Totally Legit

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Any thoughts, former NBC SMEs?

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  1. CA Warrior

    This ranks right up there with cutting open the rattlesnake bite marks and sucking out the poison with one’s mouth. Both are the quickest way for the rescuer to become another victim.

  2. Totally

  3. Id never expect a government organization to lie to me

  4. Not buying ANY narrative that it was Assad’s Syrian Army. Been down that road way too many times. I suspect IsRaHell Mossad or ISIS trained by Mossad for the False Flag cover story. Things ramping up for a reason & looks like lots could go wrong on purpose in the Chaos being foisted & fomented there. None of it is good.

    • Grenadier1

      The Palestinians, Hezbollah, and the Lebanese have a history of faking so called atrocities. They fake funerals and murdered children all the time.

      • Yes in awareness & agree. And to add to that paradigm construct that IsRaHell has a history of Terrorism & False Flags (i.e. Lavon Affair – USS Liberty – 9/11 et al) especially the Likud Party et alia.

  5. White Helmets is all we need to know that it is a lie./ S//

  6. Anyone who makes their living from any gubbermints payroll is full of shit and cannot be trusted. PERIOD

    And at this point, who other than a pitifully stupid simpleton or a greedy bastard would serve this or any other countries military, poLICE, or NGOs?

    enough is enough.

    LET. IT. BURN.

    5 Billion…

  7. Unpossible. Handling victims of a Sarin attack in this manner would result in the contamination of The Rescuers. It was likely a choking agent.

  8. The kids at central casting get dumber with each graduating class.

  9. The initial assessment was Sarin, which does explain the siezures and the pinpointed pupils not responding to light stimuli. Sarin evaporates very quickly and its primary avenue of approach is through the respiratory system. I spent some time looking at other videos from the incident. Other attacks in the past indicated more like chlorine or other TIC (toxic industrial chemicals). On the face of it, this one looks different.

    Now, I won’t get into who did what.

    BTW, 14 year 54B/74D vet.

    • Grenadier1

      If it was Sarin, would it not persist long enough to kill the rescuers on its own? In other words if it was an actual weapon the people doing the “rescue” would find no survivors, because they would have to wait for the area to be clear so long that it would kill everyone in the contaminated zone.
      Maybe it was a degraded agent?

  10. From a bit of a common sense viewpoint, they might not have known it’s sarin. This is where if you don’t know what’s happening, don’t touch. Free for is not equipped to fight chemical warfare, it’s going to be impractical to do so, if chemical attacks start happening in America, there will be few options, none pleasant.

    Most likely the only reason you’ll know a chemical attack is under way is physical symptoms, that will range from seconds to minutes after exposure. You can survive light exposure to thing like blister agents, especially with modern medicine. Stuff like sarin, kiss your tush goodbye. I’ll let others who have studied more and remember more like Arminius go into more detail.

  11. Sarin, soman, tabun are G types. I’m remembering they had to be inhaled or possibly enter through the eyes. The newer V types were the real bitch kittys. Persistent up to a week after application and could be absorbed through contact with the skin.

    The masks are better than nothing, assuming that’s all the poor fuckers have. But I’d be a nervous sob and want the twopam and atropine close by.

  12. Aesop please fell free to chime in. (Aesop this is important, you may not like us lowly street Medics but we Love Ya Bro, and Aesop this is gonna be used as pretext to send us all back to the Sandbox, all of us… and these news stories are a lie) This is just gonna be a comment from a Humble Dirt/Street Medic.
    NO Fucking Way these are pictures of Medics handling Sarin, or any other Chemical Bio or Caustic Weapon. No F’ing Way. ( but they got cool masks , not worth a fuck) Sarin will kill you, like within minutes. Unless of course they have A dozen Mark1 kits that they injected right after these photos and videos were takin. No F’ing Way . ( Mark 1 kits are the cute little antidote , you shove in your leg ,think it’s gonna save you kits, the Military and EMS give you , ya know to make you feel better before you realize that there isn’t enough Atropine in your general vicinity to help you after you take your last couple breaths and piss sweat and shit yourself to death within minutes.) So no Fucking Way are these photos videos and stories real , but hey throw some kids in and everybody’s gonna cry… the Turkish medics are saving Children… , they sent 50+ ambulances , um like not buying it, no way. (Unless they post photos of all the Medics ,Nurses and fire dogs dead 15 minutes after those photos were taken)

    • Sarin (GB) is a non-persistent agent.
      This may indeed be legit, or it may be total BS.
      It falls in the intersection of both options on a Venn diagram.

      Yes, lack of PPE is dumber than box of hammers in any such suspected chem attack, but the key questions which we don’t have reliable answers are:
      actual agent in play
      concentration of agent, and its purity
      time between employment and these pictures.

