Donald Herbert Walker Bush

Z man explains.

Big fun ahead.

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  1. Elizabeth Warren has taken credit for throwing the Tomahawks.

  2. Oregon Hobo

    I boggle at the ability of my fellow countrymen to conveniently forget anything that happened prior to last weekend.

    Does anyone else remember the Sarin attacks on Syrian villagers in 2013? Does anyone else remember Obama’s big speech about how America is exceptional coz we can bomb whomever we want, therefore we should be exceptional and bomb Syria? Does anyone remember how the whole thing turned out to have been perpetrated by our “moderate” rebels to try to give their masters in DC an excuse to drag us into yet another endless ME war?

    Coincidentally right after this came out, the 2013 sarin attacks went from being the top news item week after week to suddenly disappearing without a trace. At least that was what I observed with the National Propaganda Radio station to which I listened during my commute.

    So what’s changed? Why should anyone believe for a second that this is not another false flag?

    As they say, quo bono? Now that Iran and Russia are all in, Assad is winning. Why would he choose this time to bring out the WMD bogeyman? Do we truly believe that sarin-based weapons offer such a crucial tactical advantage that they are worth giving the McCain-Clinton neocon/neolib cartel the bipartisan excuse they so desperately crave for Moar Woar?

    So angry right now I’m abstaining from face-palming for fear of inflicting injury…


  3. “I think most of the shock is that the alt-right have a lot of expectations that weren’t going to happen. Trump is ultimately a NYC 1996 Clinton Democrat; its the pure lunatic drift of the last twenty five years that this position is considered nowadays to be on the far right.”
    -From the comments section. Could not agree more.

    He was and is not alt-right. He may be far worse. My personal theory was that he was employed to destroy what’s left of the political system. I think some of these folks needed a good smash in the nose to wake up and this seems to qualify. He’s also great at riling up the libtards (although that’s not a tall order due to short intelect). Amazing that some are still clinging to their MAGA fantasies as DT sits in a room with Powell, Cohn, Kushner etc in Maragoround deciding the fate of the free world. Chalky Soetero has indicated the Don should recieve points for style. I hear he has even offered to fly in pizza’s from Chi Town.

  4. Z-Man…always good for a laugh. The issue isn’t “Trump’s advisors”. The populist mask is now off, and you are seeing the actual and for real Trump, same as he always was before he decided to run for Prez by conning the dumbass White people. Remember? You don’t? I’ll remember it for you: back when he led the annual “I Love Israel” parades in Jew York and (((Miami Beach))); back when he went bankrupt and warehoused hundreds of millions of long-term debt with the (((Wall Street)) banks; back when he had his daughter convert to Judaism and marry a (((bankster))). That Trump. The actual and for real Trump.

  5. There is ZERO Proof Assad used Gas, ZERO!!!
    And i don’t believe one damn word US Intell or the Lacky British Intell puke from there Blow Holes. They’ve been caught lying more than Hillary!!!

    The OPCW says they have it all and he has NONE!

    Oregon Hobo is SPOT Fucking ON, Well done sir!!

    What i have learned on my time here on this earth..
    The US Govt will Lie,Cheat,Steal, Kill the innocent (and buy off survivors), Support Terrorism against other nations, Manipulate anything and everything to futher it’s Global Foreign Policy Agenda, hack countries and blame others etc etc etc!

    It will also do nothing as Invaders from the world stream across our borders.

    F’m them All in the neck with a hot steel rod that support this lie!
    Trump FUCKED UP, Period full stop!!
    Now lets see if he’ll own it.

  6. I posted this on CTH and got some massive blowback. Now Sundance is twisting himself into pretzels trying as hard as he can to justify this crap. And his legion of  “Born-Agains” are buying every jot and tittle of this shit sandwich. 

    Just two days ago he was warning *NOT* to get involved. Now, a quick about-face to “Trump Can Do No Wrong!!!” bullshit.

    So here’s my post:
    Trump has succumbed to the siren cry of the RINOs, Neo-Cons and Globalists on this one. 

