Totally Legit

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Cui bono?

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  1. The COO of this company is Tarek Saab, an Arab Communist (no joke) from Venezuela, who was a member of Chavez’s party. So yes, cui bono?

    • There’s nothing in the Wikipedia article about Tarik Saab and Texas Precious Metals. TMP gets very good customer reviews.

  2. Indeed Cui Plagalis vs. Cui Bono….

  3. Very misleading–
    One can’t compare what something cost over time without factoring all the data into “constant dollars”
    No argument from me that it takes “more dollars” to purchase the same item today than it did 50 or 75 years ago, BUT wages have increased over time also.
    So if you compare the cost of a gallon of gas in 1959 (when I got my license) , it was about $.25, but the minimum wage was about $1.00 /hr.
    But compared in constant dollars — the uplift from 1959 to 2017 is approx. 8x , and 25 cent gas is the same as $2.00 gas today, and the $1.00 minimum wage is $8.00/hr today (which is very close to what it actually is). Locally, today the pumps are showing about $2.10/gal

    Another example — using an example from the info graphic is 18 cans of Campbell’s Soup for $1.00 in the 1930’s. The constant dollar uplift from 1933 to 2017 is approximately 18X, so that means in todays money it would take $18 to buy 18 cans of soup. That is easily done today, and likely you could buy more than that (standard cans like the picture) for $18.00

    If one wants to “think about the “good old days”, a far better comparison would be the number of hours of work required to purchase various items thru time. Some items are more, but one would be surprised at the number that are less.

    • Not very misleading.

      I think you’re missing the point. The free market – and the subsequent lowering of prices on some items thru efficiency gains – is operating at the same time as the Federal Reserves monkeying around with the money supply. The repercussions of supply and demand also are operating at this same time (another free market function). Do your wages rise at the exact same rate as the increase in prices? I doubt it. Have US wages overall risen to keep pace with the cost of living? Not according to a number of things I have read recently.

      If you want to nice clear picture of how the Federal Reserve has screwed you over – go to Google and search for ” value of US dollar over time”. There used to be a nice table you could find that showed the value of the US dollar since it’s inception in 1790 (or whenever it was). The smoking gun was looking at the value of the US dollar from 1790 – to approximately 1890. A span of 100 years. In 1790 the dollar was worth $1.00. In 1890 (give or take) the value was damn close to $1,00 (if I remember correctly it was like $0.95). So you could have stuck $1.00 in the bank in 1790 – with NO interest – and had it be worth damn close to what it was worth 100 years in the past.
      Now fast forward to 1913 – and then follow the value of the dollar forward 100 years to the here and now. The value of the dollar has fallen steadily , where it’s now worth something like 5 cents. This is the Federal Reserve at work – and it’s NOT in your favor.

  4. Five and dime stores replaced by dollar stores.