Sabo Sends

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  1. hummus abedin

    Hete is a link to the
    local CBS write up, with a video included.

    That’s right it’s not just a hilarious piece
    photoshop work.

  2. No brainer & simple. I had a long & vetted career protecting the Elite. I know they’re mindset & priorities. Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Sly Stallone, Sean Penn, Schwarzenegger et al etc. They are all cast in the same die & mold.
    Malibu in general is completely disconnected from reality anyways. The Elite, celebs & Sports people are completely out of touch w/ reality since they make a huge disparity in income to begin with. All they want is cheap labor to support they’re addictions & lifestyle of GREED & POWER. As long as they have they’re lifestyle & don;t actually have to work themselves they are just fine w/ the rest of the shit. Stupidest & easiest people to profile & figure out.
    All fake & phoney as that is they’re life & game. Actors all create an illusion for the camera & sell it to the ignorant public. Sports celebs are just flat out overpaid.

    • 100 years ago an actor/actress was considered little more than a prostitute.
      Today, they’re role models for the lame. Go figure…………….



    • Shinmen Takezo

      Not “disconnected from reality” -wrong here FYI.

      The city of Malibu is a completely different planet–in another dimension.

      • I’m not wrong at all. In fact I’m spot on. I lived on Harbor Vista Rd. in Malibu & know the culture intimately well. Worked at ‘Trancas’ (if you don’t know ‘Trancas’ then then you don’t know Malibu’s culture) for a while as Bouncer – Security. I threw out (as in 86’d) part of the ‘disconnected from reality’ crowd I’m specifically talking about as in Gary Busey Jan Michael Vincent et al. I don’t mind you trolling me per se but if your going to troll someone who is for real & say they are wrong on the internet have the respect to cite your position as to the why at least.
        We’re done here.

  3. hummus abedin

    Flash from Drudge:

    • fits in with Trump’s remarks today on Syria. He now thinks he’s going to Brush the Russians Aside and March on Damascus to Remove the Evil Assad who Sarin-Gassed the Children. I know, it’s disheartening to see Zion getting away with this murderous crap again and again. But I also know: each time the Jews have risen…Higher. And each time they have fallen…Harder.

  4. Trump just reorganized his entire structure of the National Security Council:

  5. Hey, comments are back on! Nice.

  6. Meh. They will now pat themselves on the back again & make another series of morning shows & carry this all the way through next winter’s spate of awards in the Mutual Masturbation Society events. Ultimately, they are still going through the Suzy Creamcheese Freakout because… “she was gonna win, we had it in the bag.”

    Damned nice crackerjack of a sign, though.

  7. Malibu.”Where the surf sounds loudly.”
    Sabo,you glorious bastard, i thought this was your handiwork.

  8. robroysimmons

    Sabo is original 4G

  9. swan832013

    and we wonder why we are in TROUBLE


  10. NorthGunner

    Quasimodo and the Esmerelada were not available for comment….

    Yours In Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  11. Deplorable B Woodman

    I see by the sign, “ELEV 16”. Now would be an EXCELLENT time for a tsunami.