Jared Goes To Iraq!

A picture story.

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  1. You’re looking at the next President of the FUSA.

  2. what a frail little wimp. one punch would crush his face, another would cave in his puny chest.

    just an F-ing pathetic excuse for a man. this is the punk who pulls chumps strings. interesting how daddies little tramp married this weasel…

    and fuck the poLICE.

  3. Yup. Smedley’s ghost wept last night.

    I wish this post wasn’t so funny. It’s funny because it’s entirely accurate and absurd at the same time. If he’s Mossad he’s damn good at his cover.

    • Here Tom, fixed it for you.
      Brock posted this today:

      “Channeling my inner Major Gen Smedly Butler, USMC and Medal of Honor recipient “war is a racket.”

      The long-running Syrian “civil war” and today’s Cruise Missile strike by the US is a classic case of “who benefits?”

      “They*” (I’ll explain further along who “they” are) have been itching for an excuse, any excuse for years now. Here is the latest of several attempts at justifying the removal of Assad in Syria.

      The excuse.

      – Assad’s AF bombs an ISIS weapons depot.

      – ISIS chemical weapons are released, killing civilians.

      – Assad is accused of a chemical weapons attack.

      – The US (ever the sucker) blows the crap out of Assad’s AF base with cruise missiles.

      The reason.

      – Nope, it’s not the one you hear from the lying MSM.

      – It’s because “someone” wants to build a pipeline right across Syria, and Assad is in the way. [read: money, lots of money; the cause of most wars]

      The facts of the matter.

      – There would not be a Syrian “civil war” or any “refugees” from Syria had there not been discovered a HUGE new gas field near Lebanon-Israel-Syria-Cyprus in 2009.

      – The “Europe Natural Gas Pipeline Project” aka the “Qatar-Turkey Pipeline” is worth a lot of money for many years to come.

      – The Turks would very much like to ‘see’ Assad gone, and the Syrian chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood installed.

      [Remember Barry’s love affair with the Muslim Brotherhood? How about Hillary’s love affair with Huma Abedin, princess of the Muslim Brotherhood? Are you connecting any dots yet?]

      The Turks are Muslims. The Muslim Brotherhood are Muslims. They are assholes (just like Barry, Hillary, and Huma are), but the US is an even bigger asshole for being their dupe and proxy.”



  4. Talk about an akward photo & someone who clearly doesn’t belong or fit in.
    Here’s some real answers & truth below & worth the listen. Bannon is out & Zio-Likud Party controlled Jared Kushner is in.

    The World Kabuki GOYIM Theatre Tour drives on …

    Golan Heights, Israel, Oil and Trump

    Listen to link below because it is true…
    Ex-Jew Milton Kapner [Brother Nathanael] exposes Zionism

  5. That was absolutely hilarious! And, pretty fucking sad, too. I never realized how gay he looks. I’m off the Trump train as well. 59 missles. Wow.

    • He reminds me of Jim Parson’s character “Sheldon Cooper” on Big Bang Theory. I don’t remember people voting for a self-declared Boy Wonder as part of the package deal.

  6. I don’t trust that guy for some reason

  7. Detroit III

    HR McMaster makes up for this.

  8. Lightninbolt

    This one has too much power in the White House! Scary! He looks like a mannequin.

  9. WTF is a lifelong lib and perennial bigbux contributor to All that is Democrat and Liberal in NY, NYC and NJ suddenly a front man for our government ? …. why, you’d almost think that (((Banksters) are in charge !

    but hey ! …. Murka ! ….

    our 59 TLAMs netted nine … NINE ! … old Russian jets … Murka !

    • they netted a lot more than that. Trump went bang-bang, Putin went bow-wow. Trump and his Zionist owners won big. All over Syria, the various Israel/CIA-backed Sunni terror factions are returning to the fight and – if necessary with additional ‘Murkan airstrikes – will soon be getting back on the road to Damascus. All over the lugenpresse the cucks and neo-conz are celebrating. With good reason.

