WeaponsMan: A Platoon Seizes A Fortress

WM on Eben Emael.

Don’t miss the additional info in WM’s text.

5 responses to “WeaponsMan: A Platoon Seizes A Fortress

  1. Amazing what a few Shaped Charges can accomplish – The old
    hollowed cone w/extra at the top.
    No Piss Poor Planning there.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  2. The point of the story is that tactics and strategy are constantly changing. Focusing on all 5 videos of Eben Emael misses the point. Those platoon sized attacks are out of date too. Today, it is the Dorner effect that works. The two Tsarnaev bros in Boston, using rudimentary weapons and tactics, shut down an entire region of the NE with the Boston bombing. Their actions effectively removed the 4th amendment to the constitution from the books. Dorner and the Tsarnaev bros occupied thousands of law enforcement officers, leaving millions of people in those regions completely unprotected from both regular crime, and from other terrorist attacks. The entire world is being held hostage by a rather small group of organized terrorists. The strategies to combat these terrorists need to be completely re-thought. Both at the big govt level, and on a personal level.

    • since it’s the Zionist Occupation Government that keeps on importing the terrorists, I wouldn’t expect too much help from Level One.

  3. Detroit III

    Yeah, the Krauts had the most important weapon: Elan.

    Patriot movement? You’re kidding.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      People can laugh all they want, and politics aside, but every young man that went Airborne or USMC today would have gone to the Fallschirmjäger or Waffen SS for exactly the same reason.