Dead Man’s Bones

Curtis provides some backstop to the belief that USA is actually FUSA.

Or more accurately, FUBARUSA.

4 responses to “Dead Man’s Bones

  1. #9: 75% of women in the United States say they “would have a problem” dating an unemployed man. “Well ya see darlin’. When he told me he’d pay me what I was worth I told him I couldn’t work that cheap”.

  2. First, I wholeheartedly mourn the Death of the American Family (i.e. America) right along with the original author. But…of the 43 points, several deal with shaming Men over their use of pornography. “Boys spend 2 hours a week looking at porn?” How is that shocking? I bet 40 years ago they spent more time/week with a pilferred (sp!) copy of Playboy.

    Nowhere did I see any similar shaming of women, other than to mention the high STD rate and teen-pregnancy rate (but it takes-two-to-Tango).

    Likewise, nowhere was there any statistics on the legal-rape of fathers in “Family Court.” Perhaps growing up having seen dear old dad kicked to the curb, metaphorically, has taught the kids well, especially the boys. They’ve never seen a Man as part of a household, so why would they grow up desiring that role/path? (

    It’s such a “tangled web” between this whole War-of-the-Sexes being a Marxist plan all along, the death of American religious life (except now for the growing Muslim population), the rise of a legal-State favoring Women+minorities at every turn and level, I fear by the time any healing begins, the majority of the country will already be of a third-world mindset.

    On that happy note, I’ll get back to Matt Bracken’s radio appearance linked above, wherein he discusses the End of Everything Else… 😉

  3. I need to sincerely express my appreciation for the return of the peanut gallery. I, for one, recognize my lack of sophistication in almost every topic discussed at this site and in the comment sections. There are times that tfats abrasive tendency seems over the top, but I just chalk it up to the fact that he’s probably right (even though I wish he would dumb it down….even just for little ‘ol me) and digest it the same way I digest all of the meat and potatoes offered here. Mainly I want to thank any and all who try to make the rabble out here a little more dangerous to tptb. Fuck ’em feed ’em fish heads!

  4. I read stuff like these figures and it just steepens my resolve to stay in 1980s America, the last decade of America that I want any part of. I may have to go out in the 3rd world the usa has become, but it’s not allowed in my house.