Bloomberg: U.S. Launches 50+ Cruise Missile Strike on Syria in Response to Gas Attack


If anyone has links on the proof behind the the claim of the nerve gas attack, please include in comments.

UPDATE 0100EDT 7APR2017: I’ll leave the RT light on for you night owls:

UPDATE 1000EDT 7APR2017: A recap of Russian reaction:

92 responses to “Bloomberg: U.S. Launches 50+ Cruise Missile Strike on Syria in Response to Gas Attack

  1. nothing good will come of this.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Trump allowed himself to be duped by this phony gas attack.
      He is being led along by the nose by the RINO/Military-Industrial-Complex.

      What the fuck is wrong with this guy?
      Is he that stupid? I hope not.

      What happened today comes as no coincidence the day after Bannon is tossed under the bus.

      • re: Bannon & Rinos. (not so much)
        There’s a Venn Diagram for that…
        How many GS alumni in the past 4 admins? EU Parliament?
        on and on.
        MAGA Yarmulkes all around and a central bank
        on every table!
        War. Is. A. Racket.

      • Trump wasn’t duped. He knows full well that the “chemical attack” was the Sunni terrorists’ own WMD storage site exploding after being hit by a conventional Russian/Syrian missile; or perhaps they just blew it up themselves during the attack, as per prior performance. Trump has been a Zionist agent all along, as I have said many times. I take no joy at being right about this scumbag. I just hope I’m wrong about about Putin, whose retaliatory actions will, I fear, speak louder than words. Bannon? He’s an alumnus of (((Goldman-Sachs))) and (((Breitbart))), and was in on at least some of the meetings that led to the Zio-‘Murkan attack. Stop kidding yourself about these people.

      • European American

        It’s kind’a like this. Trump is blamed for the deaths of 50 Americans, for whatever reason, and Assad decides to launch 60 missiles on an American air force base to punish the US for (so called) crimes against humanity. Would we be outraged or what?

        Who in the fuck are we? Karma’s gonna’ get us, one way or another, sooner or later.

        I smell Mossad on this one.

      • (((They))) have a gun to his head and one up Ivanka’s vagina


  2. Fuck Trump.
    I hear ISIS has already attacked the area Trump bombed. How the fuck did we become Al Qaeda’s air force? How can you possibly attack Assad and not take the side of Al Qaeda? Exactly 100 years ago today Amerika declared war on Germany. All of Trumps online support has vanished in 15 minutes. His entire base is gone. Fuck him and the horse he rode in on.

    • “How the fuck did we become Al Qaeda’s air force?”

      “We” have always been Al Qaeda’s air force. Washington DC *is* Al Qaeda. Washington DC *is* ISIS.

    • This. I told him to call out the unorganized militia three months ago and he failed to listen just as he failed to actually hire good people like me to help him work.

      Jews, we will NOT fight white Russia and cause the slaughter of 50 million white men so you Jews can put the few remaining white women in your porn filth getting humiliated by nigger apes.


      • “Jews, we will NOT fight white Russia and cause the slaughter of 50 million white men…”

        Slavs are not Aryan. Even the least erudite skinheads worth their suspenders knew this back in the 1980s.

        GPO (Generalplan Ost)

        Looks like the destruction of Russia would fit in with the global fascist plan. Also explains why the Serbs and Poles have been continually screwed over.

    • This is just the continuation of US policy. The air strikes under Obama did nothing to hurt ISIS either. Remember all that talk of helping the so-called “moderate” anti-Syrian forces back then? There’s no such thing as a moderate jihadi.

      • War and chaos only encourages and facilitates ISIS ideology.The sooner some calm comes to Syria and the other states the easier it will be to diminish the likes of ISIS.
        The Arab Spring was a failure,and contributed to the civil war and chaos in Syria,but the seeds of hope are still there.Regardless,ISIS only feeds on the chaos in the region.

  3. 1.) Alleged chemical/gas attack by Assad regime
    2.) Alleged launch of 59 cruise missiles on targets in Syria by FUSA regime
    3.) Allegedly the Russians were not notified of said launch.

    I agree with stewie; if true, this is not good at all. I had stupidly expected better of the current National Administrator in this regard.