      The problem with every photo and camera is it only points a cone of view in one direction, thus excluding a host of other information outside the frame.

      Prognosis: No way to tell the legitimacy of the pic with available intel.

      If there were a second pic half an hour later with all the unprotected rescuers doing the twitch-and-jerk, then vastly more likely it was a nerve agent attack.
      But you can’t prove a positive (it’s a nerve agent attack) from a negative (no one is getting cross-contaminated).

      As Culper would point out, this is the difference between raw intel, and actual useful intel product.

      Just as you cannot describe a geometric plane with only one data point, you can’t conclude anything from this lone intel data point, when it may or may not exist in reality.

      We already know Assad has the weapons, and isn’t shy about using them.
      But it’d take a fair amount of info not generally available to determine whether his use of such weapons in this instance is both likely, and plausible.

      I’m open to further information.

  13. SomethingSmells Funny!

    I concur with Arminius in that it looks like a nerve agent attack. With the old Sarin and Tabun type agents they are pretty volatile compounds that evaporate quickly. Think of something with the evaporative characteristics somewhere between starting fluid and gasoline IF it is employed in a near pure form. Adjuvants can be added to make it persist a bit longer, be slightly safer to handle, etc… The Aum Shinrykyo Cult in Japan mixed theirs with plain old gasoline to dilute it down in the thought that the guy deploying the stuff would have a better chance of getting away before succumbing to doing the floppy chicken dance of death. The Iraqis where also known for mixing all kinds of crap (nerve, blood, blister, etc…) together like a bunch of unsupervised 13 year olds with access to a badass chemistry set of doom.

    From my time as the NBC NCO for my unit which was not nearly as long a period as Arminius I can say a few things. I have worked in the HAZWASTE cleanup business for a while too. Butyl rubber gloves, aprons, boots, and suits are your friend. Latex and nitrile gloves are porous to A LOT of chemicals. Full face respirators with multigas cartridges are a must. Go online to North Safety, Grainger, Fischer Scientific, Amazon, etc… and look for a full body hazmat suit with booties and a hood. Yes it will be hotter than 12 yards of Hell in it but nothing is going to soak through the suit and it can be reused a long time if you get the right one. Military MOPP suits are made to be one time use disposable items and they are not waterproof or even water resistant. Can you call supply and requisition a bunch of new ones for the next year or so? Next get some Chem Tape for taping up the seams between the gloves and the suit, around the hood and respirator, and over the suits zipper.

    Second point, Sodium Hypchlorite Solution AKA. Bleach is your friend. Use a DILUTE SOLUTION to Decon a persons body. You’ll need to set up a HOT ZONE TRIAGE and decon zone. This area will be outside! First assess the patients. If they look terminal set them under a shade tree to die. If they look like they can live strip them completely naked. If they are unable to dress themselves cut their clothing off. Next,use kiddie pools full of dilute bleach water and soap and brushes to remove gross contamination. Be thorough. You don’t want to contaminate and kill your medical folks. Rinse them thoroughly with a water hose. Move them to another kiddie pool with more bleach solution ONLY after you have removed all visible contamination on their bodies. Wash them again. Rinse them off thoroughly and get them out of the hot zone to medical care. For folks who were in the attack hot zone but show no symptoms get them some clean cloths or a tyvek coverall suit to put on. Move them to a safe non contaminated area for observation for as long as you can. Mind the runoff from the kiddie pools and do not let it or any of the contaminated clothing or belongings leave your decon hotzone. Big friggin trashbags are handy for storing clothing and trash. Double bag them at a bare minimum. Dispose of it later preferably by shipping it via UPS or FEDEX to your enemies command post.

    Use the higher concentrated stuff you can get from LOWES/Home Depot or that you made up with pool tabs to decon equipment and gear if you have too. If you can spare the gear or equipment just dispose of it ESPECIALLY if you don’t know what you got hit with and you can’t be sure if it’s a persistent agent that will keep of giving the gift of Death. If you must decon it go slow and be very very very thorough. Bonus points if you have a pressure washer or better yet a steam generator. Again mind the runoff. Do not let it contaminate a populated area or God forbid a drinking water source.

    That’s a real quick and dirty way to decon with few resources and maybe not kill everybody involved. In real life it’s way more complicated, tedious, hot, and dangerous. You only get one mistake. You may want to look up some info online and read it 3-10 times and practice it more than that. It’ll suck but being buzzard bait sucks worse. if you have a volunteer fire department nearby you might want to consider joining if you are able. Then you might get sent to the state fire academy for some HAZMAT training for free. Otherwise look into getting 40 hour HAZWOPER (remote) training classes. They’re not cheap but good training never is. Embrace the suck!