    We have absolutely NO business getting involved in ANY ME conflict, unless there is a direct attack on Americans.

    Note that the first tweet of “medical” personnel treating the supposed Sarin victims shows them with plain old dust masks and gloves. I call BS. This was PallyWood stuff.

    One drop of Sarin on your skin or droplet inhaled and you are toast. Within minutes. Full Stop. Period.

    Now, note how AQ, Al-Nusra and other terrorist scumbags are praising this to Allah (pig’s blood be upon him).

    Tell me: Who else in the ME (besides Israel) protects it’s Christian population? Assad. They are 10% of his population.

    This is a tar baby all ’round and has possibly poisoned our budding relationship with Russia to boot.

    And to the many that think Trump can do no wrong, get over yourselves and try to be more objective.

    This was a massive error on Trump’s part.  Slippery slope indeed.  I hope to God he doesn’t repeat it.
    And I got excoriated for that simple post.

    Fuck Him and his “Evangelical Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo” camp followers.

  7. Donald Woodrow Wilson Trump. That is the way I will say it from now on.

    We’re fucked.

  8. Follow this down the rabbit hole.

    The (former) British press has some interesting spin today:

    “The two clashed over the decision of whether or not to launch Friday’s early morning air strikes against the Syrian regime, with Mr Bannon firmly stating intervention did not advance Mr Trump’s ” America First” doctrine, it is claimed.

    The fact that the air strikes went ahead was seen as evidence of the waning influence of Mr Bannon, who had seemed untouchable at the culmination of the election campaign and early days of the presidency.”

    Alt right is getting jettisoned now just like the religious right was on Reagan and the Bushes.

    Related spin:

    Bullshit. Let me be clear: BULLSHIT. Trump isn’t going to do anything about NK. That’s China’s domain and there will never be a single US cruise missile fired by the USA into NK without China’s permission.

    And yet more related spin:

    This is just public realignment of UK with North America as they jockey around for some good global deals. And, it’s also just Bullshit for consumption by the plebes until you actually see Russian oligarchs selling their properties in London.

    Let’s not forgot to connect some dots on the globalist plan with the Chinese:

    “State-run Chinese tabloid Global Times said the meeting “served as an indicator that the China-U.S. relationship is still very much on course since the Trump administration took office in January”, and it was likely the two nations would develop a more “pragmatic relationship”.

    “It seems that both countries have understood the importance of how essential a smooth transition needs to be, and not just for the two countries involved here, but really for the entire world over,” it said.

    Their comments were echoed by a front-page commentary in the overseas edition of the ruling Communist Party’s official People’s Daily which said the meeting established the tone for the development of U.S.-China relations.”

    Everything is juuuust fine between the US and China.

    And, finally, the response from the House of Saud:

    “JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are among the first Middle Eastern nations to have expressed support for the US missile strike on Syria early Friday, which came in response to an apparent chemical attack by President Bashar Assad’s regime.

    An official source at the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the Kingdom’s “strong support for the military operations carried out against military targets in Syria,” according to a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.

    The US strike “came in response to the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime against innocent civilians that caused the deaths of scores of people, including women and children,” the statement said.”

    “Powerful message to rogue regimes everywhere
    By all accounts, relations between the Saudi leadership and the Trump administration are off to a great start. Part of the reason appears to be that both sides agree that the political violence and instability that have convulsed the region over the past few years require assertive foreign policies and full engagement.

    Both nations see themselves as uniquely positioned to play a critical role in keeping the region stable: The US because of its military power and Saudi Arabia because of its eminent status in the Islamic world.

    A US that is engaged on the world stage is good for the region, for the international political order and for the US itself.

    • Fahad Nazer is an international affairs fellow with the National Council on US-Arab Relations. He is also a consultant to the Saudi Embassy in Washington, but does not represent it or speak on its behalf. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, CNN, The Hill and Newsweek, among others.”

    Looks like the usual cui bonos here.