  4. Coincidently that is the cost for the new freeway overpass on I85 in Atlanta.

    1.6 million dollars each (2014 models) x 50 is 80 million dollars…

    Hey hey…

    Btw… in a war… a truckload of plastic garbage set on fire did 80 million dollars damage… let that sink in…

    On Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 11:18 AM, Western Rifle Shooters Association wrote:

    > Concerned American posted: ” Story. If anyone has links on the proof > behind the the claim of the nerve gas attack, please include in comments.” >


  6. There was no Syrian sarin attack. Right now the best evidence is that the SAAF did an airstrike on an AQ weapons dump that included a sarin stockpile.

    Where did the sarin come from? If it was home brew AQ made it. If it was weapons grade it was supplied to them.

    The site Veterans Today has a long list of articles about US CW facilities in Georgia and how CWs are moved through Turkey (a NATO ally!) for delivery to AQ (a US mercenary army).

    And Israel is moaning about “the children.” Which means somehow they have a hand in this.


  7. Roland Deshain

    I do fear that Trump has been duped into this action by him being fed fake intelligence from the deep state.

  8. You’ve all got this wrong. The other military interventions were 0BAMA INTERVENTIONS.

    These were Trump Cruise Missiles. It’s all good.

  9. It is the single worst thing Trump could have done out of anything possible and of all the things that could have happened if he did it for the purpose to depose Assad because he believed the big lie.
    If so, then it is bad, real bad. For so many reasons it’s not funny.
    The Neo-cons and the Fabian’s must be toasting with champagne tonight.
    What a fool to get sucked into doing the very thing Clinton and Obama and both Bush’s tried to do for last 29 years. Won’t be surprised if they Quadaffi Assad’s ass next. Then the de-secularzation of the middle east is complete.
    Get rid of Assad so the Quatari’s could run their gas pipeline through the Levant into Europe. The idiot did what ISIS couldn’t. And, just who gets control of the Levant. These fucking idiots are delusional psychopaths. It will not end well.
    Never mind doing the Israeli’s dirty work for them. The Turks must be delighted. The Kurds are fucked if they haven’t seen the writing on the wall too.
    What a clusterfuck.
    You can’t take back cruise missiles no matter how great you want America to be.
    If the fuckers can get Trump to do that, I’m afraid there isn’t much they won’t be able to get him to do.
    The biggest question is what will the Russian’s do? The Persians also, this is existential stuff for them. And they have nukes.
    The Turks got to be drooling over the possibilities this insane stunt just set up.
    How could anyone with half a fuck-tioning brain fall for the ruse of an Assad ordered gas attack. The guy was this close to getting all Syrian sovereign territory back. It was a mop up operation was all was left. And to order a gas attack after the false flag gas attack back in the gay mullato’s red line days. WTF? How obvious can you get? And thats the thing, Syria IS a sovereign nation state to begin with before anything.
    I smell a rat. That Fucking psychopath manchurian fuckwad traitor McCain was over there meeting with the last “opposition rebel” hold outs a few days ago.
    If the fuckers pulled this off by way of false flag bag job, they be bringing this shit back here on us dirt people. Thats the way these things roll.

    All I ever wished for was there was a glimmer hope.
    A peaceful Great Fuck You, was nice while it lasted.
    Can there be any doubt now it’s a foregone conclusion you don’t have enough tribe and ammo?

    Oh well, we still get a little more time to check zeroes and sharpen hatchets. Better make good use of the time given to us.
    It’s BFYTW time now in the worst way imaginable.
    Because TINVOWOOT Bitchez.

    Adios motherfuckers.
    Good knowing you all.
    I been around long enough to understand without reservation the last great chance without rivers of blood went down the crapper.
    See you all in Hell.
    (or wherever you go when you end up dead fighting with no quarter and no mercy for what matters most)

    • I don’t mean to be insulting, but you sound like a hysterical teenager.

      Like you, I think Trump made a serious mistake here. There is no need to set your hair on fire though.

