Resistance School: “Who We Are”

Go take a look.

Thank heavens FREEFOR has similar efforts ongoing.

Wait a minute…

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  1. It’s interesting to see how several courses are being headed up by Obamas people

  2. The nice thing is they will stream these classes,know your opponents.

  3. Oh, waaaaaa!

    Another agitprop bs that’ll produce little or nothing.

    What do you think is happening right here, every day?

    We are The People, not not those commie bastards. And we’re learning, prepping and training for far, far longer and way deeper than these jill-y cum lately’s. Most of us started out far ahead of the curve these ninnies have just “discovered.” There is also a pretty good bat that most of us have a grounding in something more closely approximating Reality than these twits. Insanity is not a good basis for action.

    Resistance School for snowflakes, airheads, tranny’s and metrosexuals and a host of other delude pretenders?

    Unwad your panties.

  4. On the other hand, I’m running a self defense school. Just in case it is ever needed to keep good folks alive. I’m a little confused who ‘the resistance’ is right now. Currently running the Combat Leader Course and about to head out on another student-led force on force mission. From yesterday:

  5. whole lot of money flowing into the bolsheviks.

  6. It seems to me that it’s always the college crowd.

    Time to do away with student loans and scholarships. Let those who wish to attend pay for it themselves. That should do away with a majority of communists…

    • Without any sort of assistance, the whores (the communists) and the whorehouses (colleges) would be forced off of their pedestal in society. Fuck them.

  7. Funded by Soros, no doubt …

  8. The communist protest in Arizona saw more than half the “armed protesters” carrying airsoft weapons. BUT: We would do well to remember that at the first battle of Bull Run no one other than a few officers had never seen combat. 38000 dead and wounded in one day. Think about that..

  9. But we’re not supposed to do this, infiltrators and all. Best to hide in your bunker.

  10. Interesting, how they pick and choose – “all are equal…”. No mention of “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights.” And the part about “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”. The blather about setting back the progressive agenda should give them pause, a few moments to ponder ‘why’; and perhaps the thought bubble would develop, that “they” lost because a great many in this country want to shove their progressive agenda up “their” ass – because we’re tired of “them” trying to shove it down our throats.

  11. The one thing they won’t push is secession…

  12. Just a thought… Suvorov regarding Spetsnaz stated that just because you don’t have something does not mean that you don’t USE something. Looks like all web based and free free free for the asking.

    I suppose if you have a VPN up, put a sheet over anything in the background, hang up some Che Guevara pic or “Antifa” logo, you prolly will pass the sniff test. Just stay non-provocative and seem empathetic, and most likely nobody will bother you while they channel the best Soros funded subversion direct to you. Hang up an OFA logo, wear a one-time use “Obama” t-shirt… something like that.

    You then must ponder what exactly they do for vetting… do they, or DON’t they? Is it all to assemble data points and lists? Who knows.

    Is it really necessary to build a “FREEFOR” structure, when something of similar utility is being offered to you for FREE? (yeah, TANSTAAFL… just VPN it).

  13. It’s foolish to overlook the enthusiasm and constant efforts by those on the left to keep their form of resistance operating along with recruitment as well as access to “friends in higher place$”. Despite the ridiculousness of everything they do in the media and in front of a camera, they are very effective. And, they are not discouraged one bit by failures of any kind. It emboldens them that much more.

  14. Looks like an ‘OFA’ affiliated or associated to organization. More evidence of the First Global Revolution Agenda.

    The First Global Revolution

    James Baldwin had some good things to say about human rights & had some bad ideas as well. He had a chip on his shoulder about being ‘Black’ as well. But, as usual many things are taken out of context & being manipulated by the ”BORG” establishment. As usual the consciously ignorant are being manipulated & used as Political Cannon Fodder for a Civil War agenda.

    Interesting to ponder & most likely a true origin of how Balwin’s Nigger came to be.

    Baldwin’s Nigger 1 of 3

  15. 173d Viet Vet

    If one wants to place this article into perspective after focusing on the fact that Soros sponsored revolutionaries are preparing for the coming chaos, you need to first read Daniel Greenfield’s excellent article, “The New Civil War” .

    Conservatives and all who cherish freedom need to study, plan, train, gear up , toughen up and prepare for the coming leftist revolution.

    Blood will run in the streets….

  16. Ya think ?
    Putin: ‘95% Of World Terrorist Attacks Are Orchestrated By The CIA’
    “Shockwaves are reverberating around the Kremlin after an extraordinary meeting called by Vladimir Putin yesterday during which the Russian president said that “95% of the world’s terrorist attacks are orchestrated by the CIA,” and the St. Petersburg metro bombing must be investigated “with this in mind.“

    Keep in mind Putin is no saint. He knows & has done several False Flags on his own people as well.

  17. There is nothing subtle anymore about the left’s intentions.

  18. The Marxist are willing to steal tax payer money and give it to their favorite leftist organization.

    Even the leftist Mother Jones was upset with the dark money in the democreeps campaign,

    We will always be behind the curve with money and organization due to the worldwide Soros type money machines working with the elitist.

  19. Some Guy in WA

    FREEFOR has to figure out who we are. We honestly don’t know.

    Maybe we need to… become who we are?

  20. Obonobo the Kenyan is still working tirelessly to undermine our rule of law and our long standing Christian values. He’s got an 8 year head start.

  21. Okay.
    Commie Demotards vow to double down on everything that got them the 2016 election results, because, um, victory.
    Wait, what…?

    Maybe next, they can buy the world a Coke. Which created world peace in 1970.
    Or try another anti-Trump appearance, somewhere that isn’t Harvard Commons, Berkeley, or West Hollywood.

    Their entire movement is the build-up to the punchline “Keep digging kid, there’s just got to be a pony under there somewhere!

    Go, Team Fucktard!

    Ima Lion tamer! I’ve got a hat!:

    Ima SJW Warrior! I have a ski mask and a BB Gun!:

    But those look like great meetings.
    Be a real shame if anything happened to them.

  22. Oregon Hobo

    You’re all signing up for these courses, right?


  23. I’ve signed up. I’ll take notes and send updates.

  24. I am going to make it a point to watch these. Information is always useful.

  25. Randolph Scott

    I am afraid I will actually shed tears when I put .308 pills in a few lefties and find out the snowflakes were sent to a gunfight with BB guns. I will honestly be sad, alive but sad about how far we have fallen.

    This will be about much more than politics, it will be about Good vs evil. The leadership of this left/progressive/communist/islamic/pedophile movement are evil people whose only desire is the total destruction of humanity.

    Buckle-up Buttercup, this one is going to hurt.

  26. Good v. Evil as the measure of the conflict has never been more stark or obvious.

    I will shed tears only if we lose.

  27. There were a couple of things I didn’t get done today because of this article and how I was “forced” to respond to it…

  28. I often wonder, if a college campus disappeared, would the “activists” still stick around to protest and plan killing those they disagree with? What if Harvard, Princeton, or Georgetown just went away? Where would these people go? Does Soros have a Plan B?