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Nice sippy bottle.

  11. Lost Patrol

    What a nice story. It brought tears to my eyes.

    • Maybe Jared can go to Novorussia next.

      • And with any luck, Jared can get zapped by some female freedom fighter using a Dragunov at 500+ yards…hell, I’d give her a medal and an unopened bottle of Sky as a thank you and good show!

        I’d call that a definite improvement to the world situation…one less bastard bankster running around mucking things up.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

  12. Pretty sure they don’t like Trump. Jared either. And in a way, who can blame them? Bombs away!!!

  13. Virgil Kane

    Some folks decide to be soldiers, some decide to be citizens. I understand that most soldiers think that’s a good setup.

    Choosing to be a liberal, globalist, progressive dickhead is different.

    • Spot on. Problem comes in when ‘citizens’ begin to make decisions for soldiers that can get them killed or worse. Then again, it’s been happening since the beginning of time and this time (it appears) that nothing has changed. Welcome to the clown show (no disrespect to Concerned American) …….

  14. Good slide presentation for the war room = Potemkin Village Iraq

  15. Fuckin’ Neo-cons.

    Underlying all this bullshit, I think the Neo-Cons are waging war on Fabian’s long term strategic goals, for their collective enrichment.
    So it begs the question what is the difference, other than how each go about it?
    Don’t know whats worse or what will accelerate the suicide of the nation states of the west faster. The fucking Fabian’s thirst for us dirt peoples primal individualism/property/wealth or the Neo-Con thirst for empire and blood.

    Probably the combined insanity of the two. They are going to fight over the spoils even if it kills everyone in the process.

    Maybe the Norks are right in a certain sense right after all. Lord knows that isn’t any more fucked up than whats going down.

  16. There’s a red line Trump and the Neo-Cons crossed here, and it ain’t in Syria. He best stay POTUS for 2 terms and keep the Fabian’s out of the White House, (and congress also), by securing his replacement, or the Fabian’s will get back in in 2020 and they will do absolutely whatever it takes to never relinquish their regime of power in DC.

  17. MAGA?
    More like MABA
    (Make America Belligerent Again)

  18. Darwin Is A Harsh Mistress

    I had yelling matches with friends and community leaders over Trump, with real consequences.

    It wasn’t so this skinny little faggot can LARP w/ his HB9 shiska and rub it in our faces. #MakeAmericaAmericanAgain

  19. I am now in the “I’m gonna get you sucker” camp too. I can’t believe I was fooled again. Oh wait, yes I can… There is no voting our way out of us. On a positive note, it was great to see the deep state reveal itself for real. Local. Local. Local.

  20. That Is one Jewish looking person. He should have married Sarah Silverman, one of the most Jewish looking women on the planet. Funny that one can spot many Jews and also Mormons for that matter a mile away without ever even getting close to them. No offense to any of them, just a fact of life. They may want to think about mixing up their gene pool.

  21. And this morning:

  22. Notnowbill!

    All that comes to mind is the chant from the “Omen” Damien, Damien. Fuck is this what we elected? I’m done, I’m out,. We are finished

  23. Shinmen Takezo

    Just how in the fuck did this skinny, goofball, globalist zipper-head get into Trump’s inner circle?!!

    Oh–that’s right… he married Trump’s daughter.

    FYI President Trump…. you just fucked away 90% of your “conservative base” with this Syrian intervention. Wrap your skull around it please.

    I just watched Fox News moments ago–and now they are propelling the meme that the “Pentagon is investigating ‘Russia’s involvement’ with the chemical weapons attack.”

    Are you fucking kidding me?!!
    Answer: Yes–you and they/them are now.

    Are they blackmailing you Mr. President?
    Are you licking the balls of McCain and the other RINO’s in some quid-pro-quo deal?
    Or are you just a fucking fool to believe intelligence reports from the deep-state fuks in the CIA and military intelligence agencies?

