On Spying

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Own goal, Obamites.

Own goal.

UPDATE 1045EDT 4APR2017: Assist: MSM bigs sat on Rice story

UPDATE 1450EDT 4APR2017: Useful context from former Federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy.

12 responses to “On Spying

  1. Despite the facts, and the “all roads lead back to Ole Jugears”, this is likely to not grow wings exposing the corruption of the prior administration. With the help of the MSM and articulate progressive spin-doctors, it will end up a nothing burger.

    These days, the term “rule of law” means nothing. Watch all that transpires from a distance while taking care of your own immediate tribe. The sportiness is just around the corner.

    (Oh, and thanks CA for giving us another opportunity to get this right…)

  2. Who gives a shit about BILLIONAIRE trump?

    You all should be livid with rage that “We The People”(taxpayers) are being spied on, as well as pissed on 24/7/365. Fuck those corrupt idiots in gubbermint- they SHOULD and NEED to be spied on…

  3. Agree. They spied on us for decades. They’re not looking for murderers. They’re watching us. There’s only one reason why. At some point soon, they’re going to lower the boom.

    • Randolph Scott

      then I suggest that we be prepared to kill them all. Every single last one of them.

  4. I wonder what this is being pushed for, or if it’s just to give the disinfo artists more credibility. Thernovitch is an alt-lite marketer who will take credit for anything and attack anyone as long as Bonobo Brainframe sells, PJW did a 180 and anything critical of the tribe is now a conspiracy but all the other Jones-shit isn’t, and the body-language expert he links is less expert than someone who has read a book or two. Evidence on another site getting shilled after the election was that it’s Sinead of renegade

  5. Jack Crabb

    What triggered you, anon?

    • Just saying it makes me suspicious is all. I’ve seen those people lie too often.

  6. Lightninbolt

    The “fall girl”. She’s taking the hit for a huge future award….just like Bernie Sanders, he got a “yuge” new lake front property…remember? Distraction…distraction…from what’s really going on, or NOT going on. Sneaky sleeze in Washington DC…I state the obvious.

  7. Unmask and expose all information on Rice. Start with her family,friends,hairdresser,dry cleaner,barista,landscaper and dildo designer.Publish every bit of information available on the smelly hole. Make her into the most paranoid walking clam in the country.

  8. Pedodsta looks like a cursed demon in that pic.

  9. “We cannot afford equal status to the negro. For as surely as water seeks its own level, in the span of several generations we will see our culture dragged down to the level of theirs”.

    I was a 15 year old boy when I heard a South Carolinian segregationist say that on CBS after LBJ signed the voting rights act in 1965. I never forgot it.

  10. Please please please let this be the ones that takes them down. Since NYPD is going to sit on this bombshell Weiner laptop they have, we have to find something else.