“Divide And Denigrate”: Sailer On Fractional Race Politics

Equal before the law?

Not a chance.

This time, we get to be the hated out-group.

8 responses to ““Divide And Denigrate”: Sailer On Fractional Race Politics

  1. Detroit III

    As flawed as Dr. King was, he was willing to take a hit for the team to advance his cause.

    Aside from the Bundies, that sentiment doesn’t exist anywhere in the Patriot Movement.


  2. Example: Possible hate crime leaves man bloodied at gas pump

  3. You want to know about white privilege? Try the privilege of carrying this festering turd of a race on your back for 50 years. That’s what my privilege has been.

  4. Mr. Frosty

    Who was the hated out-group before?

    The blacks who became the healthiest and wealthiest African population the world has ever known (Oprah)? Or the Native Americans, a stone-age people who can now live long productive lives instead of scalping each other over buffalo hides. The Coolies who came here because being a “hated out-group” here in America is better than living in China.

    White Christians aren’t big on “hate,” but you’ve drank the kool-aid. You think racist Whites “hated” the other and only shared their society with them to psychologically torture them with White Privilege. I bet the next article is about those nasty Crusaders that “hated” Muslims.

  5. Fractional race politics?
    Must be like fractional banking.
    A ruse designed to swindle white people out of something.

  6. “A lack of peasant fatalism.”
    The fear of no place to live,no food to eat and zero security in your life, is a fierce motivator.My family scraped and clawed their way to a better life. The sense of mission urgency drove the machine called family. The machine is broken.Family and tribe has been the only thing that matters…fix the family and everything falls into place. The rest is bullshit.

  7. NorthGunner

    Interesting that the article’s writer failed to mention that king was definitely a communist. What is this fatal attraction that blacks have for the brain dead maunderings of karl marx and lennin?!

    Enoch Powel was definitely spot on..too bad that he didn’t see the moslem camel’s nose under the Union Jack.

    I’m biracial too (american indian and white european) but I don’t make a big thing of it, one way or another.

    The current crop of blacks that inhabit the innercitys as well as those invading Europe and being imported here are definitely a problem as they
    don’t assimilate (not since lbj hooked them on welfare in the ’60’s) and only
    barely disguise their hate for anyone who isn’t black..and are more than happy and ready to act out on it…

    Knock-out game, polar bear hunting or Plasssmoorde anyone?

    “Into the Cannibal’s Pot”

    Political Correctness in South Africa

    Colin Flaherty on Youtube

    Just my .02 on ‘race relations’

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III