      • Nah, your not insulting.
        You and I are at different places in the scheme of things.
        It hasn’t smacked you upside the head how far gone this really is in regards to us dirt people, what it represents, what we are all going to have to do and where it is heading. You calling me an hysterical teenager, your missing something if you don’t understand all the sooner, is not going to be good for you and yours. Don’t get me wrong, I believe we all best find a way to work together and win, because what just happened here only confirms worst case.
        What you call hysterical, is deeply concerned regards to our future as free men and as Men of The West. We are going to have to fight our way out of the totalitarian hole we are in if we want out. There is no voting our way out of this, there never was, only a fools hope. It is getting late buddy. And the powers that be are a million miles, might as well be in another galaxy in regards to our primal and sovereign essential liberty, never mind even grasping we have a stake in what the fuckers do and are doing, how it effects us. We don’t even exist. I’m talking about us dirt people.
        I’m in no way telling you what you have to do or how to think. Thats your business. But your late to the game and have a large learning curve ahead of you, or you never would have made that kind of comment to me.
        I figure you will want to argue with me, be my guest, but the truth is like that, it tends to bring out the nasty in people who for whatever reason have ignored it. And when they see it they are offended or get hateful. Mostly because they are afraid deep down. See it all the time friend. No insult intended.
        Good luck.

        • you’re so far behind in the game….

          wasn’t it you spewing all the trump horse manure? what’s it like getting “dirt” kicked in your face? ha ha ha

          your dinner is on the card table in he basement with the rest of the kiddies.

  10. If there was a sarin gas attack, it was perpetrated by DynCorp / CIA in order to destabilize the Assad regime. This is a repeat of the playbook in Libya, where every sarin attack is followed by “rat lines” transporting weapons, oil, and humans for organ trafficking and pedos. Assad is a terrible man. This has nothing to do with Assad. The Petraeus / Mike Feinberg plan is still working through the Clinton Global Initiative and Soros plan for North Africa. Folks, see the larger picture here. Trump is now a pawn in the “game.”


    Jetz wir sind noch einmal in der Scheisse! Mit der dummheit, kampfen selbst Die Gotter vergebens. I apologize for my lack of umlauts. Putin will not put up with this. Get ready, my friends. Bleib ubrig.

  12. Julius Streicher

    Well boys, they banned me over at the Conservative Treehouse, I guess because the Trumpeteers are as allergic to contrary opinion as the libtards are. I figure I must be on the right track if I piss everybody off.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Yep. Me too. The Tree house is nothing more than a trump strokeathon.

      As bad as any of the leftwing crowd when it comes to censorship.

      Admittedly I was a trumpster. Gobble the balls, stroked the shaft, and swill ed the gravy. Well that honeymoon is dunzo.

      This asshole made himself a 1st term lame duck.

  13. 1. No one is coming to save you (least of all this guy).

    Where are all the MAGA folks tonight? Was this what you were looking for out of your red hatted savior? The ONLY upside to this fuckery is that it’s waking some folks up, albeit VERY late in the game. It’s almost a POTUS right of passage to lob tomahawks into some third world shithole these days but in this case theirs quite a bit of dry fuel around the target.

    • Over at twitter, many of those MAGA’s are pissed.

      • looking at threads at some of the HardRight sites – Daily Stormer, Occ Diss etc….most of the (former) Trumpaholics are admitting they got Jew’d. There’s a few, though, still babbling about “4-dimensional chess”. Right about now #1 “God-Emperor” Trumpaholic VoxDay is crawling out of his bedsheets in Rome…his response will likely be “Well, it NEVER WAS about HIM anyway…”! I have to admit I’m enjoying a good gloat.

        • Yeah, I am noticing the hard hanger-ons. As if this was some super duper master stroke of genius on Trumpf’s part. And we’ll have to wait and see “what it is”.

      • It’s difficult to keep up with all of the cucktrump fails. (((Deep state))) won.

        Cuck trump is just a fat silver spoon born man who gave his daughter to the children of Satan.

        Whites choose good over money.

        Jews the opposite.

        It’s biological.

  14. This breaking news post proved again that your comment section is hopelessly infested with commie bastard trolls and misguided idiots.

