Bannon vs. “Centrist Financiers”

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  1. Not taking a position but more than one person having dealings with the man has remarked that DJT thrives on chaos and if there is not enough he creates it. So question boils down to is, externally induced or self induced?

    • Yeap… a couple of decades ago, while in heavy
      in that corporate world, I was advised to read
      this book:

      It is the way it is in that “dog eat dog” world, while things get
      lost in the shuffle.

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

    • >>> more than one person having dealings with the man has remarked that DJT thrives on chaos and if there is not enough he creates it.

      Interesting intel. More than one person here has some crazy ideas too. I keep looking, but reality fails to go along. “Thriving on chaos,” is how some people who can’t handle crises themselves, view people who can. It’s true that there are a few extreme cases who create trouble themselves in order to handle it–it happens every so often among firemen e.g.–I’m skeptical that anyone has even a drop of evidence that DJT is one of those. Do you? Someone saying something doesn’t count for much these days.

      Fact is almost nobody knows what drives DJT. I doubt anyone really understands him yet, though I suppose maybe his family does. Maybe. Trying to destroy facilities that are believed to have launched chemical attacks against civilians…doesn’t inform a whole lot on the point. People do things for the reasons they do them, not the reasons we fantasize.

  2. Having been led to this decision on Syria the neocons and bankers have succeeded in alienating him from a portion of his base., He is now seen rightly or wrongly as just another hack by many of those who voted for him. Mission accomplished. He’s now totally fucked. He played right into the deep state’s hands. Or did the deep state play the electorate?

  3. Michael Savage says the “Gas” Attack was not Sarin because of how the victims were handled by first responders. He said probably phosgene.
    McCain Psycho and Elliot NWO Abrams have high praise for Trump’s Syrian Reaction.
    The DC Swamp has just swamped Trump. CYA, Frau Hilarity may be restored at this rate.

  4. I don’t trust the mainstream media, including WoPo to be telling us the truth.

  5. Really ?
    The World Kabuki Theatre GOYIM Dog & Pony show must continue.
    Makes about as much sense as having a congressional hearing about who’s worst the Whore or the Pimp ?
    When both are breaking the law & both are morally bankrupt.

    Idiocracy ….

    • Amen, my brother.


    • “..who’s worse the whore or the pimp..”

      Given the unalterable nature of politics, I side with Larken Rose: “prostitutes are more honorable than any social worker as they only deal with those who want to deal with them voluntarily, and only with what is rightly theirs!”. A pimp is nothing more than a politician in training..a narcissistic sociopath that’s looking to gull his next victim by enticing them into the mental con that comprises the myth of ‘authority/gov’. The ‘law’ is nothing more than collectivist bs spewed forth by the parasite class and enforced by thuggish badged orcs, morality doesn’t have a damn thing to do with it! Vase in point is that things like murder, theft, assault, rape and fraud are wrong in themselves,..not because some political parasite wrote such down on any worthless scrap of paper and got the other parasites around him to confab about it (while all the while they were committing the same acts ‘in the name of the state’).
      gov is a disease masquerading as its own cure..remember that if nothing else!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
      NorthGunner III

  6. Trump recently told the media, “He Is The Storm”. While I worry for my own selfish reasons,I’m learning he’s right. We ain’t seen nothing like this guy before.


  7. Brannon did not join the Trump train until August 2016…he is not the be all end of Trump or his nationalism.

  8. robroysimmons

    Instead of the usual shrieking about Jews why don’t people of some even small repute in the Dirt People Community ask the DJT if we the DPC have been tossed aside

  9. The citizens of the USA deserve the finest psychopaths that money can buy. No half-stepping. Directly to screaming bat shit crazy. It’s not like we didn’t know.Let’s get this party started.

  10. Notarealperson

    The presidential primaries showed that you cannot trust the MSM at all. The fact that Bezos who hates Trump’s guts owns the WaPo and has been repeatedly caught lying to the public means that organ cannot be trusted at all.

    it’s modern Pravda and Tass,.

    That said, the entire SLCM attack was really odd. Supposedly we hit two airbases. Problem is no one has shown any pictures of the 2nd airbase, no BDA, nothing from, nada. The base we did hit shows very little damage, if it was hit by 30 CM’s you’d expect a lot more damage.

    Russia according to RT states that half of the missiles didn’t reach their target.

    The whole thing smacks of a PR move and us dumping a bunch of old cruise missiles on the Syrians. In short, I think we’re being played.