Schindler: 100 Years Ago Today – America Enters the Great War

As the author notes, is there anything to celebrate here?

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Open thread.

28 responses to “Schindler: 100 Years Ago Today – America Enters the Great War

  1. Tillerson is wanting Assad ousted while China has stepped up in support of Russia and Assad. Pentagon folks are briefing the White House in military options in Syria. It seems nothings changed in 100 years.

  2. 1) No.
    2) No.
    3) Doesn’t change the above.
    4) No.

  3. Without fail, it always leads back to the money lenders.

    • Exactly what I thought. Let (((them))) stock the bodypile. Then we’ll see how important war is to them.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      The masses would rather chase squirrels all day, they don’t want to know who pulls their strings, because that would mean you have to get up and do something about it.
      So being in denial and chasing MSM squirrels is a viable alternative.

  4. This article leaves a lot of the other remaining important & significant geopolitical & historical acts about WWl. Disappointedly, Schindler leaves out a lot of other interesting relevant facts about other countries such as Russia – Bolshevik Revolution & changes after Tsar Nicolas ll was ousted from his throne by Trotsky Zionist’s. The Ottoman Empire, Sykes-Pincott Agreement- League of Nations which followed WWl, Woodrow Wilson selling out the US in 1913 to the International Bankers et al etc. Focusing on Germany, UK & France is only a very small part of the big picture reality of WWl. Until people get real & challenge the Bravo Sierra status quo educational system construct. That means actually study & learn the real history this is just more mental masturbation of what really happened.

    • Agree, but to be fair to Schindler, he’s likely got the interactions and influences mapped (well, most).

      I think he would have gone on longer had he not been up against a magazine article wordcount.


      • Ah didn’t know there was a word count limit & fair enough. I hope he does get it because those & other events are significant to the totality & ‘whole’ as to how the geopolitical structure & mechanisms all interface & work.

        Lying by omission is still lying. A half truth is still whole lie. Meaning the whole truth without leaving important salient- germane – relevant events isuues out matters immensely.

        American exceptionalism got lazy & fat. The PTB Wolves know this & have been watching for the opportunity to seize that vulnerability. Nothing kills more than ignorance (conscious or unconscious), structural violence poverty & Democide. And your right as always YMMV…

  5. I can’t think of one thing in or about Syria worth fighting for. If we were to fight alongside of Putin it might be worth making Russia an ally instead of a continuation of Russia as pentagon gold mine. But ‘they’ won’t let that happen.

    Who destabilized Syria and wanted Assad out again? Why? Oh yeah, Islam on the march with our assistance.

    Must have perpetual enemies. Look at THEM, they are bad, be afraid.

    • joe tentpeg

      BLUF: Who gets ta build da pipeline (ie. natural gas from the ME to EU)?

      US’ns and the Saudis…or Russians and the Iranians?

      Qui bono?

      If’n it’s US’ns…got ‘TillerExxon?’

  6. 1. Yes, so long as it’s here, to clean out our own yard
    2. Hell no, but then we wouldn’t be able to have the war HERE, now would we? We’d have to go halfway around the world to do it. Which just might happen to be the mistake we made in the past…
    3. Win. We’ll make all that other shit up after that gets accomplished.
    4. It’s worth a chance at saving you and yours. They’re not going to stop until we are their slaves. Hell, most of them don’t even know what they want. The orders they give you will change day to day and they don’t give a shit, so long as they are ordering you. Don’t want to be a slave? You should check “yes” for number four and get your ass ready to pony up.

  7. Miles Long

    We shouldn’t have been in the 1st WW either except for the bankers. Then there would have been no 2nd WW. Maybe the Rockefellers & Hearsts & Rothschids & Mellons & Fords & Bushes, et al should go do the fighting.

    Old Rastus say… Dems dat dont study history is doomed to repeat it.

  8. Reminds me of the images of those cardboard soldiers promoted
    a few years ago, and of course the “Stop Loss” innuendo.

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  9. NO, and hell NO for WW1…
    3. Very bad

  10. 1. Not this one
    2. Unified? Americans? Ha ha ha.
    3. Perpetuating the military industrial complex and its puppets (McLaim and his ilk)
    4. Senators, Congressmen and DC Lobbyists first, followed by every armed federal officer. Then we’ll talk about who after that.

