Insty: Who the People?

An articulate plea for Federal judges to limit their own illicitly-seized power.

Good luck with that.

6 responses to “Insty: Who the People?

  1. “Good Luck” indeed !!! Show Trials & Kangaroo Feral Courts.
    From President Trump to Bundy Family the lawyers in dirty black robes Rule Over all.

    The Feral government has Never let the “Rule of Law” be an impediment to it’s Tyranny. As the late Russell Means said so accurately to his fellow citizens, “WE are All on the Reservation now”. This link is from the 1830’s Trail of Tears. Waco should have been a wake up call. Never Surrender, No Quarter given or asked from Feral Beasts.

  2. Trail of Tears link

    after Waco it is clear nothing has changed with regards to the Feral Gov. or the blindness or capacity of the people to submit.

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  4. You know what? Fuck the NAs. Go watch Dancing With Wolves for the fiftieth time. Pure, unadulterated bullshit. It was a brutal, primitive culture and they were still picking dingle berries out of their ass when the white man was inventing the steam engine. Virtually any technological advance of the past 4,000 years is due to the white race. Everyone on this freaking planet lives as well as they do BECAUSE CAUCASIANS MADE IT SO. Eff all sniveling, asshole apologists.

    • The white race was walking, riding horses and donkeys, for most of the 4,000 years that you speak of. Including most of the human races. But, if you really want to attribute the spread of knowledge, you can thank the Sumerians, Babylonians, and more specifically, the Phoenicians. But, you would have to actually read to know that.

      Speaking of technology, it is the white man that imprisons you with it… and you haven’t seen nothing yet.

      As for the Indians, of whom I am related (Choctaw. And I have relatives who walked that trail), they were just non-white frontiersmen… who also picked a dingle berry out of their ass on occasion. Also note, that by today’s standards, the founders of this country, of whom I am a POSTERITY, lived a primitive culture.

      Anyhow, got to get out of the high school books. And history is not what you think it is.

  5. It is rarely in the nature of the corrupt to reform themselves-especially judges/lawyers/prosecutors.

    Many Thomas Jefferson quotes deal with the corruption of judges/courts, so the problem appears to have begun shortly after ratification of the Constitution and establishment of SCOTUS.

    Marbury v. Madison was the early case where SCOTUS took upon itself the power of final arbiter of the Constitution.

    From the Congressional Record:

    Mr. O’CONNOR of New York. …I am against the bills to create additional Federal judges, having been consistently against such bills, because I am a Democrat. Being a Democrat, I can not reconcile my Democratic principals with voting to increase the Federal judiciary when I recall the tyranny of its past and its deplorable present, its interference and usurpation of State and local rights. Nor can I Understand how any Democrat can vote for any bill to augment the Federal judiciary. I welcome an opportunity to vote to abolish it…

    Mr. BACHMANN. Do I understand the gentleman is opposed to all the judge bills?

    Mr. O’CONNOR of New York. Yes.

    Mr. BACHMANN. Is the gentleman opposed also to filling the place of Judge Winslow, who resigned in the southern district of New York, and where a successor was stated, in the report of the judicial conference, signed by the late Judge Taft, to be badly needed in the southern district of New York?

    Mr. O’CONNOR of New York. Yes sir. I am opposed to that also. I would rather permit that vacancy to stand as a monument to remind us of the corruption that went on while it was filled, and is still going on in the Federal courts.

    Congressional Record, Volume 72, page 9,980 (June 3, 1930) (71st Congress, 2nd Session).

    But, as the character V said in the film, V For Vendetta: If you are looking for the guilty…you need only look into a mirror…

    The prime power of authoritarian governments is that of criminal prosecution.

    Essential is complicity of grand and trial jurors.

    Thinking grand jurors refuse to act as rubber stamps, as so much lawn furniture, to be arranged to suit the fashion of the moment of the government prosecutor.

    Thinking trial jurors vote their conscience in spite of judicial instructions and nullify bad law or halt overzealous prosecution rather than meekly handing the government judge and government prosecutor what they crave: convictions.