeeFATeeee !

  12. Randolph Scott


  13. lon a follower

    The parasites are not confined to washington.
    Have a look at this site. Use discernment of course.