Steve Bannon Calls Jared Kushner a ‘Cuck’ and ‘Globalist’ Behind His Back

A battle for the soul of POTUS.

Good news?

SCOTUS, Syria, the Wall, and major tax reform.

With a Republican Congress, you will know all of them by their deeds.


28 responses to “Steve Bannon Calls Jared Kushner a ‘Cuck’ and ‘Globalist’ Behind His Back

  1. Guess it was all a pipe dream. Banksters win it going away.
    Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

  2. Miles Long

    I keep seeing the “one whitehouse aid that cant be fired” thing regarding Kushner. Why not? Neither elected nor blood, just an opportunistic Israel first scumbag chameleon that’s paid no real dues, who happens to be married into the family. Out the door & down the fucking road with him.

  3. joelfradbink

    I’ll take Bannon any day over the tribesman — I am so close to letting the bolt close and get my fucking hands dirty — at least for a moment…

  4. Mnuchin & Cohn formerly of Goldman’s Slax were unavailable for comment on the whole “globalist cuck” thing.

  5. robroysimmons

    Anybody on the Web handicap the Russia – USA grudge match yet?

  6. Cuck AND a Globalist? I thought Bannon was smarter than that. Kushner is a Globalist and a Jew. Thus he pursues Globalism for the West and nationalism for his own people, the Jews. There’s no betrayal of his interests here at all since his class benefits from Globalism and his class is about 40% Jewish in America. It’s a win/win for both of his identities, thus he’s not a Cuck. Very few Jews are.

    There’s lots of silly middle class Globalists though, who haven’t the foggiest notion of what their ideology means for America and their standard of living. They could correctly be called cucks. And Trump could be called dumb if he thought he could have a little bit of Bannon and a little bit of Kushner. He’s going to have to choose. And it looks like he’s choosing wrongly. Americans are good at that.

    • Bruce Wayne

      People need to start calling out the Jews and stop using euphemisms like globalist, Marxist, leftist. They are Jews! The creators of Communism.
      A lifetime of propaganda and brainwashing by the Jewish controlled mainstream media has resulted in people reluctant to say anything unflattering about God’s chosen people, even when true, for fear of being called names and getting smeared in the (((globalist))) media.

  7. Trump is being expertly handled. He is starting to look like Woodrow Wilson warmed over.

    God have mercy on us!

    • God will not have mercy on murka.
      And you are correct, trump is a chump.
      This turd has screwed the pooch on just about everything he ran on.
      Hows it feel to be had… again. trumpies?

      I seen this coming right from the start.

    • When wilson blurted out that his federal reserve had flushed the US down the toilet and he regretted it, it was too late.
      Longbow, you’re right…
      Looks like we’re sunk.

    • In your view, who is Trump’s House?

  8. Trump has no soul to begin with. And (((Kushner))), by definition, cannot be a cuck: Zio-Globalist Jews like Kushner are whom the white CONservatives CUCK for.

    • Yep.

      What’s scary is how many still don’t understand.

    • Re masthead, I’m glad you get it.

      The Israel problem is EVERYTHING.

    • lastmanstanding

      Just “The art of the deal” brother Haxo…which he blew.

      With the bs that we got shoved up our asses by potus’s over the last 30+ years, Trumpstein could have EO’d the ACA and made it DOA by determining that it was unconstitutional.

      Oh silly fucking me. It is. Then left the chips fall. Let the insurance companies and the ill prepared suffer the wrath of the earth.

      Nobody lives forever.

      Thanks for bringing the comments back CA. A lot of your life and heart spent here. Lots of good stuff and good people here. If you ever want to come to Montana, you know how to find me…you can stay with us.

      • fancy boy who never served but launched 60 cruise missiles at Syria today didn’t even write “The art of the deal”.

        he’s a damn fraud.

        where are those idiots who voted for that useless POS?


        • Tfat: I am one of the idiots who voted for Trumpstein> It was good for a few bowls of popcorn. Optimistic, I was… wrong, I also was…… I can wear the big boy pants and fess up. I just don’t have a F.W. Wooly- burgers around here to buy a perfect crystal ball like you have……
          End summation Tfat plus one, soapweed minus one. But the 3-month chaos to the politicos was still worth it. Gotta have optimism once in a while to surface charge the ol’ batteries……..

        • lastmanstanding

          I’m sure your right t’…just using the slack-jawed phrase in jest.

          I voted for the dh. I knew full well that he would be no different than the rest have been. Frankly, only a few of our (s)elected officials even give me a glimmer of hope. I’ll make my own hope. That is our plan.

          You and I aren’t all that different. I just have way more hair. 🙂

  9. Is it possible that the MSM is lying again?

  10. robroysimmons

    Congress even going to vote on an attack or has duhmocracy been suspended?

  11. America voted for him with Bannon, NOT Kushner. That said, this was published today, apparently (not sure how/where Kushner fits in this):

    Organization of the National Security Council,the Homeland Security Council, and Subcommittees

  12. There are no Jewish conservatives. Literally impossible.

    Jews can’t be cucks. But Bannon knows that.

    I named the Jared problem 19 months ago.

  13. (((Cohencidence)))

    Trump has now launched dozens of cruise missiles into Syria. I guess the Neo-Cohens got their damned war.

    You have to give the Tribe credit — they are masters at worming their way into inner circles and eliminating adversaries (i.e. Bannon).

    Alright American goys, time for your sons to spill some more blood for Zion! Ooh-ra!

  14. CA, this looks like a pretty good thumbnail of both directions the Trump presidency could take. Keep the article to refer back. Whoever ends up being the top guy will pretty much signal the direction going forward for the administration and this article is a fair outline of what those directions, whichever prevails, might be.

  15. Kushner needs to go back to his money business-which he is evidently very good at. We can stand Ivanka because she is family and adds some class to the everyday. (What she sees in Kushner is the puzzle. But uptown white girls (Christie Brinkley, Chelsea Clinton, Kyra Sedgewick, Anne Bancroft, Amanda Peet, Shawn King,etc) seem to have a thing for Jewish men. Trump has jumped us into Syria, which a complete false flag. Good grief. Or Oy Vey!

  16. Trump should at most limit Kushner’s role to that of a “special envoy” to Israel.