Here’s Your Provocation For War

Via Twitter.

[/sarc off]

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  1. It is a fake twitter account.

  2. Trump is a fucking imbecile./S//

    • “Trump is a fucking imbecile.”

      about the only thing you ever got right.

      now get a job.

    • I think trump is smart enough, but naive to the decrepitude and unscrupulousness into which he has waded. I suspect he believes the higher levels of the military and intelligence agencies are men in white hats who have been misdirected by crooked politicians. He doesn’t yet realize how he is being handled.

      Jeez, come to think of it Steve, you might be right.

      This part of his learning curve is the steepest and most painful. If he survives (remembering John F. Kennedy and the nest of snakes he wondered into, and remembering Ronald Reagan and how the Bush’s almost succeeded in having him killed), he might be well remembered by history.

      • Trump is consumed by vanity, overweening pride, insufferably arrogant, and thus easily manipulated. We do not yet know who the puppet master is. All we know at this point is that when strings are pulled the Trump Puppet moves./ S//

        • try Jared Kushner. The Wall St. Jew – and Soros cognate – who Trump had his “Jewish” daughter marry. One notes that Hiligula’s daughter is also espoused to a Wall St. Jew. Such a coninkydink. At least Hiligula had the strength of character to refuse the conversion demand. Trump’s submission to Zion is, by contrast, completely abject.

        • We have plenty of suspects & most likely we are right who is pulling the strings. There is long chain of behavior, historical evidence (historical & contemporary). It’s not that difficult to forensically piece it together. Just follow several key events – periods in american history & it’s fairly simple.
          (i.e. Bretton Woods Agreement, who sponsored & what ZioCons were behind the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution, Stock market crash real causes, creation of Social Security slave numbers in 1933, IsRaHell’s origin & creators, who financed (Prescott Bush, Rockefeller Rothschild’s et al etc.) Hitler & Naz’s et al etc.) it’s not that difficult w/ some effort of reading & studying history & keeping an objective open mind that’s not afraid to be autonomous & think outside the box.

  3. Shinmen Takezo

    Sooooooooooooo… let’s see here.

    The deep state CIA runs/collaborates with the Obama sink and discredit Donald Trump…. and now Donald Trump is going in for the “Dr. Assayd” is a psycho killer who uses “sarin gas” against his own people line again fed to him by the identical people in the CIA who were trying to knock him out of the election..

    I’m confused here–someone help me out please.

    • You summed it up nicely.

      Who else is confused? Who voted for Trump? Raise your hands…

      Hunker down.


      • No hunkering here, SFC.

        I voted for Trump, or more correctly, voted against the other major candidate, because there was no way on God’s earth or in Satan’s hell that I was going to be complicit in getting that Godless communist bitch from hell elected to the presidency by not engaging (with my vote) in a delaying action to gain whatever time Trump’s election bought us. I know we’re not getting out of this without a fight, and even then, we’re not getting out of this situation. I can only hope the length of that delay will last until at least the mid-terms. I’m doubting that outcome more and more, but that’s my hope.

        It’s the way I saw it, and still do.

    • I recall some other “evil” people who “supposedly” used “gas” too but the evidence is not supposed to be questioned.

    • Summed it up nicely.

  4. Is this from that fat little psycho kid?

  5. Publius X Maul


  6. LOL , this shit is Fubar.

  7. I know it looks like a naked sellout but it’s really a 3d chess move, just wait King Donald of Orange will save us, I just know it.

    Repeat after me, “No one is coming to save me.” Again please. “No one is coming to save me.” Keep repeating it until it sinks in and you begin to act on it.

  8. I figure Bannon represents Trump voters views. It appears Trump is turning away from Bannon (and us) and accepting the moderation coming from other advisers. It’s really starting to look like the same ‘ol same ‘ol.

    There will be no draining of the swamp.

  9. I had stated to friends and family that Trump was only breathing room for how ever short a time that is. and we should avail ourselves of that time.
    what ever was wrong with FUSA on Jan 1 was still wrong on Jan 20.
    ask yourself how many millions draw a government paycheck?
    did you get to vote on their job?
    you can only vote to change 1/3 of the 535 man debate team every 4 years and the figure heads on the marque.
    so what did your vote change?
    But the rank and file american claims to be free and scoffs at a return to a King. Even “Christians” that have an ideal example right in their face.
    No we would rather argue about weapons platforms and how many angels will fit on the head of a pin!
    Ill sum up for you. First wrong turning back on God and his church, second allowing your King to do the same and become a tyrant, third allowing universal suffrage.
    add water and stir bake for 200 years and there you have FUSA
    what exactly have we added to western civilization in the las 235 years
    Gays ,trans bathrooms, multiple genders Hell even Africa is worse than it was 200 years ago

  10. Grenadier1

    Why are any of you believing what the media is reporting on this matter?
    Trump runs his shit like a corporation.
    We see this kind of moves all the time in big corporations.
    I have been with my company for 13 years and we are on our 5th leadership musical chair. Guys moving form CEO to the BoD and to the CEO of other affiliated companies sometimes in very short time frames.
    I would not write anything into it that is not readily apparent.

    • But hope is scary, and people don’t come to this site for hope, but to try to fight their depression w/ feelings of superiority over those who don’t understand The Truth like they do.

  11. Here we go Tick Tock ….
    Trump’s ZioCon masters are in full control of the War Machine now.
    Prepare for impact & False Flags in multiple locations even more.

    This one is risible – farcical & pathetic

    North Korean Hackers Are Reportedly Targeting Numerous Banks Worldwide For A Massive Global Digital Heist

    Kaspersky is clearly ‘State owned’ puppet

    N.Korea linked to more bank hacks