Buppert: T.E. Lawrence and the Coming American Civil War

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Bad moon’s rising.

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  1. I hear Syria is beautiful this time of year.

    • that bloated fool Trump just vaporized a Syrian airbase with a massive cruise missile attack. I hope Putin is in a good mood today/tonight. ‘Cause if I were he and he were I, I’d sink those two Zionist…’scuse me, ‘Murkan… destroyers that launched the attack. Mayhaps Putin’ll play the Statesman and back off with egg on his face. But I doubt it. Bad moon rising indeed.

  2. the murkins are unlike any other people on earth.

    they are that dumb. FUBAR.

    200 million would be a nice round number.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      American exceptionalism will be the death of us.
      Folks laugh at the stupid Nazis and portray them as goosestepping egotists, but I’d hate to compare their IQ to ours. My fathers generation was composed of people who strove to excel in sports, the sciences, and duty to Volk.
      Don’t see much of that here except a lot of porch monkey imitating. Oh……..and chasing squirrels.

      • my immigrant grandparents were better people than any I have met here in murka…

        give or take a handful.

        • This mournful reminiscing is about as useful as an episode of Sha Na Na or Happy Days. Things were so much better then, Tom Fucking Bosley told us so.
          Lee Greenwood hands out grape koolaid and you bust his balls weekly. Good thing you boys only drink the lemon lime kind!

          What can you, do today, that will better you and yours?

      • “and duty to Volk”

        Duty. It’s how the good turns to bad, trying to believe there’s such a thing as an unchosen obligation. Never happened, never could. That’s why you can’t find even a single person on Earth who will honestly admit to one of his own. All anyone ever knows about, are the ones unchosen by others. Hmm, seems to fit with a lot of things going on.

        Try it and see. Start with yourself. If you’ve got an obligation that you yourself don’t willfully choose to be one, then name it. Maybe ask T, or the Sarge. Must be important since, it’s a duty.

    • Grey Ghost

      Tfat… You’ll only need less than half that amount … say 70 million.

      Grey Ghost

  3. Confederate miner

    Isn’t that why most people voted for him. People were tired of war? Fucking Jewish scum.

    • Yep.

      CA BTW I landed a job (God protecting my children). You would not believe the inside information I have now. (((They))) truly worship one thing and one thing only: MONEY.

      My new boss is orthodox. From Israel.

      It’s biological. They are mentally defective. Neurotic and unable to perceive how others view them. They care nothing for what is right or good for THE COUNTRY overall. They are proud of using every advantage to accumulate as much money for (((them))) as possible.

      They are not like me, you, or my dad. They look down on the fact that my dad , like many white fathers, spent one hour every day for 10 years tossing a ball in the backyard playing catch with me and teaching me how to play baseball. They would have use that hour to make an extra $350.

      I see with my own eyes proof of Jesus’s points about the children of the Devil.

      My boss has $6 million in the bank. But if he saw a penny on the ground and you were between himself and the penny, he would knock you over diving to get that penny.

  4. Confederate, my drill instructor couldn’t invent enough profanity to describe the zio con scum. Looks like trump lasted about 100 days.
    RIP, SSgt Banks.

  5. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.
    Meh…it’s good for business.
    Thanks, Smedley.

  6. Thanks for the post.

  7. Detroit III

    This document had little insight on a potential conflict in the US.

  8. On topic comment: Very good article distilling Lawrence. “7 Pillars is a laborious read, but worth it. Thanks for the Cliff Notes contained in the 27 articles as well.

  9. Don’t get too obsessed with what the other guy is doing…

    “The open reason that Bedu give you for action or inaction may be true, but always there will be better reasons left for you to divine.”

    Especially WHY…that’s what makes them reasons.

  10. On the banner, “there can be no dispute” is to be read literally, so evidence doesn’t matter. As in, “You will have no dispute, serf.” Well, until the serf it told who to kill, anyway. Then it’s “1, 2, 3…”

  11. 3per are idiots

    There won’t be a Civil War in this country,
    second, all those cruise missiles fired at that airstrip and didn’t hit anything of strategic value..

    How can you fire 47 and hit everything around the airstrip, but the airstrip, the plane or the hangers.. hahaha

    • the murkins don’t have the balls to fight.
      reminds me how most of them will not physically labor.
      the morons will finance a tractor before they bend over and pick something up…

      there will be hard Martial Law and Guerilla Warfare though.