“Sick Of Fancy White People”

The Diversity speaks and acts.


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  1. I watched this yesterday. It was horrendous to say the least!
    Black hate crimes against humanity is an epidemic in America and at pandemic levels world wide!
    They are going to be responsible for bringing martial law because they are out of control!
    Complimentary of the Obummer administration!

  2. Let’s see.

    An ugly nigger who never amounted to anything more than a POS was jealous of a white man who didn’t waste his $ on booze, drugs, and hair weaves, so it destroys whatever it can’t steal.


    How typical.

    • So, can I pull the pants up of any black person wearing them half down their butt, pull down hoodies to anyone wearing one on a warm sunny day and take a hammer to anyone’s car stereo blarring rap ?
      Shame, damn shame how fast this country has declined and it’s still going down; lovely.

  3. What happens to a “Polar Bear” with no
    situational awareness or handy weapon.

  4. A couple of necessary books to read, if you haven’t already.

  5. Virgil Kane

    From Massachusetts? Probably doesn’t trust himself with a sidearm, wouldn’t be allowed by MA law to own one and voted for his own castration.

  6. Geez, I wonder which political arsonist was “Gasliting” for 8 years & which Central Banking – Fed Reserve entities setup the the US economy for all this the racial hatred. I wonder who controls the media that spews distributes the racial hatred news in the media ?

    I wonder who setup the Socioeconomic paradigm construct we are in ?

    Tick Tock…..

    Bonus False Flag material:

    North Korean Hackers Are Reportedly Targeting Numerous Banks Worldwide For A Massive Global Digital Heist

    CNN (Criminal News Network)

    N.Korea linked to more bank hacks

  7. Lessons:
    1. No one is coming to save you or yours.
    2. You should learn to defend yourself.
    3. Condition green in public settings will get you killed.

    • Second. I am ready to go from happy go lucky to pulling a weapon within seconds if something sparks my spidysense.
      I never was like this before Obama really set racial and class divisions on fire over 8 years, thanks barry !

  8. Is that the face of a new convert? His family? I have a PhD. in race relations. I earned it in Chicago and Africa. From darkies. Blacks don’t need encouragement to violence from anyone. It is in their DNA. The left does tell them that they’re justified to do anything they want to Whitey, but they’d do it without the support. They are sub-humans.

  9. THIS IS WHY WE CONCEAL CARRY AND SUPPORT THE 2ND AMENDMENT. Get used to this behavior, be ready for it to happen to you and your family. and have your head on a swivel at all times, be prepared for the worst because it is coming faster and faster by the day.

  10. Jack Crabb

    It might not be time yet, but its creeping ever fucking closer.

  11. Funny, how crap like this only happens in such bastions of democracy like this. You will never see nonsense like this happening where there is a possibility of the target being armed.

  12. Assault, battery, attempted murder, destruction of private property… and apparently nothing got done until the LEO’s filed a report.

    Great illustration of why one should not go unarmed and a reminder of why situational awareness is pretty damned important.

    Can you imagine the hue and cry if this man had been carrying and had acted to prevent an attack on himself? It’d be Jorge Zimmerman all over again, although I don’t think we’d see The Donald saying she could be his daughter…

    The day is coming when one or more of them select the wrong mark and we have a body count to deal with. Be prepared for the inevitable demands for “reasonable” gun laws and the repeal of self defense laws and Castle Doctrine laws.

    • Virgil Kane was giving the guy some crap earlier – and you’re saying ” if he had been carrying” – so…. it seems like some reality needs to get interjected into this conversation.

      The article said the guy (victim) is from MA. Here’s the truth: you CAN own a pistol and get a concealed carry permit in MA. There’s even been a few cases where MA residents have defended themselves with firearms and gotten away with it (in MA). IF you defend your life with a firearm here though: you’ll likely end up at trial. That’s the truth of the matter and anybody who knows the laws in MA and trains firearms permit applicants will tell you this.

      Just to repeat for clarity: It is entirely legal to semi-auto pistols and even “assault rifles” in MA – but you must have the appropriate license. Because MA is so strict on giving away licenses – at least in some surrounding states (like NH) – it’s fairly easy to get a concealed carry permit from that state also if you’re a licensed MA resident. The thing that MA does not do – is give reciprocity to permit holders from other states. You want a license *here* – you’re going to have to apply as an out of stater and get a permit. And they really nail you some big $$ for it.

      MA *used to* have a lifetime Firearm ID Card. There were millions of them issued. Then they converted over the licensing system like 20 years or so ago – and the number of “registered” firearm owners went way down. I know for a FACT – that there are still people floating around out there with a rifle or two – a shotgun – and maybe a pistol – who think the FID card they were issued 30 years ago is still good – and they are not reported in the MA system. The MA firearm registration system is also a cluster-F.

