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15 responses to “Dissonance

  1. Stryker4570


  2. They do know what they do to gays don’t they?
    You may see ‘Gays for Islam’ but you will never see ‘Islam for Gays’

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  4. Jimmy the Saint

    No one ever accused Lefty protestors of being overly bright.

  5. Oh, the U.S. Fascists have provoked peaceful Islam and caused them to kill gays and engage in jihad. When we stop those evil provocations, then Islam will be “the religion of peace”–a peace that will occur when there is submission to Allah or the infidels are dead.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Say what you will about the tenets of Islam, at least it’s an ethos.

      • They are willing to die for what they believe in and do live by it as well. Can’t say that for any other group.

  6. OT, @CA – just an idle thought: one way to prevent the threads once again degenerating into the same old flame wars, etc.: restrict each participant to one comment and/or reply per thread…ditto re illustrations/videos. With the exception of person whose article/interview etc. is linked. That’ll force people to concentrate their thoughts and stop wasting words on nonsense.

    • Got it, but I am going to believe that people now understand that comments (and this blog) are ephemeral. I am not sure that the WordPress template has the level of specificity you suggest, either.

    • Perfect, That way it emulates the brilliance of our Goverment.. you know, one shooter and nobody gets toys.. one dumb ass driver and the rest pay…If it only stops one mean comment, then it’s all worth it. Im pretty sure just asking folks to be civil is sufficient.
      There… Used all my rations.

  7. I’d say that young fella with the bow tie has the makin’s of a Class A Dancing boy.

  8. Tough crowd. Makes midget tossing seem mild.

  9. NorthGunner

    “Gays for islam” is like “Chickens for Colonel Sanders”,
    no different than “Blacks for islam”, Louis F’n Run just
    hasn’t figured this out yet…..the “Crazy Cat Ladies for
    Clit Nicking” can’t be far behind…..

    Useful idiots indeed….

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers and supporters MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III