No Worries, Mates — She’s Still Just “In Development”

UK Register: F-35 Is A Pile Of Fail


Sure glad the USG isn’t poking two near-peers (it hopes they aren’t peers) repeatedly in the chest.

While simultaneously planning a separate attack on a nuclear-capable rogue state.

At a time when there is no joy for American artillery personnel.

12 responses to “No Worries, Mates — She’s Still Just “In Development”

  1. Jason in KT

    UK Register link is brokeded.

  2. my favorite characteristics of this joke of an airplane are its random and spontaneous pilot ejections + unwillingness to make left turns. A Russian girl scout in a MiG-17 could shoot it down and not break a sweat. Still, The F*ckd-35 is succeeding in its real mission: funnel a trillion debtbuck$ into this or that congre$$critter’$ state/district. Yettanother part of the DC swamp that Trump can’t seem to drain.

  3. Jimmy the Saint

    Yeah, but at least it’s an impressive boondoggle.

  4. Publius X Maul

    Any layperson can see by simply looking at the F-35 that it was designed as a try-hard form-over-function wannabe star-wars-looking-futuristic piece of crap.

    I personally know from my childhood experiments with paper airplanes that the wing design is inferior to the old F-16.

  5. F-35 reminds me of this SF short story —

  6. Grey Ghost

    Fuck it bring the A-6s outta moth balls and refurb ’em. THEN you’ll have a decent medium range attack aircraft. JSF was a flawed idea from initial concept. Sure it’s nice to have a “slim” logistic train but that doesn’t mean you have a machine worth a damn.

    Grey Ghost

  7. The Brewster Buffalo II

  8. We (ok, the U.S. military, so maybe not “us”) have had the basis for the best fighter/attack/ground support etc. aircraft since… a while ago. Do we need close air support for our troops in danger close proximity? Well, then, the A-10 or the HueyCobra, or almost any ‘late model’ helo. How about air superiority, as in say; 1v1? The F-16. Or, the F-18, or F-15. Also, any of which can be configured for an attack mission. If we need to, we can upgrade the ol’ A-6… we’ve got the C-130 configured as a gun truck… hell, for carrying a shit ton of conventional bombs, a fucking B-52 will tote about 100 500lb bombs. If we need to fly fast and low and blow shit up, we have the B-1. How about long distance air to air missile engagement? F-14 and Phoenix. Six targets, six splashes.
    This is why most sensible guys have an older truck or car. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    Yeah, I know that these are old platforms. So is a 67 Corvette L88, which with a little nudge with modern stuff, will stomp your 2017 chrome zippy shitbox.
    See “Big Red Camaro” on youtube. Old school Camaro gives Ferrari and etc. fits…
    Tell me again why we need the Fucking-35?