    • Randolph Scott

      why not call bullshit on the whole operation. Those nits are wearing converse tennis shoes, torn jackets and bare handed. That photo is STAGED.

  14. Mark Matis

    I fail to understand why killing the enemy is considered to be bad? After all, the US government had no problem using banned chemical weapons in Waco in a facility know to be filled with MANY innocent people – including children – and then setting it on fire.

  15. Penny Pincher

    The first thing I thought when the sarin report came out was, How Conveeeenient, and the second thing I thought was that the last one was bullcrap so probably this one is too. Good timing to try and distract from the Rice flap, and maybe they hope to trick Trump into starting a war with Russia, which is after all what the neo-cons wanted in the first place.

  16. “the most volatile, sarin, evaporates at about the same rate as water.”
    It has been a few years, but as I recall, a droplet the size of a pinhead is generally enough to kill a man.

    “If the patient has been exposed to liquid nerve agent (such as spraying or an explosion), survivors will require complete decontamination of skin and hair with water, soap and water, and water rinse at the scene prior to evacuation. ” The hosing down is consistent with decon for sarin (what, no soap? The “patients” are lying in pools of diluted agent as well), but the utter lack of protective gear means this is a fake, or it is NOT sarin, or you will have several dead “white helmets” from exposure to it.

    Bottom line- I do not consider this a provable chem attack, too many inconsistencies. Also note that in the pics shown, do you see medical people? I don’t. I just see people hosing others down, no med gear apparent.

  17. There are no convenient spontaneous unrelated events if something is connected to the interests of the deep state.
    I think is a set up to put President Trump in a pickle.
    It’s too good to be true Assad ordered a chemical attack. Why would he have. It is the worst thing he could do. Especially when he has been winning. There is no tactical or strategic value, or political for that matter in doing so. But there is enormous political and strategic value in it for everyone that wants to control the Levant.

    Besides the fact it comes right when Rice et all are unmasked as the umasker’s. Look! A squerril!

  18. Just in time to distract us from the news of the US bombing and killing about 250 civilians in one building.

  19. This video has several moments of pinpoint pupils. The first one is at 25 seconds in. Take it or leave it.

  20. Randolph Scott

    I call bullshit on the report. The photo looks totally staged. Bullshit lies.

  21. Syrian War Report – April 5, 2017: Situation Escalates In Western Syria

    “On April 4, the so-called White Helmets reported that the Syrian Air Force’s warplane allegedly used the chemical agent sarin against civilians in the village of Khan Shaykhun in the province of Idlib. According to pro-militant outlets, the attack took place during a series of airstrikes in the area.

    The Syrian Defense Ministry denied the usage of the chemical agent in the area. Later, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that the Syrian Air Force’s airstrike destroyed a warehouse, where ammunition dump containing chemical weapons was being produced by militants. The warehouse was reportedly used to produce and store shells containing toxic gas.

    Some pro-government sources also raised the issue that the attack was made by militants themselves amid a series of military loses of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and its allies in northern Hama.”

    I call Bull Shit on all of the known & proven US Foreign Policy liars & they’re narrative. Especially Trump playing along w/ his Zio / Neo Con friends.

  22. Go USA USA USA …..

    So much for Trump’s promises & contract w/ American people to end Wars of aggression & ME Wars.

    CIA Restores Funding to ‘Moderate Rebels’ — But There’s a Catch
    “This new operations room is being set up explicitly to fight the Syrian army. Earlier reports that it is being set up to fight al-Qaeda have been rebuked by the CIA-backed rebels.

    Keep in mind that January saw significant fighting between rebels and their consolidation into the hyper-militant Tahrir al-Sham coalition (which is synonymous with al-Qaeda) and the opposing coalition around the slightly more pragmatic Ahrar al-Sham.

    The US is now seemingly pressuring the groups around Ahrar, who are weary of al-Qaeda goons going after them again, to get over themselves and get back to the business of fighting Assad.

    If you think this is an insane al-Qaeda-friendly move you’re absolutely right. Apparently this was a concession to the Turks who are fuming that they weren’t allowed to curb-stomp the Syrian Kurds whom the US needs for the march on Raqqa.”


    Syria’s ‘moderate rebels’ to form a new alliance

    US funding for rebel groups in northern Syria has been partially restored, opposition sources tell Al Jazeera.


    “Two sources from FSA have confirmed to Al Jazeera that the new military operation room, under discussion, will be supported by the “Friends of Syria” – a coalition of the US, Turkey, Western European and Gulf states – which have supported the Northern Front’s operations room, known by its Turkish acronym MOM.”