Our Duh-Mockcracy! Save Her From Those Evil Nahzis!!!!!

Shaheen Shrilly Shrieks Silliness

16 responses to “Our Duh-Mockcracy! Save Her From Those Evil Nahzis!!!!!

  1. Grenadier1

    We must preserve our freedom of speech by limiting our freedom of speech!

    Sure, sounds like the best policy.

  2. Jack Crabb

    What I cannot figure out is: are these pols stupid or evil in pushing this Russia-did-it theme?

    One doesn’t necessarily rule out the other, but are they dupes and just that stupid, or do they have enough grasp on reality that they are saying “watch my left hand, so you don’t see my right hand rob you blind”?

  3. Ewe, look at that lady. People are led by that? Are there no men? Guess her balls are bigger.

  4. Another one for the “list”…

    Gonna need some more paper!

  5. Gee thanks Jeanne. I always knew you were looking out for my interests. Where would America be without you?

  6. Setting the stage for American Isolationism (a la Smedley Butler) if the Brzezinski’s – KissmyASSinger’s NWO Globalism plan to suck in Russia & China in a Faustian Bargain w/ Mephistopheles doesn’t pan out as planned.

  7. Dick Summers

    “Emergency! Everybody to get from street!”

  8. Some Guy in WA

    Years ago, the people who constantly pointed out “coincidences” made me shake my head. Not anymore.

    Is Al Jazeera registered as a foreign agent? Is the BBC?

    Oh, wait, they are pushing a worldview shared by the Democrats.


  9. Democrats are increasingly showing themselves to be batshit crazy. Of course too, these morons never toted an M16 for their country, unlike many of us who come to this website regularly.

  10. And not a single word about the terrorist MB/CAIR or the thousands of mosques preaching hate and jihad right fucking here?

    Or the tens of thousands of BLM terrorist niggers in our midst?

    You go girl.


  11. I remember Shaheen from a few years back… (perhaps some of our esteemed Noo Englund (ayuh) members can backstop this for accuracy or make corrections as needed?)

    Here’s the backstory:

    1. Jeanne marries into a Arab family (what? You think she really has “Shaheen” as a family name?). Husband is a lawyer, Dem political operative and owned a pawn shop.

    2. Because Massachusetts is a leftist shithole with ridiculously high taxes, millions of Massholes move to southern NH (which at the time had low taxes) and commute to their jobs in Massholeachusetts. They are despised by the native NH people (which explains the “Masshole” pejorative).

    3. With nothing else better to do – she decides to make a run at the NH Governorship. She wins in part thanks to the demographic replacement of NH people with Massholes.

    4. Instantly wrecks NH by foisting on them the first property tax in their history – partially by promising to buy Nice Stuff with the new “rent” everyone has to pay now – plus attempting to inflict an income tax, legalized gambling to fund More Nice Things, captial gains tax, sin taxes on cigs, etc…

    5. People finally realized that keeping a Lunatic like her around would turn NH into another, smaller version of Massholeachusetts – and this was “a bad idea” – she finally got voted out.

    6. With nothing else better to do, she runs for Senate and (good lord) actually wins…

    We have the type down here as well… both factions of the “Not You” party. Moneyed, bored people who – for lack of anything better to do – make a run at a political office. I enjoy trolling them by asking them pointed questions about political rights vs civil rights, then watching them short circuit… I have yet to run into one that has a clue what the difference is…

    Oh! Anecdotally, I actually ran into some of her relations down here… I was at one of the Big Box stores over in Lexington – sourcing some materials for a project – and overheard the name dropped.

    There stood a couple – man and woman, the guy looking very, very “Arab” – and I asked them “Shaheen? As in “Jeanne Shaheen” the Governor of NH?”…

    The guy looked shocked one of us hayseed provincials would recognize the name. “Uh.. yeah.. she’s a relation of mine…”

    Would like to tell you all I went off on them, had them hogtied, thrown into the bed of an F250 and dropped off at the border with instructions to not come back, but that didn’t happen…

    I just gave them a look I usually reserve for stepping in dog shit or encountering a convicted pedophile and said “Yeah… nice job she’s doing up there…”

    They just looked at each other and left… whatever they were buying was left on the checkout conveyor… *shrug* apologies to Big Box, but you don’t want their business anyways…

    • Manchester has turned into a shit hole, resembles most CT and MA cities now. Up in this neck of the woods it will be Mt folk vs Valley folk. Most of the valley folk move there because the mountains are simply to hard for them.

      Thank God for that.

  12. Great place to be from. Massholes have fucked the pooch.