Matt Bracken, From 3 April

Matt comes on at 5:00.


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  1. The interviewer is a little easier to listen to than Alex Jones, which makes it a more enjoyable and enlightening interview.

  2. Good interview & always enjoy Matt’s perception & SITREP on the state of our country.

  3. that’s right, Bracken: I said no Muslim Tet in Europe 2016, You did…and there wasn’t. Nor will there be ever. The ragheads aren’t that well-organized and, at least in Europe, they’re winning w/o it. Because (((they))) own the political class. As to the IRS Commissioner…he and Trump go way back. In fact, Trump and the System go. Way. Back. Out of all Trump’s betrayals of his pre-election populist promises, I wonder which one will best sum it up….how about him OK’ing the State Dept.’s anti-White “refugee resettlement” racket? Yes, that’ll do it. We do NOT have a pilot who is “trying to pull up”. In every way He’s accelerating the collapse. In every way, including debt. Not, perhaps, as rapidly as Hiligula would have. But impressively close.

  4. SemperFido

    Hax, this country is going down no matter who is in the puppet seat. Since I was a firm member of ABC, Anybody But Clinton, I am content with whatever happens because I got what I wanted. Trump isn’t going to stop the Fall. No-one could. We got a few more months to prepare, that is all.

    • Spot on.

      trump IS the swamp. His lies(promises) bought a few more months of time.
      Anyone who believes in that asshat is as bad as the rest of the kook-aid drunks. Like a multi-BILLIONAIRE gives a damn about those who he shits on to keep his empire. Anyone in poly-ticks or who supports them is the enemy of the common man.

  5. At most, Berkley and similar locations were a probe, similar to ‘run it up the flag pole and see who salutes it’ IMHO. I agree with Bracken that the left (Communists) want someone, anyone to do a mag dump into a crowd to achieve a classic guerrilla warfare objective: Get the government to crack down on the people and remove their ability to go about their lives without interference in order to woo more people to their side or to support them in an auxiliary mode. I believe the unintended consequence may be that the left (Communists) find themselves covertly engaged much as the SDS & Weathermen were in the 70’s. I could be wrong, but at this point, that’s how I see it.

    Insofar as the media goes, if they do what Bracken predicts, then the Vanderboegh analysis of ‘Bosnia ROE,’ specifically, including the media as targets as former President Clinton did when he blew the hell out of the TV station, will come about. If/when that occurs, the media will squeal like the proverbial pig for protection, which could also work in the Communists favor toward clamping down on John Q. Public’s daily routines with ‘martial law’ (which requires a compliant populace to be effective) to cause general suffering and increased hate toward ALL government.

  6. Related:
    This matters in that President Trump’s chief strategist believes (correctly, I think) that we are in the middle of an unfolding Crisis period. He believes it so strongly that he went out of his way and made a documentary about it. And it is not far-fetched in any way to suppose that he has advised Mr. Trump accordingly.

    While Crisis periods are the harbinger of a new order yet waiting to be born, they are by their very definition fraught with peril. What if something goes wrong? What could go wrong; not just in theory-land but in the real world where people live and die?

  7. Universities are teaching that your words of dissent are considered acts of violence. And if you disagree with the left and are silent, your silence is considered an act of violence. The Civil Rights Division of the DOJ will be enforcing this within 4 years.

  8. Check this out:
    Elite’s get they’re way.

    Bannon no longer on Trump’s National Security Council

    Steve Bannon Removed From US National Security Council – White House