  15. How is that? Because many here are following what is really going on instead of swallowing Trump Shit?/ S//

  16. It’s pretty bad when the best possible explanation for Trump’s actions, is that he was duped.

  17. This was NOT SARIN . Everything you will read about Sarin online Or mainstream published texts is based on GB sarin . Even now the training for a Sarin gas attack by Standard Military and Civilians revolves around treatment of water based GB sarin , Decon them , give them atropine , Valium , 2PAM , wear protective gear yadda yadda yadda , we all feel good because we’re trained…. Bullshit. GB sarin WAS water based , because they wanted it initially to be an airborne Weapon. The thinking behind that was to kill as quickly as possible. We spray it all over you it absorbs into your skin then it absorbs or You inhale it you die.
    But it’s evolved .!! Like in back the late 60’s (And the bad guys ,Governments and homecooking bad guys backed by a government know it)
    It became OIL BASED (active CBRN Dogs look at the inventory codes on those weapons and ask questions). Why does it matter? It matters.
    Anybody who has been down range in the last say … 15 years knows how they play this game. One boom everyone comes running then Second boom gets everyone else. Same Same with Oil based Sarin.
    You can’t wash it off with water!!!
    You will think your all good, Weapons deployed ,people exposed , MOPP gear on treat Self , treat Battle, treat Working dog, ( wait Dog before battle buddy) then Civilians then everything’s good …..then Nope ..nothing but Daises and lots of bodily fluids. After of course you tracked it on your shoes back to the FOB,ER or Home to your Family.

    Think about it trying to get cooking oil off your hands This is what your dealing with!!

    I worked in the highest volume inner city EMS system in the US, Spend time working in the most NON pleasurable third world Shitholes on this planet ,and get air bruised in some of the most run down whirlybirds God ever created and decided we should still be flying. So I gots me some skills. Not anywhere near Aesop or Hogwarts. (They are far smarter than me and can probably explain this way better)
    So that’s why the Sarin Story is Bullshit. EveryGovernment knows the rescuers, cameramen everyone would be dead (if this was Sarin developed after 1965ish ) they would have tracked it back to hospitals, vehicles and families and the casualties numbers would be astronomical. And the Dumbass spraying a fire hose would be flashing oil particulates everywhere.
    And the Chlorine gas line… umm ok everyone that works in war zones knows that MSF ( Doctors Without Borders) has someone from CIA or name your favorite intel gathering government stooge working there , no secret there , you all been around them so you know) so that story ummm sounds a little Sketchy. Their Medicine is good , really good but their backing up the Government story line shit is getting a little old

    Getting a little long winded here.
    More if ya want

  18. Cognitive dissonance in the Trump team is going into overdrive. I’m seeing large numbers of otherwise rational people doing handbrake turns on middle-eastern policy and “humanitarian intervention”.

    The circle-jerking over “Trumps latest reverse psychology master-stroke” is reaching friction-burn territory.

    Nobody can seem to decide whether Trump is right to attack Assad or whether Trump is right to PRETEND to attack Assad, but neither side is interested in countering the other on policy, just as long as the beautiful dream isn’t sullied by ugly reality.

    A dark day indeed.

  19. (((Cohencidence)))

  20. Now we know why so many missiles were fired, seems less than half of them functioned as intended. This bodes well for the future.

  21. I’m with Rand Paul on this one:

    And that ‘reprieve’ Trump’s election bought, well, that looks like it’s going to be shorter than the mid-term election cycle.

  22. Lightninbolt

    He just derailed his presidency! I was MAGA hook, line and sinker but after this disastrous Syrian bombing…NOT! If Hilliary is all for this false flag bombing, you damn well know Trump has been DUPED! Unreal!

  23. So you are butthurt that the Neo-Con you elected has turned out to be….A neo-con?

  24. This will not end well.

  25. A 50+ cruise missile strike on San Francisco I could support.

    There is no walking this back. Trump is another neo-con turd in an all-powerful government of neo-con turds. FUSA can’t be fixed and the sooner it crumbles the better. Godspeed everyone.

  26. Since when is it evil to precision bomb an airfield used to gas children?
    In what nanosecond did this paradigm shift in morality occur.Trump’s American Navy did to Assad’s Air Force what the greatest western liberal democracy does best,bomb the Hell out of a cruel war criminal.
    I hope Obama was watching.

