Why Is The F-35 Like An Albanian Mushroom?

Insight into the MIC.

Stands for “Mighty Impressive Corruption”.

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  1. I see comments are back… so, here is something helpful to those seeking a peek into acquisitions. Some services do it much better than others. The F35 is not one of the better cases. Costs aside, there are aspects of that program that will remain non-obvious and will befuddle, stymie & vex those who have to deal with the non-obvious part of this project. Hint = multinational nature of contract.


  2. Don’t know about the Albanian Mushroom but the Pic says a great deal.

  3. These guys broke all this down over a decade of top-notch analysis. http://www.ausairpower.net/jsf.html . That website is now defunct but the open – source and objective info on post-Cold War systems is unmatched.
    One caveat – acronym heavy.

  4. 80,000 A-10’s could be purchased for the same $1.5 trillion dumped on the F-35. Just sayin…

  5. SemperFi, 0321

    Has nothing to do with military or science, it’s all about wringing every single penny you can out of gov’t contracts.
    The FedRes needs more FedGov loans, it’s what they live on. While the masses are still beating themselves up over the latest TV scandal or fake news, the interest on those loans pays for a lot of luxury and bribes.
    I’ve noticed every single town in Wyoming has a new school and fire station, no matter how small, it’s new. Nothing like maxing out your FedGov credit card, even if you don’t need it.
    Until the masses learn about money, nothing in this country will ever be fixed.

    • Second. They just tore down and put up a new elementary school here that wasn’t needed; I mean you do not need to be looking good learning the basics in elementary school and the health department just retiled their floors and bathrooms that is used 99% by the staff, WTH ?
      I sure hope Trumps looks to cut costs on all defense equipment. I’m all for a HUGE military but given the waste of government contracts; serious people ought to be able to build up the current military on a lot less.

    • Wyoming coal, oil & gas built those schools and fire stations.

    • Yup.

      These fuckers in gubbermint all have brand new shit. They all enjoy golden benefit packages, and they all have zero respect for the Taxpayer who is saddled with the debt to pay for it all.

      IT. IS. TIME.

    • Semper: Same town decorating here in eastern Colo and more in the oven.

  6. we’d do way better buying the Russian F-35…which looks – and performs – like a modern, state-of-the-art fighter AND can lug plenty of ordnance. On the bright side: this thing is a war-loser, and the quickest route to a collapse of the ZOG Empire is losing a war. Go to it, neo-conz. Unleash the Fubar-35.

    • youtube.com/watch?v=0YDEhIp50go

      • Randall Flagg

        “SU-35, designed by Sukhoi.” Yeah, right. It’s a bird that took the best features of the F14, F-15 and F-16, combined them together, and voila! Now why couldn’t the U.S. gubmint do that?

        • Hogwash. Su-27 / 35 airframe was designed in mid-70s. Only half dozen countries can build tier 1 fighters . Russia is one .Su-35 has only one peer – F-22.

  7. Anno-e-mouse

    Lockheed F-35 beat out the Boeing version that had few moving parts for the Harrier replacement version and was cheaper per copy. The real reason that Lockheed won was the same reason that they also beat Boeing on the F-22: Their planes looked nicer while sitting ton the runway and they had better lobbyists.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius

    MIC true story: back in the 1960s, I had to serve “x” hours in the fenced-off and secure inside “Tool Crib” of a huge defense contractor as part of my 4 year T & D apprenticeship.

    So, one day the Foreman comes over and tells me my “job” for the next few days was to: “Replace those blue labels on all the high-end tooling with these here white labels.” OK says I–gravy job for a bit. All done.

    Lo and behold: some pimply faced shavetail and an older bloated civvie, both with clipboards and forms appear. They duly eyeball each label, examine the goods, check off their forms, move along and eventually leave.

    Well–a few weeks later, the Foreman comes over again and says to me: “Go back and replace those white labels on the high end stuff with these green labels,” which I then proceed to so. All done.

    Like magic, a few weeks later, a new crowd appears with clipboards and forms, except this time it’s another older fat, doughy civvie and a different young officer, but a different service branch. Humm? They also do-the-drill: eyeball the hardware, check labels, tick off forms and then leave.

    So I asked the Foreman, “Big John,” what up? He says: “The Navy originally bought and paid for all those fixtures–those were the blue labels. We got another order from the Army, so they paid us and the Army got the white labels. Now, the Air Force has a deal with us. so they inventory with green labels.”

    …all the very same shit…sitting on the very same racks…paid for, paid for again, re-paid for…ad infinitum. just didn’t seem, right to this young ‘un.

    I raised a slight bit ‘o hell as my sensibilities were offended and for my efforts promptly got my “Greetings” letter from my Draft Board, altho I was married, going to college at night with full student deferment, and the T&D Apprenticeship classed me as “vital to war effort.”

    Go Figure….uh, the defense contractor? Still around–big time–worldwide ops in power-trains of all sorts. It never got touched–Chicago area allows that sort of stuff.

  9. It’s welfare for another class in this country. Wasn’t the Osprey like this? As it was crashing in the desert it was still needed to replace hueys?

  10. Grenadier1

    Got a buddy who works for L3. They are building the HUD for the F-35. He thinks great things about what the plane will actually end up being but even he admits its been a hole on a runway that people keep pouring money into.

  11. keith park

    This sure as hell is not Kelly Johnson’s Lockheed.