    President Assayd did not order a chemical attack on his own citizens.
    With eveything going for him on the ground, why would he go and fuck-away everthing with a WMD attack?

    Did not happen.

    What likely happned is that his bombing attacks hit a chemical facility held by the US backed rebels.

    Then they parade a bunch of dead children before the cameras to fuck with your mind–and the minds of people in the USA.

    The USA started this Syrian civil war against Assayd–and then like a psycho cop… when someone holds up their hands to protect themselves from batton blows, you accuse them of aggression.

    These Syrian moves are completely insane.

    President Trump–if you have not realized it yet, you are being set-up for failure and stalemate by the RINO’S in the Republican party who intend to run an opponent against you in 2020. This is where it is all leading–and your fucking son-in-law is their “inside man” for this job.

    You should keep Bannon closer than you keep your son-in-law, and follow Bannon’s advice…. he represents the people who put you in the White House, He represents all those “battle ground” states you won–not Jared Kurshner.

  24. Ya, right back to square one. Kind of a relief to now be fully dis-abused and know they are all scumbags. Makes everything simpler.

    • My sentiments as well. I feel like the abused wife going back to work with a black eye after having told all my colleagues that “he’s changed, he’s different now…” Sheeeeeiiiittttt.

  25. just plain todd

    we just gotta quit thinking or worrying about this shit. it doesn’t matter. the video told ya so. go enjoy life. stay prepped, stay alert, but go enjoy what’s left of this country. all societies end. it’s just our time and turn. nothing man made lasts forever. it’s the winter of our demise i read somewhere.
    i voted for trump, but had no expectations of change. i just chose the crazy arrogant rich guy over the obvious criminal. are any of you really surprised by this? i’m sure T-fat agrees that the real problem with america is……….americans. we are the spoiled sons and daughters of democracy. the politicians we choose are a reflection of us. the group that frequents WRSA is not part of that, but we are outnumbered.
    i’m not going to fire the first shot, but if it ever starts, hopefully i make it to the first mag change. if not, oh well. My Lord will take care of me. In the mean time, i am going to track down a bottle of John Powers and enjoy the sights.

  26. That would be humorous if it weren’t so damned scary.

    What, In God’s Name, is Trump thinking? Never mind that…just what is it he is doing?

    Damn if I wouldn’t clear the house if I believed guests were counting coup on my ass, and I would do so in a friggin’ heartbeat. Don’t tell me a POTUS can’t clear his own house…literally and figuratively.

  27. Back in my day plenty of rich kids interning for Bush/Rice’s State Department in Iraq who did a field trip to the Green Zone as a resume builder. That way they can claim “experience” in a foreign combat zone before they hit the revolving door between transnational corporations and alphabet agencies.

    But, sure, the usual people here who never leave their mom’s basement only notice the one wearing a yamulke.

    • Well, what I notice is that Trump declared Assad gassed his people, and then fired off 50+ missiles in the general vicinity of assets and personnel present at the request of the host nation, and commanded by the ONE MAN in any position of power who DOES NOT want war with the US, and Trump did so without one iota of evidence presented, and without so much as a “By Your Leave” nod to congressional authorization, just like the fucker he replaced, who was just like the fucker he replaced, who was just like the fucker he replaced, and who are all, apparently, headed full speed towards that “New World Order” so declared by the fucker who woke up a whole lotta folks with his 1000 Points of Light (favorite ritual geographic location, in reality) Speech. Who’s on First? Who Cares? You get a pick, maybe, between ((( ))) and full blown, child raping, child murdering Luciferians, both quite adept at organizing, training, arming and weaponizing a 7th century ideological guerilla force with the stated singular goal of killing, maiming, raping, and kidnapping enough Americans to qualify for an afterlife of slated lusts and pleasures denied to them in the present life, the object of which is to drive the average citizen to the knee, begging one or the other or both to “come right in, sit right down, and tell us what we must do to be rid of this scourge” and the most consistent message found here today is comprised of myopic “dirty rotten ((( ))) scoundrel” and a singular, seemingly myopic objection, which either misses or ignores the object lesson of the day…which now seems appallingly clear…Trump is just the next fucker. And for those who advocate taking a longer view of Trump, and his game…how many innocent people will die in Syria while he gets around to the point of his “long game” and why, pray tell, do any of us believe we are entitled to judge him worth any or all of that?