    • What is the evidence about gassing children and this base’s role in same?

      • “What is the evidence….”
        Ask the American and Western Inteligence community.The intell isn’t always so accurate,but near enough.There were precidents here with previous gas/chemical use.And if the evidence was there,would you still object to the response?

        • Absent a declaration of war by Congress, yes.

          But to be clear, your position is once someone yells “Gas!”, a third-party nation can fire missiles into a sovereign nation?

          • “Absent a declaration of war by Congress, yes.”
            So,sue him.That’s what he’d do.

            “But to be clear, your position is once someone yells “Gas!”, a third-party nation can fire missiles into a sovereign nation?”

            One,or fifty-nine,for the good guys,and for the kids who were gassed.Makes up a tad for when you were the bad guys.Obama never got Congressional approval,and things never got done.

    • g’damn you’re stupid.

    • Ron Grant,

      Cheer up! There is good news! Elohim Trumpf destroyed Assad’s Sarin Gas stockpile! So, there’s not that.

      Re: Obama. Remember when Trumpf was incessantly tweeting Obama to NOT get involved with Syria in the last “Assad Sarin Gassed the children”?

      • “Elohim Trumpf destroyed Assad’s Sarin Gas stockpile!”

        It’s a bad neighborhood with bad actors,Assad among the worst.Next Trump should take out 3/4 of the Zionist Air Force.

        “Re: Obama. Remember when Trumpf was incessantly tweeting Obama to NOT get involved with Syria in the last “Assad Sarin Gassed the children”?”

        I know,but I don’t care.I would have been just as happy if a meteor had taken the airbase out. .

  27. What part of the Continental US was attacked to necessitate this? I missed it.
    MOAR WAR!!!

    • Well, Assad is a friend of Russia, and Russia hacked the elections, and therefore, Syria must have helped with the hacking by proxy…

      Where’s that “sarcastic font” when one needs it…

    • “What part of the Continental US was attacked to necessitate this? I missed it.”
      The part that sticks up for Humanity including gassed children.
      PS I hope Obama is watching.

      • On what evidence do you make the claim re gassed children?

        Why didn’t Justin deploy Canadian forces there?

        Doesn’t Justin care?

        • On what evidence do you make the claim re gassed children?
          Ask the American Intelligence community.

          Why didn’t Justin deploy Canadian forces there?
          As far as I know,there are no western troops,Canadian or otherwise,in Syria.
          At some point,coalition ground forces may need to be deployed to defeat ISIS.ISIS thrives in the chaos of the Syrian war.

          Doesn’t Justin care?
          I guess not.

      • You are a decade (at least) behind everyone here on the the reality curve , and you just happened to pop up right on cue with this sticking up for ‘humanity’ shit. Tell your handlers we are done with the word games.Now off with you back to Hush Bimbo.

  28. Spreading Freedumb and Democracy throughout the world.

    Land of the Fee and home of the Best Slaves.

    Now 1 second to midnight.

  29. So, trumpy falls for a false flag and goes hot on Syria…just what I expected the current narcissistic sociopathic parasite currently occupying the throne of ‘Mordor on the Potomac’.

    Duped or drinking his own koolaide,
    doesn’t matter at this point..the maga mask is well and truly off. Don’t think for one second if this statist red headed
    piece of shit can drop ordinance there that he wouldn’t be above dropping it here on the dirt people. He’s just another collectivist puppet for the globalists..that’s why he was allowed to ‘win’.

    trumpy and every other member of the oligarchy can FOAD!!!
    He’s NOT my ‘president’ and never will be anymore than anyone else ever was – I have never needed ANY scummy parasite for anything!

    trumpy, hiligula, ovomit, hitler, stalin, mao,..what’s the difference? Nothing! Different murderous assholes – same parasitic breed!
    Fuck ’em all with a rusty length of rebar in their eyes!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  30. hummus abedin

    Since this is a freestyle comment area.

