A Reader Sends

From over the transom:


I wonder how many WRSA readers could even begin such a course with the requisite mindset, minimum physical conditioning, and gear.

What percentage could complete it in a reasonable time and outcome (i.e. not die, get injured, actually hit 50% of the targets, not lose/break half their stuff)?

I ran a couple of combat courses when I was much younger in the Marines. I was in fantastic shape with a first class USMC Physical Fitness Score back then. I dreaded running them. Those exercises where some of the most physically and mentally exhausting things I have done in my life. They are also some of the best training you can get.

Nowhere else can you so be so quickly and forcefully put face to face with your own shortcomings and those of your teammates.

If someone were expecting future times to become a lot more 3rd worldish would it not behoove them to participate in such events? Even better set one up and make it a team competition affair with Robin Sage exercise style recreational breaks between the dumb brute physical stuff where your team has a luxurious five minutes or so to plan, create, and execute some puckishly demented task with inadequate material resources, under ridiculous temporal constraints, and physically arduous conditions.

It’s way better to find out who the really weak people are in your group now than sometime in the future if life gets REALLY stressful.

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