      Then again, I suppose he could be placing a bet that someone over there knows how to hit a US bound, departing aircraft with a missile.

      Damn…someone, or a bunch of someone’s threatening, blackmailing, or otherwise seeking to hold me hostage in my house better just go on pull the trigger. Anyone here really believe these fuckers are “controlled.” Let me ask you then…you ever tried to truly control another human being, or has anyone ever really tried to control you? Yeah? Did you have or did they have a corrective response? I know I would have. I don’t even have to think about it…I would spend whatever time necessary to fashion a corrective response…as no doubt, any even marginally intelligent human being would.

      Dear God…there are not enough words…

      • ‘Survivor: Pedo Island’ could become a TV show with a plot like the movie ‘Running Man’ but with teenagers, and still most Americans would pay their taxes. The currency of government is obedience. Wishing and complaining doesn’t slow your path to the boxcars; disobeying does. Freedom only starts when you stop obeying government officials who tell you to do bad things, such as paying them money to make war.

        • “…freedom only starts when you stop obeying government officials…”

          I make it a practice to avoid the habits of most Americans. Hanging out here, is but one small example. Still, disobedience only goes so far.

      • except for warning them, sound and fury, signifying nothing. Compare this to all the ‘accidental’ targetings of russians and syrian troops, especially before rebel attacks, as happened under obongo.

        I may be wrong, but I’m not ready to assume this is the standard playbook just yet.

    • the one wearing the yarmulke happens to be Trump’s proximate Zionist Agent of Control. You just saw the result in Syria. At a wild guess, the next ZOG target will be the Syrian airbase at T4…a few miles west of Palmyra. Right now Isis is camped out just a few miles east of Palmyra. With some “accidental” ZOG air support, Isis can take T4. Whereupon the Syrian Army will fold up like a deck chair.

  28. I thought Jared worked for subway,and,we all know how that turned out,see no difference.

  29. I wonder what Bill Kristol thinks of Trump now.

  30. To quote Tonto — “Man who dress like heap big target, be like heap dead fool.”

  31. Kushner is such a creepy looking little pansy. I can’t imagine getting personal every night with this guy-once a month would be too much. Oh…..that’s right, it’s the money. But Ivanka was a trust fund baby………she must have a thing for horror flicks. I’ll take a wide chested, meaty warrior any day over metrosexual.

  32. What a total cuck.

    • at least get your terms straight: [[[Trump]]] is the cuck. The euphemism for “shabbatz goy” among those gentle people afraid of being called antisemitic. (((Kushner))) is the Jew Power. Wall Street. Zion. The Central Bank. He and his Chosen kind can take down the world with a few keystrokes on a computer.

  33. No doubt a ‘Lucky Sperm Club’ member. I can’t even remotely conjure how that porcelain faced Momma’s boy knows how to work Ivanka’s Entertainment center w/ aplomb. He looks about as out of place in Iraq as a midget in a basketball game. Knowing he has a firm grasp & comprehension America’s National Security interests sure makes me sleep better at nights.
    WAF Joke…

