Why No Civility Is Possible Today

Notes from a different azimuth on the fall of Western Civilization.

Worth your time to read.

If only to recognize how much rebuilding will be needed.

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    Good read. I think the good Father Schall should send a copy of this to his Jesuit brethren at Gonzaga. In 2016, they hired that hatchet-faced Marxist bitch “Journalism Professor” Melissa Click. You know, the BLM useful idiot from U. of Mizzou, who went on the public rant about us evil whites.
    BTW, Spokane, my favorite and too near Blue Hive is also a sanctuary city, complete with little rainbow signs in front of EVERY fire station in the city. These signs designate the stations as: “safe spaces”,offering shelter to any wetback, muzzie, or other piece of human dreck who feels “threatened.” I saw it in our daily fish wrap about two weeks ago.

    • ah yes, the daily fish wrap.

      every time i look at one it’s the same horseshit. cops are heroes, firemen are heroes, politicians do good things for the community.

      For Fucks Sake. I wanna puke. just once, i want to see the damn truth. something like this…

      cops are the worst criminals.
      firemen set fires and steal valuables.
      politicians are pure scum and filth.

  2. It’s true that civility is breaking down. The question is why? When those in the institutions abandon their earlier restraint and become full-blown parasites on the people, is it surprising the people become cynical over time, and lose faith in those institutions? When the “leaders” of society are seen to have feet of clay, why should the peons remain awed by them? It’s hard to maintain a decent and reserved society when priests and politicians are fucking little boys.

  3. The airstrikes in Syria and everything else prove once and for all that cUCKTrump , and no president, is in charge. There is a ((((powers that be ))) and they are in charge. Nothing changes. WCVOWOOT.

  4. Civility is possible only in white homogenous nations

  5. lon a follower

    We see this in the threads. No civility. This could be a training ground for growth.
    If we cant be civil in a discussion thread how will we ‘react’ in person in a wrol event?

    • …well said. My vote when ‘Concerned American’ opened the pole for suggestions was to have him (?) limit who could respond. Point being, I come here to look at a broad range of ideas but not so much the vitriol from some who have nothing positive to contribute. At least I suppose, knowing that there are truly a few genuine ass-holes out there reconfirms my basic belief that I am pretty much on my own …..

    • Lol! How about you bring, on a silver platter, the head of tFat the Baptist to demonstrate your dedication?

      This ain’t the Kroft super show we’re headed for.

  6. Looks like Sweden hit again…literally

  7. hummus abedin

    Suck it Dirt People.
    Grease your asses and eye sockets some more.
    Revel in the idiocy of your Trump Presidential
    election win.
    You cowardice nd false bravado are greatly
    You worthless mutts.

    “There Are Dead People In The Street” – Truck Rams Into Crowd In Stockholm “Terror Attack”: Live Feed: zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-07/there-are-dead-people-street-truck-hits-crowd-stockholm-live-feed

    • Jimmy the Saint

      So…because Trump got elected in the US, three muslim guys in Sweden decided to go kill some locals?

      Bit of a stretch.

  8. Not a bad read & some truth. Syncretism – Multiculturalism has already been proven to be the death of pre-existing cultures & known to anybody who studies World History. Why would American culture be any different ? Most GOYIM are too ignorant to realize the Jew Zionist’s Likud party patiently watched & set this up. This didn’t happen by coincidence or random chance. it was long ago calculated & decided when & how it would be implemented.
    The culprits are an organized Minority BUT, in charge of positions of authority & Banking Assets & interests. They are counting & hedging they’re bets that the US can;t or won’t organize to unify or codify into a cohesive majority.

    ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ pretty much laid all of this out as well. I mentioned it here several years ago. Nobody responded then or gave it any merit or validity. Whether or not people read it is they’re own issue. There are other books – papers similar (Report From Iron Mountain – Secret Silent Wars etc.) that lay it out similarly as well. The strategy is clearly laid out & it clearly is working to a point. I don’t think there is a long term plan other than if & after they can seize the US from within via ‘COG’ or by Neo-feudalism Machiavellian 4 / 5 G tactics doesn’t matter to them. They have been running & ruinning Ziowood for years & not many people listened or cared. Now that America has been seized from within & most know that Russia didn’t do it perhaps more will read & expand they’re self perpetuated fueled cognitive dissonance. As Sun Tzu tells us you have to understand your adversary. If you can’t identify the quarry / adversary / enemy how can you thwart or fight it ? As always this is the reason ASWG Asymmetrical non-linear dispersed Warfare is difficult to target. It’s multi-coaxial opaqueness / deliberate fuzziness makes it hard to identify & get a lock on it.

