Kunstler: Why?

JHK skewers the propagandists behind the Villian of the Moment:

…What might Russia realistically get from the USA if Vladimir Putin was the master hypnotist that Democrats make him out to be?

Do we suppose Putin wants more living space for Russia’s people? Hmmmm. Russia’s population these days, around 145 million, is less than half the USA’s and it’s rattling around in the geographically largest nation in the world. Do they want our oil? Maybe, but Russia being the world’s top oil producer suggests they’ve already got their hands full with their own operations? Do they want Hollywood? The video game industry? The US porn empire? Do they covet our Chick-fil-A chains and Waffle Houses? Would they like to induce the Kardashians to live in Moscow? Is it Nascar they’re really after?…

Read it all.

And for the kids in the fusion centers, note this well:

No one — other than the cretins in the mainstream news media — believes a single damned word that comes out of any .gov outlet, be it former or current, wetware or online.






The PTB’s plan won’t work.

Even if they succeed in eliminating the current POTUS.

Especially in the face of speeches like this:

(Via Twitter; story here)

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