    • no joke at all: Kushner has a firm grasp of Israel’s National Security interests. And that’s what the Syria war is about: the Greater Israel Project. A Sunni puppet regime in Damascus breaks the Shi’a Crescent. No more direct LOC from Tehran to Hezbollah in south Lebanon, while Israel is further secured by current Pentagon-stooge Sunni regimes in Cairo, Riyadh, and Amman…and now Damascus as well. That gives Israel a free hand for Stage 2: a massive Zionist attack on south Lebanon – nothing like that little Ehud Barak/Tzipi Livni farce on 2006, when Hezbollah gave Israel a bloody nose – but full spectrum Netanyahu, aimed at exterminating Hezbollah, destroying the entire Shi’a population (which is exactly what the new Damascus regime will be doing next door to the Syrian Shi’a) and herding the 2,000,000 Palestinian refugees there north of the Litani River…with Israel annexing everything south. The Lebanese Sunni will then be given a free hand to annihilate the Druse and White Christian populations in the rest of Lebanon…this phase will be particularly interesting, since it will be a preview in microcosm of the eventual fate of the Whites in Europe/North America as the subsequent Black, Muslim and other ethno-invasions accelerate. This done, the rump of lebanon will disappear from the map, annexed by Syria. Stage 3 (already promised by Trump), will likely occur simultaneously with #2: a full spectrum ‘Murkan attack on Iran itself. With or without initiating false flag. And aimed not a occupying Iran or “regime change” but simply and utterly destroying the place via knocking out the power and transport grids then starving most of the population to death via terror famine. The only wild card in all this is, of course, Russia. But after Putin’s hot-air non-response to Trump’s airstrike, I imagine the DC/Tel Aviv Zionists think they’ve got Putin’s measure. And they may be right. Fact is, Putin (who likes to think things over before acting) should have attacked and sunk the 2 Zionist…’scuse me, “American”…destroyers that launched the missiles w/in hours after the strike; then gone to DefCon 1 One at home, gotten all his missile subs out to sea, and begun evacuating the cities. THAT might have knocked the Zio-globalists back on their heels and forced a careful reconsideration. Too late now though. Now Trump and his Zionist handlers are ahead of the curve in Syria and will likely stay there. In fact I believe Putin’s little air contingent in Syria will be so outnumbered and out-ordnanced by US airpower in and around Syria in the near-distant future (Mattis will insist on this) that they’ll have to slink back to Russia w/o putting up any fight at all. Which would be a political disaster for Putin himself. How soon will all or some of this occur? Pretty soon I think. Remember, the Donald – unlike Putin – likes to get things done quickly once he begins a project. Not think. And that gives him an enormous advantage in an escalatory scenario.

      • Good assessment & largely agree. I don’t think Kushner has a clue but, is the messenger for the Tribe & a head nodder in the room. The Oded Yinon plan – PNAC – Greater Expansion of IsRaHell was always the agenda since at least 1947-48. I suspect your right about the Maronite’s / Phoenicians in Lebanon. Too many clues & similar moves were made in WWll (Operation paperclip et al) for it not to be. Sadly I can see the same scenario you outline unfolding regarding Putin. Looks to me like a Brzezinski – KissmyASSinger 3D Chess move to sniff out what resolve & how far Putin is willing to go.

        The anti-semtic momma’s boy protectors here don’t understand the differences & are still not willing to do the research to understand the dynamics & differences but still feel compelled to protect the culprits due to ignorance. Sadly, he ignorance of one impairs the liberty of all.

      • I am marking the calendar, Haxo. Not only did I get through that without the standard caveat running in the background, I actually followed it’s flow and found it logical, precise, without even a tint of hysteria. I don’t find a single point of disagreement. A question though…is the ritual stuff just a tool in the tool box primarily aimed at gaining ‘acquiescence’ of ‘elected’ leadership on a global scale? Or… something different, as in true stewardship?

    • “I can’t even remotely conjure how that porcelain faced Momma’s boy knows how to work Ivanka’s Entertainment center w/ aplomb.”

      He pays somebody else to do it.
      And watches…

  34. Look at the historical cycle. We’re long overdue for another self-inflicted thinning o’ the herd. I sometimes wonder if humans propensity for war isn’t some deeply embedded genetic/instinctual thing for population control…. More violent and more efficient, every go ’round.

  35. He looks like a sniveling bitch. If I was back in Afghanistan and he came around, I wouldn’t be capable of mustering a single ounce of respect.

  36. Jared doesn’t shouldn’t need to wear a vest while in Iraq, because ‘Murica liberated it.