TOWR: The Truth About Anonymous Online Accounts

Not so much.

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6 responses to “TOWR: The Truth About Anonymous Online Accounts

  1. Deadeye Dic

    Heads up, just don’t use or subscribe to ANY social media, especially Facebook!

  2. CA your observations as to ‘operations’ for FREEFOR are well advised. But when I read this off their website —

    “We are a group of progressive graduate students at Harvard who came together in response to the election of Donald Trump, with a desire to help transform our country to better reflect our shared values.”

    I had to laugh. I have dealt with these types directly in business settings. They are louts. I told several harvard interns they had to pull cables in a data center and all they did was bitch and several quit on the spot. Imagining them in a cold ditch in January holding a 5.56 is just not happening.

    Their threat is virtual-organizational, not action-functional. My duck hunting friends would have a better chance. This is just a hunch, should we be in the Rwanda-like environment, the very tools that this team uses will be inoperable as the OPFOR will assess that denial of comms to the population is in their interest.

    Now if this was manned by dirt people from LaRaza I would be much more concerned.

  3. That was depressing enough without ever having the intent to create an online anonymous account in the first place…

  4. The White Helmets – al Qaeda with a facelift

  5. What a joke, like the NSA and others don’t know exactly who we are. Snail mail is your friend


    • Mark Matis

      Snail mail is not necessarily your friend. USPS will “divert” mail to or from a given address at the request of the FedPigs, and will allow them to peruse it. Note that with current technology, they do not need to open the envelope to read its contents. Even if you use a “security” envelope. The FedPigs may keep the mail a while to let you know they’re having fun. Or they may read it promptly and put it right back in the system so that you never know you got hit.