      I know plenty of people (including myself) who live in MA – and own guns. It’s not quite the moonbat central that you would think based on the crap that spews out Boston (libtard epicenter)

      The article said the guy was coming back from Florida – and was in Virginia. In this particular case – it’s not the “MA” thing that is the problem. The problem is that he is traveling thru a whole list of states that gun-unfriendly and will nail you to the wall if you’re caught going thru their state without THEIR appropriate license. The list includes: New York, New Jersey (where the dindunuffin was from), Connecticut – and Maryland. If you go MA to FL – you’re traveling thru probably all four of those states.

      I haven’t seen any stories lately – but there were a few floating around a couple of years back about people from southern and western states being pulled over on the highway in states like NJ and MD and hassled by state troopers because they were *assumed* to be carrying firearms. So even if you wanted to defend yourself – you’re really running the gauntlet up here – and it’s not just MA. MA is in fact not as bad as some of the other states in this corner of the country IMHO.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Being an apologist for living like a slave because your greed keeps you there (I’d move except my job is so cool……) isn’t exactly what this blog was founded on.
        I am a Western Rifle Shooter, I can go anywhere I want and carry anything I want and could really care less about how daring you are running the gauntlet of shame. Last time I read about that it was Simon Kenton doing the real thing. And I believe he was also a Western Rifle Shooter in his day, unlike you. Slave to the system and obviously coping with it very well.
        Isn’t there some point where alarms and bells should be going off in your head 24/7?

  13. Wow… Just wow…

    Considering taking a job in Philly area. Pays well, and need the money because my area of work has been SO bad… My wife was asking if I’d want her and the kids to relocate from Wyoming… And I said HELL No! Bad enough that I’d have to go into a BLM war-zone, no WAY I’d want my kids and wife to stick their heads into the lions den with me.

    Two weeks ago a gang of black thugs picked a random white dude for special attention… Last I had he was still in ICU. I won’t allow myself to be put there… The city of Brotherly Love ain’t. 😖

    Glad this couple came through relatively ok. It’s gonna get a LOT worse.

    PS. Glad you have comments back. Was wondering what that was all about; I get ad much from them as from the main stories. 😎

  14. just plain todd

    uhhh….i gotta admit, condition green types need culling as much as the negrocity whut be doing dat to dem. as a side bar, just got back from a trip to texas. if you peeps ever get a chance to go Fredericksburg Tx, i highly recommend stopping at the Museum of the Pacific War there. my plan is to stay ready, but enjoy the decline and see some sights.
    can’t spend every day hunkered down in the bunker at defcon 2.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      How about writing in English so you can make yourself understood. Myself and many others have had enough of whites lowering themselves to ghetto levels, and that includes comments here.

  15. Additional lesson: If you haul a boat, do it with an old Dodge pickup rather than a Porsche Cayenne. Grey man…

  16. Avoid the Groid. If that’s not possible, Around Blacks Never Relax.

    So glad I only have Mexicans to worry about.

  17. One other thing:

    Always keep your tank topped off.

  18. Life IS the Lesson. Secondary roads, gas before you come to congested areas, or after. When I’m gassing my truck, I am keenly aware of who, and what is happening with in 30/40 feet of my car.

    And I’m two steps away from a .45 acp of some sort. If it’s a shitty feeling, the pistol is on me.

    Lastly, never leave your vehicle. Choose stations wisely.

    I’m to the point that if I see a fucking savage around, I move on. Ain’t no thing to me. can go 600 miles on a tank.


  19. This what thats called

    • VoorTrekker

      That’s so funny, but all so true.
      They do become violent without provocation. It’s as if someone pressed a magic button or said a magic word and niggers go crazy…

  20. Your skin color is your Uniform. Watch out for your women and the elderly. If you see one negro, that means two or three are moving up on your six.

    • Mountain Cracker

      Watch out for our women, hell our women are largely responsible for this. Marxist Feminism has been the forerunner for ALL of this. The white liberal American woman needs to be subject to the outcome of their victim class and face continuous violent assault by the other victim class they architected and that’s niggers. That’s right, blue-gum, fried chicken eating, drug abusing, boozing, rapping, jungle-bunny swamp running NIGGERS. I will however protect the last of the industrialist old folks, but the baby boomers can rot in hell for this that they architected.

  21. As I noted to my wife a while back, whitey has a target on its back wherever he or she goes now. Act accordingly.

  22. Flintlock Shooter

    Simple. Anyone, whatever their creed, fuck’s with your rights, they’re the enemy. Anyone who supports freedom (as it be) deserves friendship and mutual defense.

  23. Looks like Bob was a little slow on the uptake.
    I’ve lived in Mass.
    Self-defense is evil, especially if you win.