    I don’t give a f uck if “world leaders,”
    or if anyone not an American citizen
    is happy.
    American citizens, the f ucking deplorable
    dirt people that voted for a change are not.
    We voted for the destruction of the treasonous and criminal Uniparty dictatorship of D.C., and for the
    rule of law and equality of justice.
    Before I forget, in Sweden this morning, sharia law muslim terrorists/rapists/pedophiles
    thanked Trump for the
    cruise missile attack in Syria.
    Suck it Dirt People.
    Grease your holes and eye sockets some more.
    Revel in the idiocy of your Trump Presidential
    election win.
    You cowardice and false bravado are greatly
    You worthless mutts.
    “There Are Dead People In The Street” – Truck Rams Into Crowd In Stockholm “Terror Attack”: Live Feed: zerohedge com/news/2017-04-07/there-are-dead-people-street-truck-hits-crowd-stockholm-live-feed

  31. We weren’t duped, this is politics, suttle message sending. China, Russia, Korea, the world. The evidence IS our fast response.

    Trump needed a tool to convince the world, he’s the real deal. Why not shoot a bunch of aged missles at a empty base, and blow up a few relic aircraft. Three dead is the price of message sending. Who else in the region have these aircraft in their inventory, Egypt, SA, Katar, Turkey, Israeli,

    Politically, this is a win win,,here at home. We have become a blood thirsty nation. Today the talking heads, all have wood, their so excited.

    Nuke option in DC, missle strike yesterday, our world is changing by the minute.


    • “Why not shoot a bunch of aged missles at a empty base,”

      ah, because mebbe Syria is a sovereign nation allied with Russia and murka is a shell of what it once was militarily?

      my only wish is that the world nukes DC before the rest of the country so we can at least get a moment of schadenfreude.

      WWIII coming right up.

    • Notarealperson


      Wait 72 hours and see if things escalate or not. If shit dies down then it’s as you state. If events escalate….

  32. GOYIM it’s what’s for dinner…
    The hypocrisy is deafening.
    The insouciant – apathetic – complacent – consciously ignorant american attitude the biggest problem we face here at home.

    HIGHLY plausible Motive :

    Golan Heights, Israel, Oil and Trump

    More Joy to consider:

    US Missiles Strike Syrian Forces Fighting Al Qaeda

    It’s a big Club & Americans aren’t in it. The Republic is run by IsRaHell & it’s interests. The Democracy has been Hi-Jacked long ago. Most likely since the JFK schwack.

  33. Grenadier1

    Until further action occurs I think everyone needs to slow their roll a little bit.
    If internet vagabonds can look at the Gas attack footage and scratch their external brains wondering why it dont look just right, then suit and tie guys that get paid to do that shit are also asking questions about it.
    Its very clear that the footage was BS. We have to assume that the results were BS as well and that the attack was in fact not real.

    What makes you all think that our response attack was real?
    All indications are that the administration notified the Russians (who no doubt notified the Syrians) well in advance of the strike. If Trump and Putin worked something out in the background Assad has no say in the matter. I think its very possible that Trump spoke with Putin and they agreed that a response had to be made, however it would be as painless as possible for the Syrians. They lost the use of an Airbase but at this point we have not seen any real evidence that any Syrian personnel were killed in the attack.
    So we organized a false response to a false attack.

    Now what purpose would this accomplish?
    I think Trump is still consolidating power and trying to figure out who he can trust and who is on his side in the non-appointed state machinery. This action draws those people out.
    It lets the Russians know that we are willing to work with them but we have to maintain some appearance of the prior state being still in place.
    On a tactical level it may embolden the Anti-Assad forces to act which exposes them to counterstrikes and disruption.

    On the surface it also exposes the weak minded individuals who claimed they were supporting Trump, but have now jumped ship at the first hint of a gray cloud. Now I didnt vote so dont accuse me of supporting him, I just find it funny that people are going out of their way to say “I really didnt support him anyway!!”

    • I don’t follow you. How does this draw those people out? And even if it did that, wouldn’t it inevitably come out that it was a false attack? How would that help?

  34. What gets me is the way Trump personally launched every one of those missiles. Gotta give him credit, though. He accomplished single-handedly what it normally takes a team to accomplish.

  35. NorthGunner the new boss..same as the old boss!

    And anyone expected anything different?!?!….

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
    NorthGunner III