    • POd American

      I agree with your thinking on number 4….it’s time these a$$holes had their skin deep in this game, if not then it’s a non-starter. I hope the folks in the military tell the warhawks, “FOAD, I don’t think I’ll deploy for this bullshit.”

    • 1. Ditto.
      2. Ditto.
      3. Ditto (plus Fred’s comment about political need for enemies of which we have sufficient, which drives the former.
      4. No.

  11. ‘Murka was “had” more than once by Churchill’s Admiralty Intel crony, Blinker Hall. He’s also the one who – at Churchill’s orders – arranged the Lusitania massacre, which began ‘Murka’s slide into the World War, Part I. Frankly, reading an essay by Schindler has only one utility: you get a good fix on the conventional, neo-con nonsense.

  12. deplorablog

    1. No I believe the vast majority of people do not want another war in a foreign country.
    2. No we are not unified.
    3. Nobody has thought that far ahead
    4. Why not let’s see how the Women and LGBTQ’s do. Trial by fire, so to speak.


    So, who will bell the cat? Did Assad do this or did Mossad do this? Does it really matter? I will see what The Donald does. If he is truly owned by the same mooks we on this site have been railing against for the last few years, then our blood and treasure will be squandered once more in the Middle East and the beat will go on. I hope I am wrong. I will pray POTUS walks away from this one.

  14. 1. No
    2. No
    3. Obfuscation of the total implosion of FUSA. (see 9/11 for context)
    4. No.

  15. Randolph Scott

    1. No!
    2. No!
    3. Whatever you hear is a fucking LIE!
    4. Senators, Congressmen and DC Lobbyists first, followed by every armed federal officer. Tell these bastards to call Obama and Hillary for their reinforcements, no one else is coming to help.

  16. Flintlock Shooter

    WWI was a tremendous waste of our resources and we had little to gain. I think the best course is to fight only when absolutely necessary (i.e. self defense). Now they’re talking about Syria and North Korea. Fuck them. Fortress America.

  17. “Wilson did not enter the war lightly.” I call Bullshit on that line. Wilson, along with the Rockefellers, Hearsts,Rothschids,Mellons, Fords and every other self appointed plundering Elitist made millions off of WW1.
    My grandmother’s brother, Arthur was off to fight the Germans in 1918. The fact that his sister was married to one whose family had arrived earlier, must not have figured in. I still have the postcard that Arthur sent with a picture of himself, when he was in hospital because he had lost his hearing from explosions. It talks about the madness of the war, and all the men who had been killed, and how he missed everyone and everything “American”. Arthur came home at the end of the war being deaf and carrying a limp from a broken leg. He died at 32, walking home to his farm on the train tracks. The engineer told my grandmother he blew the horn alright-of course Arthur could not hear anything. I understand that most of the Elites die in their own beds, at home, surrounded by loving family. Well fuck all of them. Our families are blown to bits fighting their wars.
    I am tired of the whole mess. And now Trump jumps into Syria. Let Assad do what he wants. I don’t care!

  18. Ah, the children! Just like Waco. And these aren’t even our children. Do the Jews care about Arab children? They sure don’t show it in Palestine. A war in Syria will just cause more refugees, maybe real ones this time and actually from Syria and not Pakistan.

    ISIS attacked the bombed out area. Where they notified ahead of time too? In any case, we are now their Air Force.

  19. 1) Syria, Iraq,etc.: We notice that the area in question was in a better state of order under the nasty assholes like Saddam and Khaddafi (sp?) than it is after we decided to “fix” it.
    2) This may make me a heartless villain, but I don’t really give a flying f**k about the locals there killing each other. They have been doing that for time immemorial. It is hard wired into their Weltanschauung and they like it.
    3) It’s really none of our f**king business in the 1st place, and not worth a dollar of our treasure or a drop of American blood. We are now pretty much self sufficient with oil. so taking it by force isn’t necessary or economical.
    4) Re WW1: That was none of our business either. Subsequent European history would have worked out a lot better if the the Fatherland had prevailed.