    RAND Corp. AWG

    They’re vision & goal is to manage / control the US after the Civil War Blood bath w/ COG already in place. Balkanize it into 10 regions if possible. With the American Culture clearly the target & already been clearly targeted & compromised by Obozo it’s easy to see how an organized minority can rule a fragmented – divided & compromised populace. When a country – Nation is fragmented – divided by divisive orchestrated schisms – chasms – racial – economic – ethnic – gender (LBGT) – political – religious et al they can rule it easier since it splits the unity – cohesiveness of the people – populace due to the fragmentation. The US Foreign policy has been doing this for years & somehow Americans thought it was just great or OK since it wasn’t happening here. Well they were wrong & it is happening here. ‘Hope’ is not a strategy, it never was & history proves this. So at some point America has to find it’s voice or the beatings (by the master) will continue until the morale improves.

    Free PDF version here:
    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

    This guy lays it out fairly well. I remember when I posted this here years back & some people here were like WTF is that guy ? Well it turns out that WTF that guy was right.

    Ex-Jew Milton Kapner [Brother Nathanael] exposes Zionism

    As always YMMV….

    • It’s all true.

      Most here can’t even handle being called dumb.

      Even though it’s the truth.

    • Their, not “they’re.” The Protocals of the Elders of Zion was written by the Cheka, the Czar’s secret police.

      I noticed the public’s incivility back in the 1960’s and the Carter years. Most people thought it was temporal and an anomaly. It became “institutionalized” during the Clinton years.

      Now that it has reached fruition people are noticing the approaching danger, like sheep in the train tunnel…that light is bringing darkness.

      • Thanks for the pedantic Nazi Einsatzgruppen spell & punctuation check. Now, I can sleep tonight knowing you’ve got overwatch on that ever so important grammar issue.

        Lol, funny you offer your opinion on who wrote it but, provide no proof – cite no source. Kinda like ‘Atlantis’. Because Plato says it exists it must have existed.

        • I don’t dwell on anti-Semitism. Contemporary fact investigations hardly warrant deep conscience footnote recall. You hate Jews, we get it. Move on, there isn’t a Joo hiding under every bed.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “Move on, there isn’t a Joo hiding under every bed.”

            Which only serves to prove how devious (((they))) really are. Or something.

          • Nope not even close in your. I figured that & glad I flushed you out with that. You need to research more about the differences between Zionism – The Talmud – the Likud party, the Reichstag Concordat of 1933, the 13th Waffen Mountain Divison of the SS Handschar for starters then you woild perhaps understand the difference between being manipulated for a political agenda vs. actual historical facts. How ignorance plays a big part in misunderstanding ideological vs. religious theological. Pragmatic application in understanding those differences. Don’t hate Jews. But I do hate the political forces behind the obfuscation that motivate the disinformation of facts & history that use anti-semitism as cover for another agenda & war. There is a distinction.

        • Yep; we get it……….it’s the Joooos. An evil bunch maybe, but I’d bet they all know the difference between their, there, and They’re.

          Hey CA, can I change my vote on allowing comments?

          • Yea right I’m sure they are far more intellectually superior. I guess I can change my mind too about comments sense you feel the need to appeal to CA for approval regarding your comment.
            At least I stand on my own w/o needing to appeal for the approval of other’s. Do your research on the Likud Party & you’ll find the answers rather than spew your ignorant BS about it’s the Jews.

            Kinda ironic you seem to need make your rub about grammar while simultaneously misspelling Jews as Jooos. Carry on !

            • Everybody knows that “Joooos” has 4 o’s, not 3.

              • And you missed that I incorrectly capitalized “They’re”.
                And I didn’t ask ‘MAY I’, I asked ‘CAN I’; those 2 words mean different things.
                And I referred to ALLOWING comments, not APPROVING them.

  9. Choices have consequences.

    Sanctuary cities are simply pouring gasoline on themselves, and daring chemistry and physics to not work.

  10. Stumbles at the first sentence … when he would have us believe that the Law is not “force”.